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First pic is a lump of ginger...hasn't turned out quite right, but I'm done with it. And the second one was the guy sitting across from me on the tram this morning, staring off into space :)

Don Q

sketches from the Australian Ballet's Don Quixote last weekend (guest starring Ethan Stiefel of Centre Stage fame!!) - Basilio and Kitri. Sketches of Don Q himself to follow...

Don Quixote and really weird sidekick, Sancho Panza...and 'horse'

Inspired by Ratatouille

still life with leek slices...and the world's wonkiest saucer :P


Nice job...for an architect.


Just kidding! Looks pretty good. Did you use painter or art rage etc?

I need to get over to Concept Art...I recently saw another post from one of their challenges...and it was cool too.

Dusting off my sketch thread to show off my entry for an online Gargoyles fanart contest :) Theme was Art Nouveau Gargoyles, I've more or less outed myself as a bunhead, and Sergei Diaghilev was a key figure in the Russian Art Nouveau movement before the whole Ballets Russes thing, so here we are.

more swans

Acts 3 and 4 from the same Swan Lake DVD - Margot Fonteyn as black and white swans, and some random scribbles.

Cobster: I'm kind of lazy, and it's a lot easier to upload files directly to the forum :)

ah well I'm home for the holidays, without pet shop, tablet or *gasp* sketchbook! It'll have to be in the new year :D (although you wouldn't believe the number of stray cats in Southeast Asia!)

Happy holidays to y'all too! :)

A little early, but Happy International Dance Day for the 29th April! Although my Tuesday night ballet class is on term break *and* I'm slowly recovering from a case of shin splints (ouch).

Here's one I prepared earlier:

train sketches

Right. I've been out of action for the past couple of weeks due to a lovely virus that got me in the ear and left me very dizzy and off-balance. Back to normal (well sort of), though still getting seasick just thinking about working with the Wacom :eek:

Some sketches done on a 90-minute train ride to a site visit. There's a section detail sketch of the sliding door I was supposed to be thinking about ... as an afterthought :D The one with the horse and the plants is from life (I was heading into the boonies!), the others are just random stream-of-consciousness things like linework quality, frills & ruffles, and.... musical theatre.

An older work, which I hadn't got around to posting here. Disney Gargoyles fanart, theme Paper Dolls, self-portrait with 4 different Gothic Lolita costumes. My cleanup line isn't that crash hot, but it's a bit of a trade-off with being better at loose gestural drawings (I tend to tense up when doing cleanup and my linework gets rather stiff).


Ondine, inspired by the recent Sydney International Piano Competition. Thanks to the people who played Gaspard de la Nuit :)

(still working on the design, but these things are never quite finished anyway!)

*burp* got tired of drawing seductive, went for grotesque :P (haven't got the lighting right on the toad & the 'throne', but it's been at least 8 attempts and I'm leaving it here!)

10 points for getting the Frank Lloyd Wright reference...except not really :D


After a sketching trip to the aquarium - I'll post the rough sketches if I can be bothered scanning them :p (and I've taken quite a bit of artistic licence with anatomy and colours, especially on the sea dragon, but I definitely am no marine biologist!)

on #62...I noticed that your elbows tend to be a bit to high and thus the arms to thin (anatomy) for the torso. In addition, the rear foot appears large in relation to the forward facing one ( perspective). I think your work is excellent. I hope this're doing well...The brushy fish at the end certainly convey the sense of concept. Maybe after doing a few dozen of those, you can pick one out and noodle it to death...

Thanks katana! Unfortunately I've also drawn this next one with too-short arms... it's a short sharp exercise, so I won't fix it right now. Plenty of time to noodle the next few ones to death, no? :)


Because everything's funnier with a seahorse tail :D It's late and I can't quite decide to work it up in ink/markers or in I'm going to sleep on it.


Nice studies. I really like your ballerina sketches. I like seeing the construction lines.

some nice work you have c: keep it up!

William Wright, its you! the hero of KVATCH!

Been in a bit of an artistic funk lately (and also been rather busy with a new digital piano I've named Igor!), but discovered this thing called Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School, which is like life drawing but with burlesque dancers and circus freaks for models. The first one started in NY and there are chapters all over the US and elsewhere, so definitely give it a google! The session I went to the other night had a burlesque-contortion-en-pointe dancer and a double bassist (and an orange Jack-o-Lantern candy basket). Sadly, I'm far too clean-living and sober to live the bohemian Toulouse-Lautrec life...

Another round of burlesque-dancer drawing, the first half of the session being Marie-Antoinette-really-must-show-you-her-strategically-placed-pasty-things-with-tassels, and the other half in pretty undies and long tangled hair... Not censoring btw, it's just that all my other sketches were rather shonky anatomy-wise :o The Marie Antoinette costume was definitely much more fun to draw, and hopefully I'll get around to doing some digital painting over these sketches. Because blue pencil doesn't scan or Photoshop well...

