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Headline News Not To Scale Goes Intergalactic with The Parachute Endings

Press Release from Not to Scale

When Birdy Nam Nam the French Hip Hop mix-master maestros first contacted cult illustrator Will Sweeney to see if he could help out with a video for their forth coming track release 'The Parachute Endings', the first question was how? and what? could be done in the timeframe available.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for June 1, 2009

This week in AWN's Forums, an aspiring animator is 26 and wants to go back to school. Is 26 too old to get started? An entertainment company is looking for a studio to help them develop their first 2D animated feature. A student wants some feedback on an advertising project. Someone wanting to get started in animation wants to know the best way to get started -- Flash? A Wacom tablet? Help them out!

As well as, tools for teaching animation, the business of animation and, as always, brand-new stuff to check out in show and tell!

Headline News SIGGRAPH 2009 Technical Papers Focus on Technology and Advanced Techniques

The SIGGRAPH 2009 Technical Papers program is the premier global forum presenting groundbreaking research from today's leading international organizations. Topics will feature the latest computer graphic innovations from a detailed simulation of intrusive surgical procedures to the development of infra-red flash photography. A total of 439 submissions were reviewed by a distinguished panel of 54 jurors, and 78 papers were selected for presentation at SIGGRAPH 2009.

Headline News Toon Boom Releases Animate Pro

Press Release from Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Toon Boom Animation Inc. has announced the release of Toon Boom Animate Pro, the high-performance animation software for professionals. Toon Boom Animate Pro is the most complete professional animation software for serious animators, offering award winning state-of-the-art content creation, animation and compositing toolset for any animation style within a single all-in-one desktop application.

Headline News Animation Club Presents Secret Handshake -- Pants Edition

ANIMATION CLUB!!! presents 'Secret Handshake', a monthly animation night at Loop Bar in Melbourne. Each month, animators from all around the world create a short animation upon a given topic which is then screened and voted upon by the audience. The winner receives fame and glory, and gets to choose the next month's topic.

All animation styles are welcome -- from hand-drawn, flash, claymation, stop motion, pixellation -- or any combination of these. However -- it MUST be animated! No live action allowed!

Headline News Moonscoop Scores Sales in Latin America, Caribbean

Press Release from Moonscoop

Paris, 18 May 2009 -- Moonscoop, the worldwide brand management and entertainment company representing properties from some of the leading animation producers across the globe has scored a raft of TV sales for its hit series in Latin America and the Caribbean, in advance of the LA Screenings.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for May 4, 2009

This week in AWN's Forums, a newly-graduated animator wants to know how to start their career from scratch. Does anyone have any kind of Excel budget for an animation series? A member wants to put one together. An animator asked to do a music video wants to know the going rates are for animation work? It would be a 2D computer animation (PS/Flash/AE), about three minutes long. The conversation continues on what constitutes adult animation and how that differs from pornography.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for April 27, 2009

This week in AWN's Forums, a member is looking for a 3D animator to create a bunch (600+) of short character animated videos for a new fitness website. A member wants to know how much to pay for a three-minute animated pilot in Flash. A discussion is going on about adult animation and what exactly that is. A student needs a quick and easy way of compositing one layer of animation over a background. Someone needs clips of birds circling a dazed characters' head. Besides WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, what other places can this be found?

Headline News Amy Winfrey Premieres New Web Series Squid and Frog

Press Release from Amy Winfrey

LOS ANGELES, April 22th- Independent animator Amy Winfrey debuts a new series SQUID AND FROG. The web series, available at is an innovative blend of flash animation and puppets.

The two main characters, Squid and Frog, sing songs about lessons they have learned the hard way such as "Don't Use Butter Sticks as Skates" and "You Can't Learn Surgery From Television." Squid and Frog also recite "Haikus of Regret."

Headline News Emily User-Generated Animation Site Open To Everyone

Press Release from NetToons, Inc.

San Francisco, CA -- Cosmic Debris and NetToons, Inc. have announced the official launch of the user generated animation site This site lets the millions of Emily fans worldwide create and share their own Emily animations (Tooncasts) using the NetToons web-based editor and viewer.

Headline News Phineas and Ferb, LittleBigPlanet & Taratabong Win at Pulcinella Awards

The Pulcinella Awards 2009 were announced at the conclusion of Cartoons on the Bay on Sunday. The various Pulcinella Awards are presented in seven competing categories, including best series for preschool, children, tweens and young adults, educational programming, best pilot, cross-media project, interactive animation, short film, best character, TV series, European program and best soundtrack.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for April 6, 2009

This week in AWN's Forums, a member wants to know about any animation-related sites or interests to see in Paris, other than Disneyland Paris. What's a good rate to charge for a three-minute long Flash animated music video? A member wants some help pricing their services. Discussion continues on whether a one-year degree program is enough school. When animating two characters, do they share a cel? A member wants to know.

