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basic flash question

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basic flash question

I'm creating a puppet like animation short of a dog that was originally hand painted for a children's book.
I scanned the image into Ps. I know how to vectorize and then fill a character, but in this case I need to preserve the painterly texture and exact hand done qualities, so repainting in Fl or Ai is out, my client doesn't want a 'cartoon look'
but prefers that her exact image move around like a puppet....

What are my options ?
thanks in advance, I'm a total animation newbie : )


then dont color it. just use the origional picture distributed to layers. just outline it all but keep the colors.

as far the animation, you might want to consider bone animation 2d or 3d. with the default hinge like bone. that create puppet like animation, right out the box

Be sure to scan the images at a high enough resolution so they don't pixilate. You should scan at a resolution that gives you the largest version of the image you'll ever need.