And unlike Toulouse-Lautrec, I can afford to take a taxi home from art class :D

Home for the holidays, and actually managed to get some sketching in. I may just have my Red Riding Hood's Wolf character now...

seahorse Josephine Baker

...enough said :)



I took your advice and checked out the link to the Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. Looks interesting. One of their sessions had the models dress as Star Trek characters - very cool. Oh, and you can drink and draw! Hm, could be dangerous. Luckily, they have a location in Toronto, not too far from me. Thanks for the tip - my hubby and I may just have to go to the next one.

Nice drawing btw. :D

Glad to be of service! Although in Australia we have an anti-drink-driving campaign that goes "If you drink and drive, you're a bloody idiot". Not sure what that makes people who drink and draw :D

Mind you, I don't drink at all, so going to these arty things stone cold sober and wearing office clothes... yeah, good fun but feel a bit out of place!

Random lady seen on the street


Sketches from an exhibition of costumes, artwork, misc bits and bobs, created for and inspired by the Ballets Russes... And on the last page, a couple of people in the foyer, and a contender for the world's silliest-looking dog (seen on the street).

Wolf - rough model

Found this guy hiding out in more than one of my sketchbooks! (do not accept invitations to see his etchings :D )

Just been at the ballet tonight - scribbled all over the cast sheet during intermissions, and ... well I'm caffeinated and wide awake and coming down from a visual sugar high, so I've done a page of sketches as well :)

Life drawing on the weekend (one of my old life drawing buddies was in's not quite the same without friendly company!) Badly Photoshopped because I'm favouring the blue pencil at the moment and it doesn't show up well on computer screens... Also? I got bored in one of the long poses and started drawing the lady across from me instead :D

under the sea

Dr Sketchy's session, bathing beauty turned mermaid meets girl in octopus-tentacle skirt :D

rach I believe after seeing your sketches that they are really nice pieces of stand alone art ...ever thought of having a published sketch book?

aww shucks *blushes, draws toe-circles in sand* I keep trying to get a portfolio together to apply for concept-artist jobs, but I (a) have a fairly demanding day job, from which I (b) run to dance classes 3 nights a week, and (c) am a terrible procrastinator. So maybe giving up my work-life balance as a concept artist isn't the best option right now...

Thanks for the published sketchbook suggestion though, cartuneman, it's definitely one I'll keep in mind :)

Last-ever Gargoyles fanart contest entry....not one of my best, but inspiration hit late in the day, and...well, here we go. I've gone for a Black & White theme, so we have a Swan Lake black swan / white swan duality.

...and I fly out for my Christmas break tomorrow morning, so might as well post my Christmas-card image now.

Happy holidays, y'all!


The detritus of my childhood/mid-to-late teens (I'm stuck in my parents' house in my hometown!!). I copied a *lot* of Disney pictures back in the day, it seems....there's plenty more where these came from!

Hey Rach

Hey Rach,
I really do like your drawings, and your style - humorous, sober.

Keep up, and have a nice day:D

Thanks joelpeet, it's always nice to be appreciated ;)

still life with leaves

picking up models in the park: UR DOIN IT RONG :D

Awesome stuff! Heh.. was on the train yesterday with a friend and I was drawing this kid. When I got off my friend says. "Hahha did you know that kid tottaly said "Dad? W-what should I do?" His father replys "Just sit still, let him draw you."

I wonder if I violated him? hehe I didnt even know XD

Looking for work.

My Blog

ANW Sketchbook

What software do you use?

Just plain old Corel Painter Essentials....haven't got round to buying the full software (and I'm more than a little bit cheap!!)

Dr Sketchy's again, featuring trapeze artist/burlesque dancer. It seems my anatomy construction flies out the window when drawing fast :o

The ink drawing won me a $10 bookshop voucher....which is cool because I pretty much never win anything :P

great work! I love loose sketches like that, grats on winning too!

William Wright, its you! the hero of KVATCH!

I really like your art :)
look forward to more

Loose sketchy stuff is great :D Used to do that all the time on the train, I try to take my time more these days though.

Looking for work.

My Blog

ANW Sketchbook

Bunnie & Clyde's Great Escape

Taking another stab at the annual Koko Black chocolate shop/cafe drawing contest: one picture is the template they gave us, and the other one is the product of my fevered imagination over 4 weekends :D There are 2 prizes for the over-12s, both involving money for artistic pursuits, and a membership with the nearest national gallery....and a year's supply of chocolate!! My concept gave me a bit of a giggle, but it's probably too out-there for judges and little kids, so I'm not going to hold my breath too much. But having spent this much time and effort being duty-bound to produce the best darn illustration I can, I'd be quite disappointed not to be shortlisted as a finalist...

Contest website here:

(Edited to add: Yes I did Photoshop, the office scanner didn't pick up a lot of my delicately-rendered blue sky! It's still kind of stuffed anyway, the actual drawing looks a lot better than this...)

given to extreme blueskying :D (the view out the window where I'm working at the moment, while my usual office is being refurbished due to flood damage from a massive hailstorm 2 weeks ago)


Very nice, I saw an article a few months ago that touched on making clouds.

Really kewl

Man, I just wish I cud learn these things from you! Your sketches are damn kool.
Will love to see more from you!