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Animation Headline News

Kaydara Intros New Character Animation Features With Filmbox 3.2

Kaydara Inc. announced the release of FiLMBOX 3.2, the latest version of the company's real-time 3D character animation solution. With an enhanced user interface and workflow, FiLMBOX 3.2 introduces new features for both keyframe and motion-capture-based character animation for game, film, TV and Web productions.

Black Headline News

Toonshoppe Animates Cisco And Ripple For Black Starz!

Hollywood-based animation studio Toonshoppe has delivered the first of many interstitial episodes of CISCO AND RIPPLE for Urban Entertainment and Encore Media Group's Black Starz! cable network. The 3:30 interstitial features two animated hosts, Cisco and Ripple, who review the movies airing on Black Starz! Toonshoppe recreated the show for television based on character designs by creators A.J. Jamal and Spencer, who also voice the characters. The show originally appeared on Urban Entertainment's Website, and was animated for the Internet by Flip Your Lid Animation.

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Animo 4.0 Available For Mac OS X

Cambridge Animation Systems has released Animo 4.0 software for the Mac OS X allowing Mac OS X users to have the same functionality as users running on the Windows operating system. The Animo software package integrates 2D and 3D animation and is used for feature films, animated television series, commercials, games and multimedia development.

Animation Headline News

Job Opportunities For Animators, Illustrators, Instructors And More

Den Haag, Holland's Bodylab is looking for an ANIMATOR . . . Van Nuys, California's Brain Zoo Studios is looking for an ANIMATOR . . . North Vancouver, BC's Capilano College is looking for an ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR . . . London, England's Doublevision is looking for an ANIMATION PRODUCTION SECRETARY . . . Los Angeles, California's Fluxus21 is looking for an AGENT . . . London, England's franklinpictures is looking for a 3D DESIGNER to work on TV, film and games animation . . .

Animation Headline News

Job Opportunities For Animators, Agents, Instructors And More

The Art Institutes International at San Francisco is looking for an ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR, a BACKGROUND DESIGN AND LAYOUT INSTRUCTOR and a SURVEY OF MEDIA DESIGN & GAME LAYOUT INSTRUCTOR . . . Vancouver, BC's Arts Umbrella is looking for a DIGITAL ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR . . . Islington, London's Blue Sunflower Animation is looking for an AGENT . . . Swindon, Wiltshire's Celmation is looking for a 2D ANIMATOR . . . HoChiMinh City, Vietnam's Demen Animation Studio is looking for an ANIMATION AGENT . . . Redwood City, California's Electronic Arts is looking for a MAYA CHARACTER ANIMATOR . . .

Film Headline News

What's New With Buzzco Associates

InBetweening America, Candy Kugel's short film based on a Saul Steinberg New Yorker magazine cover illustration of 20 American faces was screened at the New York Film Festival on October 5 and 6, 2001. Although the film was completed and accepted into the festival before the events on September 11th, the American flag motif and the variety of American faces seemed particularly relevant in light of recent events.

Animation Headline News

Job Opportunities For Animators, Graphic Artists, Producers, Modelers And More

Big Idea Productions is looking for TEMPORARY LIGHTING ARTISTS for three to seven months . . . Venice, California's Cyberploc Studio islooking for a JUNIOR 3D ANIMATOR and a SENIOR 3D ANIMATOR . . . HoChiMinh City's Demen Animation Studio is looking for an ANIMATION AGENT . . . Digital Creations is looking for a FLASH

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Macromedia Delivers Tutorials For Director 8.5

Macromedia, Inc. is offering a series of online tutorials designed to allow new and existing Macromedia Director 8.5 users to learn how to use the product more quickly and master the creation and deployment of interactive 3D content for the Web. The tutorials include lessons on 3D for current Director users as well as tutorials for 3D artists and Macromedia Flash developers who are new to Director. The video tutorials take users step by step through building a rich media Web experience that incorporates sound, video and 3D assets.

Animation Headline News

Renegade Gets Their Freak On For Target

Renegade Animation has produced a new 30-second spot for Target and agency The Design Guys, Minneapolis to promote the store's Halloween items. Directed by Darrell Van Citters, He's Not a Freak, features an assortment of ghosts, ghouls, monsters and demons preparing for Halloween. A skeleton swallows a piece of candy (which drops straight through his rib cage) and a witch decorates her spooky mansion using the wrappings from a friendly mummy in place of crepe paper. The Design Guys based the commercial on characters created by Sarah Nelson of Werner Design Werks.