Headline News Bedtime Stories, Despereaux & Day the Earth Stood Still on DVD/Blu-ray

BEDTIME STORIES makes its DVD debut two days after its Blu-ray bow, along with DVD/Blu-ray releases of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX, plus volume three of BEN 10: ALIEN FORCE on DVD, Disney Animation Collection, volumes 1-3 on DVD, MAX FLEISCHER'S SUPERMAN on DVD and more.


Headline News Scarygirl Game to Hit in April

April 2009 will see the launch of the online SCARYGIRL gaming site, based on Nathan Jurevicius's Scarygirl concept. The project has been produced by Passion Pictures Australia with financial assistance from the Film Victoria Digital Media Fund. The game has been designed and developed by Touch My Pixel with in-game Flash animation from Renmotion and has taken the dedicated and creative team 22 months to develop and complete.

Headline News fmx/09 Announces Program

fmx/conference presents and reflects upon the latest trends in an extraordinarily dynamic industry. And one trend can be seen very clearly throughout animation, visual effects, games and postproduction: story is king. Computer-generated imagery or effects are only effective to the degree that they serve a suspenseful and overwhelming narration. A few highlights from the conference (held May 5-8 in Stuttgart, Germany), include:

Headline News Matt's Monsters Announces New Sales, Annecy Selection

Alphanim's new 52x13 series MATT'S MONSTERS has secured new broadcasts of the series with Cartoon Network in Asia, RTP in Portugal and Noga Communications in Israel.

Co-produced by Alphanim, RAI Fiction and Torino-based animation studio Lanterna Magica, MATT'S MONSTERS is a 2D/Flash comedy starring boy-next-door Matt Average, an 8 year-old monster enthusiast who takes family business quite seriously and, as soon as homework is done, rushes to help out in his mom and dad's monster care agency.

Headline News Open Development Call for Batman: Brave and Bold Flash Game

Open Development Call for Batman: Brave and Bold Flash GameDeadline: March 27, 2009

Warner Bros. Animation and Mochi Media, in association with DC Comics, are having a casting call for developers to submit ideas for creating a new Flash game as a promotional brand extension for Warner Bros. Animation's hit animated series BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD (, airing Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

Headline News Join Canada's most Speck-tacular Egg hunt

M&M's is asking Canadians to "Join the Hunt." Created by Proximity Canada, BBDO Toronto, and Firstborn Multimedia based in New York, the campaign uses television, point of sale and online media inviting consumers to find and collect eggs with PIN codes and point values hidden on the web and inside specially marked packages of M&M's Speck-tacular Eggs. The more points collected, the better the chances of winning thousands of instant prizes or one of three grand prize getaways to New York, Las Vegas or Orlando, Florida.

Headline News Pinocchio, Transporter 3 on DVD/Blu-ray, Howard the Duck on DVD & South Park

PINOCCHIO's 70th anniversary edition hits DVD and Blu-ray today, March 10, along with a four-film BATMAN anthology on Blu-ray, SOUTH PARK (12th season) on Blu-ray for the first time, HOWARD THE DUCK on DVD for the first time, SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK and TRANSPORTER 3 on DVD/Blu-ray and an edition of WOODY WOODPECKER favorites on DVD.


Headline News Sean Astin Stars in New Playhouse Disney Animated Series

SPECIAL AGENT OSO, a new animated television series starring Academy Award-nominee Sean Astin as the voice of Oso, a fuzzy, lovable, bumbling stuffed panda bear who is a special agent-in-training, premieres with two consecutive episodes Saturday, April 4 (8-9 a.m., ET/PT) during Disney Channel's learning-focused Playhouse Disney programming block.

The interactive series, which emphasizes discovery, humor and organizational skills, calls upon viewers to help accomplish special missions by breaking down everyday tasks using three simple steps, just as Oso does.

Headline News AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for Feb. 9, 2009

This week in AWN's Forums, members are discussing last weekend's Annie Awards. Did WALL-E and Pixar get snubbed, or is that just the way it goes? What are the 'Do's and 'Don't's for your pitch bible's design and layout? What are some good ways to develop empathy in animated characters? A member is having Flash issues, come help!

As well as, tools for teaching animation, the business of animation and, as always, brand-new stuff to check out in show and tell!

Headline News Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa on DVD and Blu-ray Now

MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA comes in for a landing on DVD and Blu-ray on FRIDAY, February 6, 2009 from DreamWorks Animation.

With twice the laughs, twice the fun and twice the Penguins, the Move It! Move It! Double DVD Pack and Blu-ray include two animated adventures from Nickelodeon's new television series, THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR. The series stars Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, Private and King Julien back at the New York zoo where it all started -- on a mission... without permission.