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Adobe After Effects vs. Toon Boom Pro?

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Adobe After Effects vs. Toon Boom Pro?

Hi all,

I'm a complete noob at animation, and looking to tackle a complicated project for myself. It's all text based animation, but consists of over 250 layers of text I've designed in an Illustrator file - different typography each with a different types of animation (from appearing to ripple like on water to vibrating to flipping around 3 dimensionally, etc).

Which of these two programs is better suited to this task? Would either one work? Is After Effects more difficult to learn?

Advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.


After Effects would work for sure. I don't find it that difficult to use, but I've been using it for awhile. It's a layers-based compositor so it's a bit easier to grasp than a node-based compositor.

No idea about Toon Boom.

After Effects without a doubt.

I just posted a short piece to You Tube that I did in AE with a little Photoshop-- character animation, multiplaning, lighting effects, everything. I'm finding AE quite nifty.