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Headline News J-Lo Sweeps James Bond Under The Rug

Jennifer Lopez kicked James Bond right off the top spot this weekend, as the J-Lo starrer MAID IN MANHATTAN debuted at number one with $19M. The romantic comedy barely topped STAR TREK: NEMESIS, which earned $18.8M its first weekend out. The latest installation in the Star Trek series features visual effects by Digital Domain and Eden FX. After fluctuating in and out of the number one spot, DIE ANOTHER DAY, with visual effects by Cinesite, dropped all the way to fifth, earning $7.5M for a four week total of $131.5M.

Headline News Seventeen Films To Compete For Feature Animation Oscar Nomination

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) has announced that seventeen films will compete for the Best Animated Feature Film Oscar in the 2002 Academy Awards competition. Because of the large number of eligible features, under the rules for the category, a maximum of five films could be nominated.The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted on December 10, 2002 to activate the category for the 75th Academy Award Presentations.

Headline News 2003 Sundance Film Festival Announces Short Film Line-Up

The Sundance Film Festival, which honors American and international independent film, has announced its 2003 short film line-up. 90 short films were chosen from 3,345 entries. Notable entries include live-action shorts from SHREK helmer Vicky Jenson and Richard Linklater (director of 2001's animated feature WAKING LIFE), as well as Student Academy Award animation honoree THE VELVET TIGRESS, directed by Jen Sachs.

Headline News Harry Potter Is No Match For James Bond

HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS' hold on the top spot was again short lived, as the sequel dropped to third and Bond was back on top in this weekend's box office. Despite losing over 50% of its audience since last weekend, DIE ANOTHER DAY, with visual effects by Cinesite, regained its number one place, earning $12.8M for a three week total of $120.2M. In second place was the lackluster comedy ANALYZE THAT, with an $11M debut. Third place honors went to last week's number one film HARRY POTTER, with primary visual effects by ILM, which took in $10M this weekend.

Headline News Decode Goes Down Under With Three New Shows

THE SAVE-UMS, DECODE's new preschool series is one of a trio of pick-ups by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for its ABC Kids block. Created by Dan Clark of the Dan Clark Company, THE SAVE-UMS (52 x 11-minutes) lets preschoolers learn the principles of cause and effect and the impact of cooperative play. In addition to THE SAVE-UMS, the broadcaster has acquired the new adventure series KING for 8-12 year-olds and GIRLSTUFF BOYSTUFF, described as an animated FRIENDS for tweens.

Headline News Spidey Helps Sony Spin Worldwide Box Office Record

The success of SPIDER-MAN, among other blockbuster hits, has propelled Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) to an all-time industry box office record, announced SPE chairman John Calley. With $2.75 billion in worldwide box office receipts for 2002, Sony has surpassed the existing record of $2.68 billion in worldwide ticket sales set by 20th Century Fox in 1998, the year that studio distributed TITANIC internationally. "This is truly a memorable moment in Sony Pictures Entertainment's history," said Calley.

Headline News Santa, Bond And Potter Bury Disney's Treasure

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend worked some magic for HARRY POTTER, but didn't add up to treasure for Disney's latest animated effort. Debuting on Wednesday, November 27, Disney's animated adventure TREASURE PLANET opened in fourth place with $16.5M, barely edging out the holiday's other animated debut, Adam Sandler's EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS, which earned $15.1M over the four-day weekend for fifth place.

Headline News Big Idea Grows VeggieTales Next Feature

Big Idea Productions has announced it is currently in pre-production on THE BOB AND LARRY MOVIE, slated for release in 2005. Following the success of the VeggieTales debut animated feature film, JONAH - A VEGGIETALES MOVIE, Artisan's FHE Pictures and Big Idea Productions have continued their relationship for this next feature film. As with JONAH, Artisan will retain all North American rights to the film. JONAH - A VEGGIETALES MOVIE has earned a domestic gross to date of over $24 million and the film will be released into the home entertainment market in March 2003.

Headline News Big Screen Garfield In The Works At Fox

A CGI/live-action adaptation of GARFIELD is in the works at Fox, with Peter Hewitt (THUNDERPANTS, THE BORROWERS) attached to direct, according to DAILY VARIETY. Contingent on the negotiation of certain rights issues, the production will move forward with TOY STORY writers Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow on board to pen the script. The property is licensed by Paws, Inc., the creative and marketing company founded in 1981 by GARFIELD cartoonist Jim Davis.

