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Please Read Before Posting

I have an idea about how to showcase your art in the Daily Sketch Forum. Everyone who would like to take part in the forum could start a thread with their user name then adding Gallery afterwards, as the title.

Eg. Danimation Gallery

Anytime you have a new sketch or finished work you can post it in your own thread. Not only does it keep the forum tidy, but it also let's everyone know when you last posted. I think this will work quite well. Any comments or ideas are welcome. Cheers

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Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Cereal And Pajamas New Anthology : August 2007

Good, bad, or....

Hello everyone!

I just found this site & I love it allready! Everyone seems cool. I don't want to name names, but there are some rough ones.

My animation career is getting started again(I used to animate the analog way:) years ago.


“Believe in your character. Animate (or write) with sincerity.”
― Glen Keane

Hi is some info for you

The Daily Sketch was initially established in Manchester. The picture daily was very successful and its owner, Edward Hulton, also opened an office in London. Over the years the newspaper published several scoop pictures. This included pictures of the sinking of the Titanic and the death of Emily Davison.

Hoarding In U.P



how do you change the name of your thread to sketch thread?

Nice idea. Sups gee thanks

Thanks from a beginner

What is basic idea

what is the basic idea of posting the thread.

Hello Sir,
I want to start a thread in which I want to post some stills from a short film I am working on and want some critics from people so should I post it in this section of daily sketch?


I wanted to start a cafe sketching thread...should I delete it and make it just a gallery for myself instead? It seems to kind of stick out like a sore thumb...

My ZBrush work

Please pointing

I would like to take part in the forum, what i need to do?!

I would like to take part in the forum, what i need to do?!

How about showing us your work, that would be a good start.


Hello folks,

I'm trying to get back to life drawing again, and would love to share some sketches on the Daily Sketch as I progress. Unfortunately, I can't manage daily posts (more like once or twice a week).

How often does one need to post in order for the the tread to remain active?

Thanks moderators--you're doing a fine job :)


You are looking for a growing view count on your future thread?
Side question, is your job over or is the project winding down? I remember you had stop posting because of it, time contrasts.

Hi Wontobe! Glad to see you again.

No, not looking for a view count. I thought perhaps if I wasn't able to post work often enough, the thread might get taken down. (In which case, it might be better to start a more informal thread in Show and Tell).

The job is long over--it only lasted about three years (but it was great experience). I went to school immediately afterwards, and haven't been back to forums for a while:

This is still my favorite forum to visit :) The people here have definitely helped me become a better and more thoughtful animator. Thanks for that!