Animation Headline News

Job Opportunities For Animators, Illustrators, Programmers, Instructors And More

BartSoft Inc., based in Mississauga, Ontario and specializing in flash animation, web design and multimedia programming is looking for a SALES REP/AGENT . . . Columbus, Ohio's Columbus College of Art & Design is looking for an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF COMPUTER ANIMATION . . . Sherman Oaks, California's David Evans Center for Conflict Resolution is looking for a CARTOONIST to draw a comic strip . . . Manila, Philippine's ImagineAsia, Inc. is looking for a CG SUPERVISOR . . .Saint James, New York's Inky Dinky Animation Studios is looking for a 3D ARTIST AND ANIMATOR . . .

Animation Headline News

Timberwolf On The Web

Chuck Jones' Internet animated series TIMBERWOLF, had its world-premiere at the Ottawa Student Animation Festival, October 18-21, 2001. The show debuted on on October 24, 2001. Created by legendary animation director Chuck Jones, and produced by Jones, Stephen Fossatti, Philip Vaughn and Jeff DeGrandis, TIMBERWOLF features laid-back Thomas Timber Wolf, whose unfortunate family history involves the tendency for trees to fall on his head at the utterance of his middle name.

Media Headline News

Viewpoint’s Media Player Gets Hyper

Viewpoint Corporation, a provider of digital marketing technologies, has launched the newest version of the Viewpoint Media Player. This latest version showcases Viewpoint's HyperView feature, which enables viewers to expand rich media content beyond the browser window and utilize the entire desktop as real estate for the content. The Viewpoint Media Player allows for the integration and interaction of rich media formats such as Flash, 3D, animation, text, audio and zoomable 2D graphics.

Animation Headline News

Job Opportunities For Animators, Instructors, Agents, Art Directors And More

Art Institute San Francisco is looking for a part-time INSTRUCTOR IN MOTION & LIGHTING AND TEXTURE MAPPING and a 2D/3D ANIMATION INSTRUCTOR . . . Los Angeles, California's is looking for a ANIMATION AGENT . . . Bangalore, India's Colorcanvas Inc. is looking for a ANIMATION AGENT . . . New York, NY's Curious Pictures is looking for INTERNS for traditional cel animation as well as for Flash character animation . . . Valencia, Spain's Dos Produccions Cinematograficas is looking for a 3D CHARACTER ANIMATOR for an upcoming CGI feature film . . .

Headline News

Peppermint Signs Fresh Deals

German distributor peppermint and U.S. animation studio Wild Brain have entered into a strategic partnership for Asia and the U.S. Under the terms of the deal, peppermint will distribute Wild Brain's Flash animation catalogue throughout Asia, while Wild Brain will represent peppermints animation catalogue under the pepperkids label for TV distribution, home video and DVD, licensing, publishing and merchandising throughout the U.S.

Headline News

Electric Rain Launches Swift 3D Version 2.0

3D and multimedia software company Electric Rain, Inc. has released Swift 3D version 2.0, a stand alone application allowing users to design and render 3D scenes to the Macromedia Flash (SWF) file format, as well as Adobe Illustrator EPS and the latest XML-based SVG. Swift 3D V2 includes many new modeling tools that empower designers of all levels of 3D experience to quickly build and animate complex 3D scenes.

Animation Headline News

Job Opportunities For Animators, Directors, Agents, Illustrators And More.

Animindia is looking for an ANIMATION DIRECTOR and KEY ANIMATORS for its Hyderabad, India-based studio . . . Detroit, Michigan's BIG GAME PRODUCTIONS is looking for a WRITER . . . Portland, Oregon's cartoonmonkey studio is looking for a ANIMATION AGENT . . . Melbourne, Australia's Glen Art Productions, a stop-motion animation studio, is looking for an AGENT / REPRESENTATIVE . . . Detroit, Michigan's KPC ANIMATION STUDIO is looking for a 2D/3D ANIMATOR and a STORYBOARD/ILLUSTRATOR . . . The Ninjai Gang, an online & offline content creation group is looking for a KEY ANIMATOR . . .

Series Headline News

Chris Prynoski Joins Class-Key Chew-Po Commercials

Class-Key Chew-Po Commercials, a division of Klasky Csupo, Inc., has signed animation director Chris Prynoski for commercial representation. Prynoski recently finished directing a Budweiser spot for Class-Key Chew-Po Commercials and DDB Chicago called, Foot-Long Hot Dog Inventor. Prynoski has previously worked for MTVs animation division as a storyboard artist, designer, layout artist, animator and director. During his stint at MTV, he worked on shows including BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, THE HEAD and DARIA.

