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Well, here I am. :-)

I am a very new animator- self taught, so obviously there's going to be gaps so big in my knowledge you could throw a cat through them. Please don't throw cats at my head.

Though I'm new, I'm not entirely green. I've tried out all kinds of software, yada, yada, yada, dropped money on plenty of them to find they wouldn't suit my needs, yada, yada, yada, wondered if I was simply nuts, yada, yada, left animation entirely for standard filming, returned after realizing the greater freedom in animation and here I am in the middle of a project I'm hoping to get to the networks- just like everyone else- single-handed.

I'm a better writer than animator, which is to say I'm a lazy animator. But, I'm comfortable in my laziness. There is a certain style to it that would make true masters of detail, form, timing and art want to stab my eyes out with a pencil- or simply serve me a cup of cold coffee when I'm hoping for hot.

Along my journey I've had time to consider the direction of current animation. Mind you, I grew up on the classics- early Warner Brothers, Disney (pre-90's), Felix the Cat, Mighty Mouse, etc. I guess my roots lie in 2D. I know there's an ongoing debate, and one can argue well for either (though I seek good conversation rather than arguments), I guess it comes down to preference and what serves the story best. As a writer, I often feel concern that the visual 'excitement' of 3D is a slight of hand to distract from a relatively weak or cliche'd story. Must we always push the boundaries and who does it serve?

Anyway, I won't post any shorts until they're complete, the animation will be laughable, but hopefully the stories within them will be as well- in a good way.

Nice to be here.

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Audio and Sound Designer from London, England. Looking to collaborate with animators!

Hi Everyone!

I am an animator that has been working in the UK for the past 24 years.



I trained in stopmotion and used to work in concept art in London, now doing environmental work. Strong interest in communicating environmental issues and looking to hook up with animators with similar interests


Hello guys! I have joined the AWN Forums to share my animations, to create interest, to obtain feedback from fellow animators, and to learn about their own projects. I´m looking forward to participating!



I draw CARTOONS!!!! :D

Newb post

Engulfing myself in my passion. Focus, determination, discipline....I want success in this field, I'm hear to learn and develop. :)

Boop boop ba-dap dap! I'm an animator from Canada makin' cartoons since '05!

Hello! I am very glad to join your community!


Hi, im Liu, and im a producer at a small stop-motion animation studio in whitstable, Kent (UK). Im interested in creating creative and inspiring animation content within advertising and marketing etc. Look forward to meeting lots of lovely people!



I'm Thomas, I like to draw and I'm interested in the field of animation.

I love reading comments from the pros :D


Hi there, I'm Ritz. I just graduated from a three year college course of 3D Animation and CGI and I've been looking for work. I found these boards by accident, but it looks like a nice community and I could definitely use some motivation and criticisms in regards to the demo reel I'm trying to put together :)


I am currently involved in the world of laser scanning and 3D model production based off of point cloud data. While researching multiple softwares I have become very interested in the world of animation. I also have questions that maybe this group can assist me in answering as I gain more experience.

What's up people!?!?

I am not an animator BUT, I'm here to admire work, learn some things, and hopefully find an animator to work with.
I'm a producer and a emcee at TwistedVizionzEnt.
We're looking for a animator to become a member of our team, to make videos for songs. This is an example..

check out our website

I'm looking forward to seeing everyones work!!

Are you Adam Calfee or is he part of your team?

hello , i'm samar from egypt , i'm interested in animation field and hope to share my works with u

sparkly and new

I'm a new member here at awn forums, please give me access to the forums!


My names Patrick. I'm an audio post production engineer. I have admired animation since I was a kid and even at one point aspired to be come an animator. I mainly specialise in dialogue and tracklay however I would like to do more sound design and I'm hoping to collaborate with some members on their projects.

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I'm Victor, or known online as Vamru, and I hope I get to share and learn more in the field of animation with AWN. thanks


hi everybody! thanks for welcoming me here. I would love to give and take advices from all of you

Here it is...

Heyy, my name is Conor Prior, I'm soon to graduate from the BA (Hons) Animation Production course at the Arts University College Bournemouth and figured now would be as good a time as any to join a decent Animation forum! :)

Hello there.