Headline News Potter Bows To Die Another Day

HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS' hold on the number one slot was short lived, as DIE ANOTHER DAY debuted in first place with $47M. The 20th film in the Bond franchise, with visual effects by Cinesite, had the largest opening weekend for any Bond film to date. HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS, with primary visual effects by ILM, crossed the $100M mark in its second weekend, bringing in $42.3M for a two-week total of $148.5M.

Headline News Harry Potter Rings Up Box Office Magic

Working its magic on the box office this weekend, HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS claimed the third highest grossing opening weekend ever, after its predecessor HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE ($90.3M) and this summer's super SPIDER-MAN ($114.8M). Not surprisingly, CHAMBER, with primary visual effects by ILM, was the number one film this weekend, earning $87.6M. The wizards of Hogwart's knocked the rappers of Detroit down to second, as last week's number one film 8 MILE took in $21.7M for a two-week total of $54.4M.

Headline News Up Next From Marvel And Universal: Sub-Mariner And Prime

First Universal teamed with Marvel to bring THE HULK to life for moviegoers in summer 2003. Now Marvel Studios has entered into an agreement with Universal Pictures to bring two more super heroes to the big screen: Sub-Mariner and Prime. First up is SUB-MARINER, currently in development. The film will follow the adventures of the troubled Prince Namor, a half-man/half-amphibian creature from Atlantis. David Self, best known for his adaptation of the graphic novel ROAD TO PERDITION for DreamWorks, will write the screenplay.

Headline News Framestore Is Go For Thunderbirds

Framestore CFC will be supervising the visual effects for THUNDERBIRDS, the forthcoming live-action movie based on Gerry Anderson's 1960s puppet-animated TV series. The series has enjoyed a huge resurgence of popularity recently, following its re-screenings on BBC2 in the UK and on TechTV in the U.S. The live-action version of THUNDERBIRDS will feature the Tracy brothers memorable spacecraft as well as Tracy Island, the elaborately mechanized tropical base of the International Rescue team.

Headline News 8 Mile Goes The Distance

The urban drama 8 MILE, starring rap artist Eminem, took in a surprising $54.4M in its debut weekend, bumping last week's number one THE SANTA CLAUSE 2 down a notch. The family-friendly CLAUSE 2, with visual effects by Tippett Studios and GVFX, earned $28.4M for a two-week total of $60.1M. Psychological thriller THE RING, with visual effects by Method Studios, Rhythm & Hues, Asylum and Tippett Studios, moved to third, with $16M for a cume of $86.1M. Action-comedy I SPY, with visual effects by Sony Pictures Imageworks, added another $9M for a two-week take of $24.7M and fourth place.

Headline News Blur Squeezes Out Ride Film For SpongeBob

Blur Studio has been contracted by Paramount Parks to produce a stereoscopic, computer-animated ride film based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon series SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. The attraction is slated to debut at Paramounts North American theme parks in the first quarter of 2003. Park patrons will don 3D glasses to experience the film in three dimensions. Blur Studios animation team will work directly with Nickelodeon in adapting the SpongeBob characters to the ride format.

Headline News Santa Clause Sequel Tops Box Office

THE SANTA CLAUSE 2, with visual effects by Tippet Studios and GVFX, got a jump on its holiday predecessors and wrapped up the top spot this weekend, earning $29.8M in its debut. Psychological thriller THE RING, with visual effects by Method Studios, Rhythm & Hues, Asylum and Tippet Studios, came in second for the second weekend in a row, with $18.5M for a three-week take of $64.9M. Debuting in third with $14.5M was the action-comedy I SPY, with visual effects by Sony Pictures Imageworks.

Headline News Academy Meets To Recommend Animated Feature Category

On November 7, 2002 the Short Film and Feature Animation executive committee will meet to discuss recommending that the Animated Feature Film category be awarded for the 75th Annual Academy Awards. The category was inaugurated in 2002, when SHREK became the first recipient of the Animated Feature Oscar. Based on the published rules for the Feature Animation category, the executive committee will discuss the eligibility of this year's submitted films.

