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hi every one am Lawrence an architect but i want to go into architectural animation .

Hello: Little Luis Animation

Hi Everyone,

I have created a new Animated Show called Little Luis. I am looking forward to sharing it with all of you and hearing your feedback.

Check it out here.



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Hi everyone, my name is Sky from Malaysia, nice to meet you all :)


Hi I'm John William Walters, and joined these forums for advice and critique!



So a bit about me... I love to draw and write stories, and I've recently started playing around with animations, with a particular interest in 2D animations. I'm by no means an expert but I definitely want to learn the ropes as much as I can, and well I think I could find the answers to my questions here.




New french member here!


I'm actually one of the least artistic people you'll ever meet. I'm on this forum because my brother and I are about 75% done with the code and systems behind a (potential) computer game that we're hoping to put up on kickstarter towards the end of summer. We're looking for an animator.

Chris of the Boyer Clan


My name is Chris, and I run a Youtube channel by the Name of ChrisoftheBoyerClan. If you want to look me up that's where you can find me.

I want to animate for a career, and I only recently started on Youtube. At this point I'm just trying to get my name out and share my animations.

Here's the link to my channel:

Anyway, among other things that I wanted to do with this channel, I'm going to post an animated series every week, titled "The Chris Boyer Show."

Hope that wasn't too rambly for an introduction, but there it is. If you have any comments or questions, you let me know.

Hi all . I'm a designer and I think that here is cool and that why I'm here .

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Volunteers required

I am currently in my first year of a MA Film practice at Nottingham Trent University and recent BA (Hons) Mass Communication and Media Arts from Queen Margaret University. In close collaboration with the research group theatre Fractals my thesis investigates the puppetry and filmmaking techniques and their affection to the contemporary audience. I am due to create three episodes of the life of Diogenes The Ancient Greek Philosopher and I need help on constructions of puppets, design of costumes and scenery. If you are interest to take part on my project don't hesitate to contact me via mail or phone.

phone: 07568152647

I have no idea what's going on

I'm about 9 years into an engineering career, but a part of me is now wishing I had chosen animation. I'm just getting started with computer animation as a hobby, while trying to polish my art skills on my own. I’d like to get some formal education, but I haven’t decided what subjects and level of education to focus on. Probably not a bachelor’s degree. I’m hoping to find some general direction on this site, and see what the industry is like. If you actually read this whole bad.


Hello I am SkatePro

My name is SkatePro........

Project OJ

Hello all,

My name is OJ and I'm going this forum to learn more about animation and know that things can be done realistically and what thing can not. Please give me as much knowledge as you can and I promise to product an animation that will make you all proud.

Hi There

Lol've been drawing since I could hold a pencil and I've always said I wanted to be a 'cartoon artist' when I was a little kid for some odd reason.. o_ O Now I know the term is ANIMATOR!:D (arent you proud of me :p) I've taken at least one art class every year of my natural born life. I LOVE learning something new about animation/graphic design/multimedia&webpage design etc. I also wouldn't mind being a voice actor, actor, comedian, or writer. And as you can tell, I love to write!(okey im jst being conceited and wanted to tell abt myself..bite meh:D) My friends used to call me Essay:rolleyes:.. WELP, I'VE REPLIED TO THE THREAD! Arrivederci, wise ones.

"If you love the job you have, you've never worked a day in your life."-Idk..Anonymous?

Posting to gain access to forums.... Also per the request here is a little information:

I have always had a passing interested in animation growing up. I was raised on the old disney movies and then graduated to anime and computer animation. Recently I have been watching the older disney stuff again and was interested in the techniques that were shown and how the scene was built. I am looking for general background information on animation, techniques, and what level of efforts go into animation as a whole.

Obi and John African anime

Hey, my name is Obi and I am working on an African anime that is like an African Naruto in AKIRA.

New Guy here

Greetings all, I'm here to check out what being on a forum is all about, to read the insights of others, and also to post so of my current work to see what the feedback of others is.

Al the best to you all and have a great time. Pasquale

Introducing myself

hi all..Greetings..this is Bluebrush and I would like to introduce myself as an animation fellow working for last 8 years in industry ,primarily as a 2d animator,later on as a storyboard and concept artist.this is an honur to b here with all the experts of ths esteemed artform and I would like to exchange thoughts and learn from all...thank you very much:cool:

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Hi all we are animators


Hi, I came to this forum to look for colleges nearby that have traditional animation courses.

