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New Barbarian Animation...Dragonsword!

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New Barbarian Animation...Dragonsword!

Recently they made an anime Dragonlance film. i wish it had looked a bit more like the Tod Lockwood illustrations. Anyway just finishing up a sword swinging study from the bodybuilder photo. Gonna do some more with it but here is a rough draft. :D

Some 3D:helmet, sword and BG
2D in the body movement...
Needs a bit more post!

Critics welcome.

I think it needs a bit less post and more animation. The arcs are all over the place. The hands and head move very jerky and in straight lines from one point to the next. No amount of post will hide poor animation.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Well right now, this animation is in reverse and because I autotweened a lot of the elements I will have to retime the animation. Otherwise I think this is pretty smooth, actually too smooth if you watch it in slow motion. I'm hoping that tweaking the drawings in a couple of the frames will fix any problems.
I've seen you around quite a bit, what are you doing right now with animation.

I've uploaded a pic with the arcs mapped out. The Yellow is the tip of the sword. Blue is his wrist, and green is his nose. Doing this, it's much easier to view the path of action as well as the spacing between images.

Things in nature move in arcs. Map out the arcs and put the moving objects on those arcs and your animation will look more naturalistic.

I haven't been around too much lately. I've actually been pretty busy at Katalyst Media animating and developing an animated series for TV.

the Ape


...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

The motion should by all intents and purposes be happening on arcs as they were created from keys that were drawn that way.


I just used a particularly nice photo from a muscle mag for inspiration. When I added the spear it was pretty shaky and I was hoping to be able to just adjust that in post as I was saying.

Again I agree with you on some aspects but I don't think you are taking perspective squash and stretch into account with your findings. Nevertheless. thanks for your input!


You don't get arcs from keys. The arcs are created in the inbetweens when they aren't done automaticly in the computer.

Even with perspective things are still going to move on arcs.

I uploaded a quick rough I did of the keys and inbetweened them. I didn't do anything with the timing or spacing of the drawings, just focused on the arcs of the arms.

the Ape


...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Fixed the arcs, the spear is still a bit wobbly but there will be FX. Should be ready for fantasy makover in PS.

I just thought I'd mention that there was no character design here, I made the keys based on the photo, and decided after animating the body to create a helmet and that he should use a sword and not an axe or whatever.

Oh, and this is still a reverse animation, and is untimed.:o

Thanks for your thoughts, you're opinions have been very helpful Ape.
Slide some oil...:p

How many layers are you working with?