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Animated Music Video

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Animated Music Video

Hi scribblers and scratchers,

Well, I'm by no means a pro animator/cartoonist or artist!
I do however dabble in these things and I love comics and animation.
Now that I've got that out of the way...

I'm a musician and I have an idea for a music video that I would like to make come to life. Maybe I can find one or more budding young animators who would be interested in working on a project to further their and my career.
I have a clear idea of what I want to achieve including a storyboard and some artwork that gives a clue as to what sort of look I'd like. What I lack is the talent to pull it off!!!

On the music side. It's here
Had some serious record company interest and had some national radio play here in Australia. Had time off while my son was born.
After a break from the circuit it's time to launch a new assault.
The key thing to complete our package is an exciting video.
AND... since we're a pretty friggin ugly band what better way to promote ourselves than an animated video!
If I can find the right person/crew we can talk about mechanical royalties and the like so that money from the video will get back to the artists who created it.


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Music is Animated!

Music is Animated!

I'd like to see the boards

:cool: Cool music, I'm in Perth, I might be able to help.
I do clips with a realtime 3d engine.
check out
for an example of a music clip done recently. (warning - much slower song!)

Cheers Tony.

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