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Hi everyone. I'm CandyStriperParade666, or Candy for short. I'm a college student studying animation.

Hello everyone!

My name is Joe, I am currently studying graphic design, since there is no school for animation around and I've been trying to get to know the art by attending courses and doing what I can on my own time. All I have to say is I'm glad to be here, thanks for reading and have a good day!

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Hi everyone~

I am new to the forums. I am an amateur artist with no school background in the arts. I am looking to see what programs and paths I should take to become an animator. I would appreciate the help. Nice meeting everyone!


Hi from Spain


I'm from Spain, my name is Victor. Years ago I started doing 2D animation, later I learnt AEE, Lightwave, Premiere, Photoshop and I discovered I'm better with computer than with paper and pencil although drawing is my best therapy when I get free time ;)

I hope to learn and help here in the forums :)



Can't wait to get involved! Yay!





Great to be a part of a platform for ideas and story exchange.

Hello everybody.

I'm Crisostomo. A filipino who is happy to be a part of a global community of artist and animators who also feel the need to share some of our local cultural ideas thru this medium called animation. Thank you for the opportunity to join.


I am passion for making animation so i Looking in these forum for any help from other experience senior animators :)

hello, everyone my name is Harrison and i love animation and i love to make new characters using animation....


hello again, im really excited about joining the forum.
I'am 16 years old, and need some career guidance.
and i think i need some guidance here too?? where do i start posting, and who are going to be clarifying my doubts?? please help me out here.
i have loads of unanswered questions running at this point, in my head. :(

Hi All, Alex here new to animation and looking to get guidance on some basic issues.


Hey, I'm a new member, and I'd like to see all the forums

Greetings AWN!

hello folks. we're a company of creative artists who are looking to enter the glorious world of animation creation. everything I've read is that this is the forum where the best go to converse.

very excited!

Hello World!

Hello Everybody!
My name is Alon and I'm an animator and music producer at Krazy Kartoons Studios :)

Also, I'm producing some INSANE cartoons for My YouTube channel on my spare time, Feel free to check it out: MR DAN INSANE

Hope that you'll enjoy my creations :rolleyes:

new member

Hi I'm empop!

Looking to collaborate with some great animators!

I'm a newbie :)

Hi everyone! I am excited to be here! Right now, I'm working on becoming a storyboard artist :) I might post my character designs for my cartoon here and there, so look out!


Just a dad trying to help his son who dreams of being an animator! Thanks!

Distribution & Animation

Hi All,

I am an independent distrubtor of Animation content worldwide!
Feel free to get in touch if you have some content and want to expore the opportunities worldwide!

In addition to this I also manage artists and can get any type of project executed (2d/3D/Flash) within the budget and the time frame.


Hello. Just joined.


Long time animator, and now an animation producer. I'm joining here in an effort to chase down some quality 2d animators - and by quality, I mean, able to deliver something fun despite my company's budget. I'll go mosey down to the Jobs section and post some info over there.



access to all forums

hello all, I am a film maker/producer looking for animators, and the like, to collaborate with

Hi I am Jade,

I like animation and build them to provide some relaxed life to everyone.

Hello hello!

Hello to everyone in this forum. We are

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Hello everyone. I'm new to these forums and have some questions that I hope some people with more experience in animating can answer.

Hello everyone

New to the computer animation world, just started my academic career as an online student at Full Sail University in Florida.



I'm Andrew. I'm a graduate with a BFA in Media Arts and Animation. I mostly work in traditional animation. I haven't been animating recently because I lacked a means of capturing my animation, but now that I have one, I will be getting back to animating.


Hello everyone I´ll become animator and I´m hero to try to learn...


My name is Chris Manabe. I'm a visual effects supervisor and artist who's worked in the visual effects industry over the past 20 years. I've created and designed visual effects for such big movies as Star Wars: Epidose I – The Phantom Menace, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Clash of the Titans, Green Lantern: First Flight, G-Force, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, The Tigger Movie, as well as the visual effects for major T.V. shows like Star Trek: Voyager, Basket Case the Greenday music video, Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, The Deadliest Warrior, and I've worked at big visual effects studios like Sony: Imageworks, Technicolor, Prime Focus and Foundation Imaging.

Its me

I am a software engineer working in a MNC in India. I am here to know what are the technical skills should I develop to be a part of an animation movie.

Hi there

I'll keep this reply short and save my intro spiel for my first post. In a nutshell I love cartoons, I wish I could draw well and/or animate, I love music, I am FAR more skilled with music than animation, and I would LOVE make music for people's animation projects.

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hi im liliana ruelas

Hi everybody

I'm from Singapore. I like animation film so much. I've a large collection animation movie. It's about 1000 and on different language.

If you need best loan for personal,you can visit for know more.

Used Maya professionally for 10 years now. Have recently rekindled an old desire to create 2d animation. In trying to figure out the best approach and workflow, I came across tis place.

So, hello everyone! You might bump into me mooching around here :)

New animation company

Dear All,

I've recently joined an animation company and am eager to learn more about the business as I build my career literally from step one (I'm currently an assistant).

I love all kinds of animation, from the classic Disney shorts to Tom & Jerry to Iron Giant and Paperman.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Best wishes,

What's up people!?!?

I am not an animator BUT, I'm here to admire work, learn some things, and hopefully find an animator to work with.
I'm a producer and a emcee at TwistedVizionzEnt.
We're looking for a animator to become a member of our team, to make videos for songs. This is an example..

check out our website

I'm looking forward to seeing everyones work!!

hello ~

I have joined AWN forums to get more information about flash video transitions and in general begin the process of learning more about animation. I'm a completely new to video editing, animation and the like. So its great to have a forum where there are patient experts a click away.

jibjab like software

You could try this I haven't tried it yet but is't suppost to be software similar to the software that the jibjab brothers used

Hello, AWN people. New member looking forward to forum behavior type activities.


I'm new here

I'm the newest member of AWN forum

New Member Post

Hello, my name is Daniel and I look forward to discussing animation with everyone!



my name is Ruben (surprise!) I'm a Dutch animation student. Currently i'm working selflessly to improve my skills and just suck up as much as i can about this craft. I would LOVE to work at a big studio in Burbank be it TV or Features. But i noticed it's difficult to get a visa as a non USA citizen. Plus i need to improve A LOT before even attempting to apply for any job there :]

Nice to meet you guys

Traditional Animation

I am a traditional animation lover and I hope classical animation never dies!

Hi Sam here

Hi All,

My name is Samantha and I am a creative geek. I wish to get answers to my questions and share my knowledge here.




My name is Kevin Fintland.

I'm a first time independing animation producer working on my first 1 minute animation short. I'm looking to use the forum to learn as much as I can anout the workld of animation.

Thanks in advance for letting me join!


howdy. i love drawings and animations. i hope i am welcome here in this forum



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Hi, I'm an aspiring illustrator and animator.