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Winner - 1st Place: romio n juliet

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Winner - 1st Place: romio n juliet

[B]No Love so true as the love that dies told - A classic example of this
are Romeo & Juliet. Similar to this is the relationship between water and a
seedling. The symbiotic nature of this relationship is truly classic and
poetic in nature. One where true love for each other makes them survive
and grow.....[/B]

Great work !!

Looks like u'll be the winner ;) ....awesome stuff, keep up the good work dude !!

That shoots right up in the top 5 at least....


what else can i say....the best poster i have seen for the valentine. Great work naresh, u def deserve the top list!! :)

ooo thats nicee!!

Awesome work u have there dude.. !! love the style and dynamism on that. excellent flow of lines and curves.. u rock!! :cool:


hey guys
Please don't forget to open the ZIP file just below the rough image. the final work is on the ZIP file.


Congratulations on being chosen the 1st place winner in our 2005 Valentine's Day Character Design Contest!


Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.

congrats. is really pretty awesome :)


:p hey thanks Dan and thanks all u guys......thanks for your support and thanks for choosing me n my work as the winner... :)