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Spontaneous Combustion Creates Graphics For Staples

Design, visual effects and animation studio Spontaneous Combustion has created the visual effects and completed the conform for a trio of witty 15-second spots for Staples, Inc. (Framingham, MA), an official sponsor of the NFL for the last six years. The Statistics campaign was developed by Cliff Freeman and Partners (New York, NY) and pays homage to the NFL's on-air graphic displays, over-the-top analysis and cult following.

Company Headline News

Nomura Sells Cambridge Animation

Cambridge Animation Systems, developer of Animo 2D software, has been purchased from Japanese investment bank Nomura by a digital media consortium that includes an original founder of the company. The new owners are moving the company to a new and larger facility in Cambridge, England. Over the past 18 months the new management team placed in the company by Nomura has completely reorganized Cambridge Animation Systems, expanded Cambridge's line of products and set up a growing reseller network worldwide.

Production Headline News

Job Opportunities For Animators, 3D Modelers, Production Coordinators & More

Toronto, Ontario's Chelsea Road Productions Inc., a creative and music production and audio post company, is looking for 3D MAX-4 MODELER/COMPOSITOR, SENIOR ANIMATOR 3D MAX-4, JUNIOR ANIMATOR 3D MAX-4, PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, and SENIOR ANIMATOR 2D. . . Toronto, Ontario's Evil Clown Animation is looking for a PRODUCTION COORDINATOR to coordinate an independent animated short production. . . Hollywood, California's Toonshoppe is looking for an onsite FLASH ANIMATOR & ILLUSTRATOR. . .

Animations Headline News

Morphink Releases New Web Authoring Tool

MorphInk has announced their commercial release of MorphInk 2.0, a Web-animation authoring tool. MorphInk 2.0 enables the creation and publishing of high-resolution animations playing at high frame rates (up to 30 frames per second) without increase in file size. In addition to its own ANC animation format, MorphInk 2.0 also supports other Web formats. MorphInk animations can be converted to Flash or Animated GIF. The MorphInk 2.0 package includes a stand-alone player, a Java player and ActiveX/Plug-In Web players.

Animation Headline News

Camp Chaos Webtoons Coming To DVD

In response to the success of the DVD short-film collection "Best of the Web," Multimedia 2000 (M-2K) has announced the release of a follow-up DVD, "Best of the Web, Volume 2." The new installment will highlight the work of The 75-minute DVD will feature episodes of NAPSTER BAD and SAFARI KINGDOM as well as the U.S. election parody FLORI-DUH. "Most of these cartoon shorts were originally developed specifically for the Web, using Macromedia's animation software, Flash," said CampChaos' Bob Cesca.

Animation Headline News

Job Opportunities For Animators, Designers, Digital Artists And More.

Barcelona, Spain's FILMAX, a production and distribution company, is looking for a BACKGROUND ARTIST. . . Saint James, New York's Inky Dinky Animation Studios is looking for an ANIMATOR/DIGITAL ARTIST. . . Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India's MUV Technologies Ltd. is looking for experienced RENDERMAN users. . . Glendale, California's, a fast-growing global youth network, is looking for a FLASH ANIMATOR-GAMER/ARTIST. . . Makati City, Philippines Animation Studio, Inc., an independent animation studio, is looking for a PRODUCTION MANAGER. . .

Headline News

Cartoonnetwork.Com Toon Awards Closing Date Closing In

Cartoon Network U.K. Online is urging people to send their work to their Animation Awards before the closing date of August 31, 2001. The U.K. toon channel is offering £10,000 (US$15,000) in prize money with the winning films to air on both TV and the Web. First prize is £5,000 ($7,500), second prize is £3000 ($4,500) and third prize is £2000 ($3,000). The competition is open to all U.K. animators using Flash and entries will be judged by industry professionals. The winning entries will also be shown on both and

Headline News

Where's My Shorts? Alkamy Phase 2, Capt Pointy, Drunky, Utica

The Sydney design and animation studio, alkamy has launched phase 2 of its Website, which includes 8 new works in the interactive section. Netizens can also catch new shorts featuring Dr. Leechfingers, who is the star of a series of short films alkamy has in development. Check it all out at Professional British cartoonist/animator Bill Greenhead was launched the new Flash toon CAPTAIN POINTY at his site Augenblick Studios' DRUNKY can be seen on