Headline News Jimmy Neutron Team Brings Giant Snowman To Life

The Academy Award nominated team behind JIMMY NEUTRON is bringing their next project to the really big screen. Opening at IMAX theaters on November 1, 2002 is SANTA VS. THE SNOWMAN 3D, the first-ever IMAX 3D (yes, funny glasses needed) animated holiday film. Created by Steve Oedekerk, directed by John A. Davis, with animation provided by DNA Productions and Omation, SANTA VS. THE SNOWMAN features the celebrity voices of Jonathan Winters, Ben Stein and Victoria Jackson.

Headline News Jackass Kicks The Ring Out Of Top Spot

A movie based on the MTV stunt show JACKASS took the top spot this weekend, booting DreamWorks' suspense flick THE RING down to second place. JACKASS: THE MOVIE debuted with a surprising $22.7M, the third highest grossing October debut ever. THE RING, with visual effects by Method Studios, Rhythm & Hues, Asylum and Tippett Studios, came in second with $18.7M, for a two-week total of $39.4M. Debuting in third with $11.5M was the spooky sea voyage GHOST SHIP, featuring visual effects by Photon VFX.

Headline News Sony Pictures Animation Readies For Trip To Shangri-La

Sony Pictures Animation has acquired a pitch from FAST AND THE FURIOUS screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson that takes place in the mythical paradise of Shangri-La. Known for edgy material, Thompson, whose credits also include HOLLOW MAN, might not be the most obvious choice for animated fare. But Sony Animation VP Penney Finkelman Cox explained, "Thats exactly what makes Garys point of view as a writer so appealing to our creative instincts.

Headline News Johnny Bravo Rocks To The Big Screen

SCORPION KING star and wrestling champ The Rock may be cooking up a plan to play Johnny Bravo in the live-action feature film adaptation of the animated series. According to VARIETY, Warner Bros. Pictures has acquired the JOHNNY BRAVO feature film rights from Cartoon Network and creator Van Partible (who will exec. produce) in hopes of putting The Rock in the starring role. Neal Moritz and Marty Adelstein will produce for Warner Bros. via their Original Film production banner.

Headline News The Ring Rings Up $15 Million

DreamWorks' new thriller THE RING, with visual effects by Tippett Studios, Rhythm & Hues and Asylum, debuted at number one this weekend with $15M. The film is a remake of the Japanese hit RINGU, about a cursed videotape that causes all those who watch it to die within seven days. THE RING certainly put a curse on RED DRAGON, which dropped to third after holding the top spot for two weeks. The serial killer thriller, with visual effects by Cinesite, earned $8.8M for a two-week total of $77.8M. JONAH: A VEGGIETALES MOVIE has edged out action comedy THE TUXEDO for eighth place.

Headline News The Shop Makes Time For Henson’s Time Dogs

C21 Media reports that Jim Henson Pictures' TIME DOGS will be the first project for The Shop Productions, a new Canadian animation company set up by former Mainframe Entertainment president and CEO Ian Pearson. The CG animated comedy was written by Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom and stars Zack and Dingo, a real dog and a robot dog. The two friends must travel through time to save their master, inventor Dr Quirk, and all dogs from a life of slavery under the Grand High Dogcatcher.

Headline News Red Dragon Dominates Box Office

Last week's number one film, RED DRAGON, held off six new wide-release films this weekend to hang on to the top spot. The thriller, with visual effects by Cinesite, earned $17.6M for a two-week total of $67.2M. Theatergoers are still sweet on SWEET HOME ALABAMA, which stayed in second adding $14.1M, for a total of $84.5M. Two new releases the romance BROWN SUGAR and the action flick THE TRANSPORTER, took third and forth, with $11M and $9.1M, respectively.

Headline News Jonah Sails To Sixth Place

Opening in just 940 theaters, JONAH: A VEGGIETALES MOVIE had a solid debut weekend, earning $6.5M for sixth place. A retelling of the biblical story of Jonah, starring a humble cast of vegetables, JONAH will expand into more theaters this Friday, ramping up to wide release on October 18th. Given the popularity of the VEGGIETALES stories, and that this is the first family-friendly release since August, JONAH looks to have some staying power at the box office. The number one film this weekend was RED DRAGON, the "prequel" to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and HANNIBAL. The thriller debuted with $37.5M.