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romio n juliet

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romio n juliet

[B]No Love so true as the love that dies told - A classic example of this
are Romeo & Juliet. Similar to this is the relationship between water and a
seedling. The symbiotic nature of this relationship is truly classic and
poetic in nature. One where true love for each other makes them survive
and grow.....[/B]

Great work !!

Looks like u'll be the winner ;) ....awesome stuff, keep up the good work dude !!

That shoots right up in the top 5 at least....


what else can i say....the best poster i have seen for the valentine. Great work naresh, u def deserve the top list!! :)

ooo thats nicee!!

Awesome work u have there dude.. !! love the style and dynamism on that. excellent flow of lines and curves.. u rock!! :cool:


hey guys
Please don't forget to open the ZIP file just below the rough image. the final work is on the ZIP file.