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Idea for short animation: animators/animation studio needed.

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Idea for short animation: animators/animation studio needed.

Well, I had an idea for an small animated cartoon that's about 3-5 minutes. It's pretty basic, a class of 8 year olds are stuck in an endless struggle to battle the boredom of History class(no offense to people who like History class), and the main female character finally dozes off into a very vivid daydream about two knight armies charging at each other(the lesson was about the midevil times), and after the battle starts the "Hero Knight" duels with the "Evil Knight" and after one or a couple minutes the "Evil Knight" is defeated and surrenders making the good guys victorious. No graphic or bloody material anywhere in the animation, also it would be cool if the characters had so GOOD of gesters that no voice overs are neccessary.

If I can implore some of you animators or I can discuss this Idea with a low-cost animation studio maybe we can get something rolling

(P.S. I prefer Private Messages-PMs-)

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Animation writer who loves...Animation!

Animation writer who loves...Animation!

Hi Brian

I am interested. We can surely use some girly stuff to snuff out the devil without bloodshed. I can also put in a lot of ideas. What's your budget like?

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