My name is Vipar and I represent an indie group who is currently looking for an animator (Maya) to animate the models of our game-in-progress.

Whenever I get access I will make sure to make a post about it :)


I am Chris and I am freelancer. I do web designing and development.

Hello everyone! Cant wait to share my ideas and artwork with you guys.

Hey everyone, I look forward to browsing through the forums and learning from you guys :)

Please can I have access :)

Hi everyone


Greetings, everyone
My name is Emanuel, and I love arts;
specially when it comes to mix plastic arts with music. But also cartoon and mostly traditional animation.
My goal in joining AWN Forums is to share experiences; meet new people interested in the same area and to learn as well as knowing about animation, more and more!
I intend to expertise myself; on what comes to draw; and to know all about illustration.
So feel free to ask me if anything, I'll do my best to help.

Well, what can I say? I'm new to the forums and as I am interested in studying animation I think it would be nice to be able to get the expertise of people who have already had much experience and hope that perhaps this community can aid me in my journey to becoming an animator. I would also like to (as I gain more experience) help others in the future who may be in the same position as I am in now.

Thank you for reading~.

Hi all, I am looking for help in a project that obviously needs animation, hope to hear from someone soon!

New Member

Let me be a new member

I want to agree to the rules so I may become a respectable robot... I mean human. What is love?


Hello every one, I am new in this forum.






Hello, What's next after this?

Introducing Visionary Animations

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I've been a musician for many years. I also write fiction and non-fiction for mid-grade and YA readers. Started developing a live character to perform inventive original music for kids, music the parents would like also. This was after seeing how pained so many parents looked sitting through much of the kid's music at book fairs. The project took on a life of its own, a friend who worked for Sesame Street was sure that it needed to become an animated or puppet character. Now on the learning curve, trying to decide the best route to take. I'm not an animator, nor do I have a lot of development $ for the project. I'm a writer and composer. Interested in learning the aspects of the business of creating or pitching this project. Not in a hurry, want to know more before I proceed. It's exciting!

Hi, Everyone

Hi everyone. I am a writer for, the online home of Walgreens Diabetes & You magazine. Our free magazine is available at or at Walgreens stores. Take a look at our magazine online. No sign up needed, no lists needed to join. Thanks. :)

looking for a job

I'm looking for a job as an animator. I hope this site will help

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Hello I'm Michael. I'm here to learn more about animation.:)



I'm a postdoc researcher at CERV (European Center for Virtual Reality), France. I'm frequently working with animations and often have some problems and dilemmas that I like to share with my colleagues.

Nice to meet you all,


My name is Jordan Arroyo, I am an intern for Austin FIlm Festival, and I would like to share some information with AWNForums. Austin Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for this year's film program for any of the following categories: Narrative Features, Documentary Features, Narrative Shorts, Student Shorts, Animated Shorts and Documentary Shorts. Thanks for your time and I'll be posting soon!

Hi i'm working for a company in England that needs an animator to produce an ad and we need help quick

Hey, I am here because I am interested in collecting old cels, particularly from the anime Akira. I thought it would be a good resource to connect with like-minded people.


ELLO fellow artist and animator enthusiast. :)

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Hi there,

I'm new here. I'm a writer living in Los Angeles. I graduated from USC's MFA Screenwriting program in 2010. I am looking to produce an animated webseries as well as a short film, starting ASAP.

Nice to meet all of you!

For more info: or you can find me on twitter at @thekristeno.




hi bizmutolog,
We would like to help you whenever needed. Would you like to share your nature of work and other details at our mail id :

I would like to share my experience about animation.


I have experienced in services for llustration, Graphic Designing, Animation Prresentation, Flash Presentation, Web Designing, Flash, 2D Animation, 3D Modeling/Animation and Visual Effects/ Post Production to meet client requirements of various industries. So i would like to share my experience about animation and also i would like to learn new things about new techniques in animations and graphics.

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Near Akshar Chowk,
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Gujarat, India
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Looking forward to spending time here!

Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm looking for a possible job.