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Have a couple of animation scripts for interested producers/studios.

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Have a couple of animation scripts for interested producers/studios.

Hi I have two scripts that are for animation, I am not a full-time screenwriter so I did this out of my own heart and mind as a hobby.

I have two scripts that might interest impending producers.


A very short animated tale of a group of Intergalactic police officers who are summoned to save the planet Earth from "space criminals". This was originally a random bit I created in "The Movies" video game, but wrote out the script by using the game's sets and references. Very interesting this script.


Trying to go for a decent length for this one. Basically it's the "pilot" episode of a mix breed sci-fi based on the original BSG and Robotech. The world has suffered a crisis as an asteroid impacted Earth and after 50 years the Earth eventually iced over sending the remaining Human population to flee in 12 colony ships. One of them was the CENTURIA.

After CENTURIA arrives in a inhabitable planet they find out that they brushed up against a ruthless robotic race called the Syphonites, and after many years(MANY MANY years) they decide to hold a peace conference. Only to find it was a conspiracy and now our Heroes have to find a way out of the predicament.


You can email me at therealdarklink @ or just PM me here.

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Animation writer who loves...Animation!

Animation writer who loves...Animation!