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B-Rock! As satire on Pres. Obama

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B-Rock! As satire on Pres. Obama

Wuz up, my peeps? B-Rock here!

Come check me out at youtube.

Like what you see? Vote for me! I'm in the campaign of my life at metacafe.

And I thought going up against old man McCain and that chick Palin was hard.

Every vote counts!

Need more info?

Check out my facebook and twitter @PrezidentB_Rock & @Vote4BRock2011

Good luck, I hope you win.

Wazzup! Guess who's back? It's the Prez with the...ummm...fez? No, that doesn't work. Pez? God that's even worse. Irrelevant, Ignore that, just imagine it was witty, laugh heartily. Very good moving on.

I'm making a resurgence over at Got just two vids up, but more to come.

Promo (For Those with No Time)

Episode 1 (For Those with Slightly More Time)

Still excellent, good luck.

pretty disrespectful. In bad taste i mean. the animation's fine.