Craig Duerksen

Hello everyone my name is Craig, I am a 2D and 3D animation student. I have lived in Reno, NV. For the past 14 years, and was born in Sacramento, CA.

Hey Hey Heeey

Hey guys, came to this site with good recommendations, looking forward to gaining new knowledge and experience and who knows, maybe some future collaborations

Make em laugh :D


sign me up scotty

Professional animator who has worked in games and film. 6yrs experience yadda yadda - I'm here to find out about flash animation!


Hello, I'm a student from Computer graphic and game tech from UPenn of America. I join this forum to meet more people with the same interests with me and learn more about graohics

finding work

I have completed a BS from Purdue in animation, but cannot find work, seems everyone wants people who have worked on shipped games, how did they get their experience? Was the industry easier to break in to in the past?

Animation studio Simpals

Hi! My name is Ann. I'm production manager of the animation studio "Simpals" which is located in Moldova.
We've already produced 4 3D animated short films and would like to share our work and experience.

Hello all,

I have joined AWN both to soak in the collective knowledge to help me down the line and to find animators for my current projects.

I respect the art, you'll have no trouble out of me.

knock knock

Would like to learn some answers and ask some questions


Hi I'm new so helloooo


Hello, I've just recently started animating. I have one complete "cartoon" done and....its terrible. I have no training, no schooling for this, and no experience. I've been teaching myself by just playing around on the program. I would like to some day be able to run a website around my animations.

Hello World

Hello everyone,
I just found out this incredible forum today.
I'm a college student currently studying in something that has nothing to do with animation, but it's my dream to become an animator one day. I'm struggling with everything now-- about the future, the reality, the family-- yet I hope my dream of this never perish.
Good luck to you all and have a good day.



I'm Jake, taking animation in school.

i am posting here because i am not a robot...beep boop beep booop...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

hello, I'm a visual artist who wants to teach myself animation out of a love for the medium. :)

Hi everyone!

Hellow awn member!
I am anime fans in Japan, traveling South East Asia and US to purchase contents as business.

Greetings from Malaysia

Hi all,
I am an animation lover, in particular, Anime. Even though I graduated with engineering degree, I always had interest in comics and animation and the process of creating them. And luckily, I am also good in at drawing.
Recently, a relative of mine decided to put aside some money and would like to gather 3-4 people to create animation, and I was invited to join.
And I am here to learn from all the masters in AWN. :)

Heyaaa :)

Questions await!

Hello, I am Christopher Wright. It's my dream to start in animation, and I have a few questions for this friendly forum :)


Hi everyone

I joined AWN to get feedback and because my passion is everything cg and animation related

Hello everybody. I come from Hong Kong and I like to make animation. Here is my new work.

Michael Ruberu


I am a singer songwriter with some music that needs exposure. I came here in the hopes of finding some creative people that would like to collaborate so that my music would have a visual format of interpretation...and that someone's art would have an auditory compliment to drive increased interest in the artiste.

You can check out my music at

Thanks and God Bless,


Hello fellow animators

Hello fellow animators! I hope to feed off the knowledge of each individual within the forum.

medibug here

Hello members,

I am a medical professional turned to full time animation. Happy to be in AWN forum

Need Short Animation

I need a short animation of a german shepard barking, then chasing a ball towards screen where it will grab it with his mouth. Approx. length :15 - :25
There would be many more opportunities for the right animator. Must see examples of your work and be able to complete by Oct. 1. Call or email. Thank you.
nine four nine eight one two seven nine zero three

Mud Pusher

Made a lot of production maquettes back in the 80's and 90's. West coast. Switching analog skills for digital skills. Steep learning curve. ~S.~




Ey, I'm a hobbyist animator.

Hello! New here!

I love animation. I went to college and a few years ago, I got a degree in entertainment art/animation. I'm that creepy lady that goes to every animated movie, watches cartoons, and collects toys. So, if it sounds like we would get along, feel free to say hello!

Hi there!

My name's Rob, I've enjoyed animation since I was a kid like most people. I particularly enjoy stop-motion, I truly believe it is an under appreciated medium in mainstream media today.