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Nintendo DS

If You do not already own the Nintendo DS you should seriously consider getting one. There are three titles that are a must have for animators, "Brain Age", "Brain Age 2" and "Flash Focus".

Of the three Flash Focus is the best for eye hand training. With titles like Box Track, Number Flash, Symbol Order, Number Tap and more you are taken through challenges to improve a wide range of eye-hand skills. These are truly some excellent ways to work out and improve our skills.

I have been working with this for some time now and I have noticed an improvement in my skills. My lazy eyes now have no excuse for not working together sharping my focus.

Drawing is great exercise but this only takes a few minutes and it is always challenging me to better.

Well, am I talking bunk are do you think I have something here.

Agreed, I've got Brain Training which may be the same thing.

Also have you seen Colors? You can use your DS (and iPhone) as a sketchbook? Great fun.

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Claire O'

Hmm.. Say do you have any for Sony PSP?

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