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Winner - 3rd Place: Ikanaide

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Winner - 3rd Place: Ikanaide

Just thought it might be appropriate for a Valentine's thingie. A true blood cannot be with a lesser one. Forced apart by circumstances...

-drawn by hand
-inked by hand
-colored in Photoshop, some screen tones
-Finished in Open Canvas

hey!! very good work buddy!

:) hey good work buddy! ur skills are impressive! specially the way u created the light n shadow and the textures of the environment n characters. but there is not much feeling of the intimacy involved in the characters embrasing each other. its as if they are not together even if they are close together! :rolleyes: :confused:
so please explain.. why!!? it may b possible im wrong... :cool: okay .. u tell me now..
keep up the good work!
with regards,

Thanks very much for the comment!! ^_^ *passes out chocolate chip cookies* eehhee~

As for the story, I was hoping to leave it open to interpretation. I've heard some interesting versions recently. This is based on my story "Shadow Magic" and features two of the characters. THe wings are purely symbolic right now, as are their poses and expressions (or lack thereof).

There is a huge epic tale behind the facade of the present-day story so it will be difficult for me to sum up. Basically, the girl (Avery) was an Empress and the guy (Dragon) was an assasin. Needless to say, they fell in love at some point, but obviously couldn't be together. This image is supposed to depict her internal struggle of choosing her duty over personal feelings which is why she is detached from the picture. Also her expression is wandering elsewhere than from the guy. Meanwhile, Dragon's expression is hidden- in this scenario, we don't know what he is feeling, although he is protecting her metaphorically with his outstretched and encompassing wings. Well anyway, that's not all of it, but as I said, open interpretations are welcome ^_~.

I'm going to have to disagree. Not because there's any fact involved; as you said, it's interpretation. But my vote, personally, is right for the intended explanation. To me it comes across like they're both in a state of akward dismay. They're embracing for security, but individually she's very torn, and he's just...gone, running on fumes ...mentally...extinguished might be a bit far. Not physically though, and the wings are a good touch if I knew they were metaphor. Now I do and it makes it better.

You know the thing that really seals this and makes it unique? The silhouetted feathers.

This rocks.


Congratulations on being chosen the 3rd place winner in our 2005 Valentine's Day Character Design Contest!


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