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About Toonex (and a link to our latest cartoon!)

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About Toonex (and a link to our latest cartoon!)

Here's the latest episode of "White House Rats." It's a satirical cartoon series running through till the elections.

"White House Rats" is the inaugural project of Toonex, an online animation collective. Toonex seeks to be a place where writers, directors, animators, designers, composers, and other creatives join together to help make animated films. Users download digital files and documentation for a project, create their contribution to it, and upload their work to where other users can see it and offer their suggestions. The work is then pieced together and featured on the Toonex front page.

If you would like to help make future episodes of "White House Rats", give us a visit!

Also, we are looking for future projects. Toonex is not really like the Animation Co-op... it's more like a complement to it. Not all Animation Co-op projects are right for us. However, if you have a flash project, and you're willing to do the work of setting it up and explaining it to others, you can now use Toonex free of charge. Our file sharing and comment threading features facilitate collaboration. Also, we have set up a legal structure where creators of material keep the rights to all their intellectual property. Contact me at for more info.

Toonex!!!!!! love that concept ! thanks for the expo . !