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Til' Living Death Do Us Part

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Til' Living Death Do Us Part

Here's a pic of good sir Romero and his gushingly beautiful lover Ghouliet. Not too sure if I can enter since I mod the Daily Sketch forum, so if I can't enter that's cool. This was fun to do either way! :D Cheers

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Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Great work

I love your sense of design. Its very easy to picture your characters moving and full of life. Keep up the great work.


Certainly the best title of the bunch =) I like the whole silent "giving his heart" bit...

sweet style!

good stuff....

...I like the concept. Maybe you should take it one step further and add a hole in his chest though...

Conceivably he tore his heart out before he got dressed. I've never been a zombie before so I can't be sure, that's just the way I'd play it should it ever come to that =)

LOL! You know what, I had done the hole, but when I exported it, it was on a layer I had hidden so it didn't show up. I never noticed it was missing til you mentioned it! Thanks man! I'll updated the pic now! Cheers

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

lol. no problem. I was thinking to myself, "it's an obvious detail...I'm sure he thought of it, why didn't he draw it?".

...ok now how about one more step further....wouldn't it be cool if there was like a "string/sling" of blood flying through the air connecting the hole and the heart? HA! I know, I know, we can go on and on. It looks great though. nice.


P.S. alright alright how about making the heart glossy, or perhaps adding a couple of veins on it........ok I'll be quiet now.

Mojodesign, sweet ideas! I had to toss them in! Muahaha, they should be reflected in the pic above. Love the string idea, it visually connects the Zombie to the heart that much better now. Thanks!

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

hehe, that's rad Dan. the strings are a great suppliment.

oh dude that's SICK! GREAT! The drawing almost hurts me now....ouch. Very nice.