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Replacing Animation Program

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Replacing Animation Program

Working with Corel Painter to do animation has been difficult. I am looking at the other programs that have been talked about here. I would like to know if you think I should keep the Corel program or just retire it completely?

What kind of things does Corel Painter do?

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painter is the best at painting and making something look like it wasnt done on the computer and duplicating natural media everything from pencil to charcoal and everything in between. its deep with a capital D, while it has a way to make animation. its a full system, painter is primarily used for making an image

to wotonobe if your finding animation difficult, you should have an easier time with after effects or tv paint. you should keep it, and use in combination with another animation program thats easier for you

If it's mostly a painting could always use a program like flash for the actual animation part and stick to your original painting...Using only a coloring program would be difficult to create animation easily

I agree with Tyree

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to brio it has an animation system in place but it doesnt have a completely traditional workflow. Im assuming thats where he is running into problems

Tyree, your right about the work flow it has been one hugh headache. I have looked over TVPaint and I like it but it might be a good idea for me to use one of the open source program for a while. I wont to be sure I wont to spend that much money.

BrioCyrain, I wont to stay away from vector for now. Starting off with raster with my current software so I think maybe I should stick with it.

Thanks for the advice.

I just finished researching raster open source programs and I will not be going with any of them. It looks like TVPaint is the way I will be going.

Cool, good luck!

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