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Beware of the Don Bluth Forums

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Beware of the Don Bluth Forums

Okay. So I have always had a thing for animation, which is why I am here. This year I have been trying to expand on my animation skills, both as an animator and as a voice actor. So I decided to become a member of Don Bluth's new website-

I signed up for Club membership and was a member for about 3 weeks 'til I got banned from the forums and refunded my subscription. It seems Dave the admin is a very emotional and distraught individual(the kind of person you DON'T want to be in-charge of a forum) decided to delete some of my posts(I am being honest here) for no clear reason. I was asking once about how to write a better animation script since it's discussed on his tutorials to Don Bluth himself during the weekly discussion that has himself including. Dave decided to delete this post because it didn't really maintain the topic and it didn't have to do with actual animating. I didn't get mad then since he made a valid point.

Though after another week going by I decided to go into one thread (JUST ONE THREAD) and post a relevant post about how outsourcing(the topic was "The Demise of 2D Animation") could be a cause to this topic mention. I brought up asian countries in general(Koreans and Chinese studios have been outsourced to before for American cartoons and movies), and he deleted this post saying it was racist and had no factual basis. Now I KNOW and many OTHER PEOPLE know that outsourcing is no-doubt real so I messaged saying how I was confused how he misunderstood me. I told him I made a specific post listing some sources on outsourcing and left it there. He then said how my intention was mean I was trying to attack the SUPPOSED asian members of this site and that I was being ignorant and was uninformed(like I am supposed to know everything anyway?)

Though I told him again it wasn't my intention to be racist and I made a better post about it and he seemed to have stopped argueing me. Lo and behold that after waking up the morning after that, that I had been refunded my money and I was banned because I was argueing with the Adminstration.

Problem is

HE initiated the arguement. I mean why call someone a liar?

HE just lost Don Bluth some money

He seemed to have overreacted and thought my explanations was me trying to attack him. His ban explanation was "Confrontational with Adminstration".

So if you wanted to ever talk to Don Bluth without site dictators wanting to ban members just because he's a jerk I suggest you find an alternative.

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Animation writer who loves...Animation!

Animation writer who loves...Animation!