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Hi. I'm new and I'm working on a social animation platform that we hope to launch soon. please give it a look at


Hellooooo :)

I'm a musician, singer/songwriter and I'm hoping to find a friendly animator here to help me with a music video.




Hey all

Hey all, im an animator from South Africa and am excited to share some of my work with everyone


We make documentaries!!

amateur animator

Hi just an amateur animator looking for some hints and tricks.


Hello i have 13 years old and i love animation! I have a youtube account and i have a really great series called The World of Jeff! I would love it if it got more views. :)

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hey there!


Hello my name is leo i have 13 years old and i love animation!

Hi ^_^

Hi! My name is Clara. I am currently enrolled in a liberal arts college and trying to transfer to an art school (namely, FIT). I want to major in Illustration and work as a concept artist. I joined this site to get a feel of the industry and hopefully some tips on how to break in. :)


I'd like to join the AWN forum to communicate with the forum fellows, having similar interests in motion graphics and stereo video. AWN forum is a nice platform to share opinions and knowledges. is some info for you

hi friends i am saying you to see my links.
This will give you more info

Hoarding In U.P

Hello! I'm a new hopeful animator mostly self-taught, with a focus on 2D animation. I eventually hope to open my own animation studio, but that is far in the future. I do plan on going to school for animation and possibly getting studio experience, before I step on my independent journey.

Besides that I'm a professional writer who has always dreamed of expanding my storytelling capabilities to include graphic novels and animation. It's a long and hard journey ahead, but I'm excited and determined.


Thanks for granting me access to your forum and I look forward to sharing with and learning from other members.




Adthat Ad Agency

Hello. I play with animation software occasionally and would like to share what I've done, as well as see what others are doing.


My name is Benjamin Santiago, I am an artist from New York.
I joined this forum to get some feedback on my animations that I am working on:

New member

Hi I'm helping with a collaborative animation project that I'd like to post about on this forum. thanks

Hello awn:):):)

Nice work, be sure to post more in the Cafe.

Hello everyone.
I am here because I like animation and am producing a short film that includes animation. I am looking forward to meeting (and perhaps collaborating with) other users.

New Member

Hi everyone :) Looking forward to reading and writing on this forum. Have a great day ;)

Hello! I'm an amateur, looking to hopefully gain a foothold into the animation industry.

Hey everyone, glad to be in the forums. I'm a professional video producer out of Pittsburgh PA who is developing an animation project. I'm looking forward to participating in these forums.

Matt Dragovits
Multimedia Professional (Video/3D/2D)

New passion

Hi all,
I'm Fifi, working at

I'm eagerly interested in diving into animation industry. Hope we can share alot here. :)

Hello! A new one coming through

Hi! I'm Genzai from Cebu, Philippines. I hope I can learn and share ideas here in the forum! :D

Personal Profile

This is my first post. I am interested in video and animation, audio and music composition, CAD and drafting, photography and digital image processing, manual and machine tools, CNC and automation, books and feature films, science and alternative science, history and planning for the future, astronomy and space travel, microscopy and biology and all the rest.

Maybe I have finally found the answer

I am new to this site, and I am looking for an reputable off shore animation studio that can produce a 2 - 5 minute short for me.

Am I in the right place?


Hey you already know me

Hello everyone! I am animator and runs my own animation company in United Kingdom. Glad to see you all.

Kia Ora

a noobie first year art student, making a mark on this ere post...

Ka Kite :D


I am an animator and lecturer and would like to join your forum.

New to animation


I am the author of a children's book that I would like to create a cartoon based on the book.

Hi there. I'm an animation graduate from Scotland, currently managing a crowd sourced animated music video project for Deadmau5 and Imogen Heap.


Aspiring storyteller and artist who loves animation.


Hello! My name's Tasha and I'm here to find answers to my questions and hopefully start-up an anime project. :)


I've recently started going back to school to brush up on my art/drawing, hoping to get a degree in something to do with animation! I'm more-so interested in storyboarding, however.

I've been a pixel artist for ~10 years, and really look forward to moving on to something much more interesting. :)

New member - Arthur Cavalcante

I'm Arthur Cavalcante, from Brazil. I directed, animated and wrote an animation short called "Ciclo" (or Cycle, in english). I work as a Professor of Graphic Design.

The new New Guy

Hi All,

my name is Jason; and this feels a bit like standing up at an Alcoholics anonymous meeting, not saying i've ever been to one, or in anyway think badly of alcoholics or..... i'm sorry i digress...

My name is Jason, been doodling since i was able to hold a pen, always wanted to animate but only recently have the time to do so, spent this last year learning ToonBoom software, reading blogs, watching tutorials, endless hours drawing, you know the deal. Anyway hi! :D


Hi, Im Brandon.

First post

Hi, I am a keen animator and on the verge of setting up my own little studio after studying in a good NZ school called Media Design School. I hope to learn from this forum.


I am trying to find someone to make an animation for my bands next single. We have already got one animation for our last single, but want to do it a bit differently this time.


Hi all, my name is patrick, I am an animation enthusiast but I am also a sound editor and sound designer looking to collaborate with some talented and passionate animators.

Fav animation includes nightmare before Christmas, waltz with bashir, monkey dust, most things ardmann and 50/60s style abstract.


Hello, I'm a new member called PaulSunrise. I'm gonna be sharing my first stop motion videos, asking for reviews, tips to get better and then I'm going to make more videos that are better! All thanks to you ;) Hope we all learn from each other here :)

Miss Sophia

Hi everybody.
I like to animate with 3d studio max

Hi my name is Alex, from London. I am a junior game animator and I wanted to share my first 3D short film with the other member of the forum and gather some feedback. Thank you!

Hello again

Had an account here in 2007 that I couldn't retrieve so I'm making a new one. I'm an indie animator here to discuss animation in all forms. I love 2D hand-drawn stuff and I'd like to see it come back to some amount of strength in the States. Seems unlikely, as Disney has closed its 2D doors for good, and everything here seems to be 3D, but a man can dream.

Here´s my reply....wuhuuuuuuuuuuuu!