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Category: Education and Training

Headline News DvGarage Releases The Composite Toolkit

dvGarage has released THE COMPOSITE TOOLKIT, a disk dedicated to teaching production level keying and compositing techniques using Adobe After Effects. The package includes 14 tutorials that cover nearly every aspect of keying and compositing live-action actors into computer graphics scenes. Using a pseudo light saber scene to serve as the basis of the tutorials, three behind-the-scenes movies take viewers through the entire process of shooting a blue-screen scene, while the step-by-step tutorials explain how to composite effectively the entire scene, light sabers and all.

Headline News Work Out With The Animator's Gym Training DVD

Alberta, Canada'sLost Pencil Animation Studios Inc. is now offering a training DVDfocusing on character animation. THE ANIMATOR'S GYM contains nearly 4hours of training video that teaches the fundamental principles ofcharacter animation. Using Maya 4.0 Complete, THE ANIMATOR'S GYMprovides viewers with examples of completed short animations todiscuss how and why it was animated, where there are still problemsand room for improvement. The DVD also includes sections where the

Headline News Anzovin Studio Releases New 3d Animation Training Video

Anzovin Studio has released a new title in its training video series for Hash Inc.'s Animation:Master 3D animation software. SECRETS OF A:M 2002 provides more than 100 minutes of instruction for the newest version of Animation:Master. The training video covers topics including: getting familiar with the new interface; applying nonlinear animation tools to characters; creating and working with relationships; constraint tricks using delay and lag; animating with deformation cages; and building an explosion with spriticles.

Headline News Anatomy Of Animation Special Session At E3

Representatives from Sony, Black Ops Entertainment and face2face animation will be at E3 this Wednesday, demonstrating new methods of character animation for game platforms. The American Film Institute (AFI) Enhanced Television (eTV) Workshop's "Anatomy of Animation" will highlight the latest developments in face and body animation for game developers.

Headline News DMTS Offers Macromedia Flash MX Training

Magnet Media's latest training title in its Digital Media Training Series (DMTS), INSIDE FLASH MX PRODUCTION ESSENTIALS, is now available in both its Limited and Complete Versions on CD-ROM format. The 40-minute Limited Version CD-ROM is available free through the company's Website. The 3-hour Complete Version, also available from the Website, instructs viewers on the essential topics that need to be mastered in order to get up and running quickly with Macromedia Flash.

Headline News VanArts Offers New Program In Game Art And Hosts Special Summer Guests

Beginning September 2002, Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) will offer a full-time, 48-week diploma program in Game Art Production. Alan Phillips, president of VanArts, explained that the new program was designed to compliment the school's existing CG program, allowing students to concentrate on CG for film and television or games development.

Headline News The Gnomon Workshop Releases New Training Videos

The Gnomon Workshop has released new titles in their training video series and cut prices on existing video titles. Video titles previously priced at US $69 are now US $59 and many of the Workshop's titles are available for purchase in discounted bundles. In addition, the Workshop is scheduled to release four new titles on April 30, 2002 in response to customer demand. "We've gotten so many requests for tapes on Character Skinning. It was time," said Alex Alvarez, director of the Gnomon Workshop, who also developed and teaches the material on the new videos.

Headline News Writing For Animation Now Offered At Sheridan College

Ontario, Canadas Sheridan College is now offering Writing for Animation through the Program for Continuing Education. The object of this course is to teach the principles of animation writing for short films (both commercial and personal), television series and feature films. Through lectures and guest speakers, group discussions and one-on-one critiques, students will explore such principles as writing for movement, creating believable animated characters -- human, animal and object -- and building a consistent world.

Headline News New Riders Announces New Digital Series Titles

New Riders Publishing has released a new series of books for CG professionals. The "digital" series features DIGITAL CHARACTER ANIMATION 2, VOLUME II: ADVANCED TECHNIQUES by George Maestri, a follow up to Maestri's classic, DIGITAL CHARACTER ANIMATION. The new volume is written directly for CG professionals, with more non-software-specific approaches to character animation. According to its creator, DIGITAL CHARACTER ANIMATION 2, VOLUME II is a book on how to really think like an animator.

Headline News Total Training Releases What's New In Adobe Aftereffects 5

Total Training has released WHAT'S NEW IN ADOBE AFTEREFFECTS 5, a new training series covering the new AfterEffects capabilities. Previously, Total Training had produced a complete training study program for the beginning user. In addition, the new series includes tips, techniques, hidden features and tricks. WHAT'S NEW IN ADOBE AFTEREFFECTS 5 stars Brian Maffitt, Total Training chief creative officer, AfterEffects expert and long-time AfterEffects evangelist. "My enthusiasm for AfterEffects is very well known," he said.

Headline News Macromedia Releases Free Flash Training CD

Macromedia has released the Macromedia Flash Jump Start Kit, a free two-CD training collection for Macromedia Flash 5. The free kit is available to users who purchase Macromedia Dreamweaver 4, Macromedia Flash 5 or any product studio containing either software. The Macromedia Flash Jump Start Kit contains: the MickeyLive!

Headline News Cambridge Animation Systems Sponsors Awards For Canadian Students

Cambridge Animation Systems, the exclusive developer of Animo software, has signed a five-year sponsorship with the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada (BEAC) to award the best student animator and his or her college or university. The total value of the sponsorship is more than CA$100,000. Under the annual program, students will create animation clips up to 60 seconds in length using traditional or digital animation processes. A panel of experts will judge the clips.

Headline News Cornerstone Animates 48 Volumes Of Your Child

Cornerstone Animation has signed a deal with Colorado Springs-based Focus On The Family to create the animated sequences for a 48 volume videotape series entitled, YOUR CHILD. The series will serve as a general guide to child rearing and will feature 3 minutes of animation on each fifteen-minute tape. The animation will be traditional however some manipulation will be done in Flash. "We commend Focus On The Family for utilizing the magic of animation to entertain while informing the target audience," said Cornerstone's CEO Larry D. Whitaker Jr.

Headline News Nick Creates Development Program For TV & Film Writers

Nickelodeon has created its first fellowship program designed to encourage participation from culturally and ethnically diverse new television and film writers. Under the guidance of Nickelodeon production executives, four fellows will get hands-on experience with Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.'s live-action, animated television and feature film divisions for one year. "The fellowship program gives us an opportunity to nurture the talented pool of writers in our industry whose cultural experiences have traditionally remained underrepresented in television and film.

Headline News A More Solid Foundation

By Mike Amron | Monday, September 18, 2000 at 12:00am

Foundation Imaging is starting a training facility, Foundation Institute. Though pricey, about US$20,000 a year, the Institute could prove to be a worthwhile endeavor, due to Foundation's numerous production roots. Foundation Imaging created animation for Star Trek, Babylon 5, and the Starship Troopers TV shows. For more information on the school visit their Website at

Headline News Rocky Mountain College Of Art & Design Adds Animation

Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (RMCAD), located in Denver, Colorado, has added a new animation program to its bachelor degree program. Currently, the college offers five other Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Graphic Design and Interactive Media, Illustration, Painting, Sculpture and Interior Design. The schools goal is to delve into the medium of animation as the only interdisciplinary visual art that merges art, writing, storytelling, drawing, design, sculpture, acting, filmmaking, art direction and film directing.

Headline News VFS Launches Largest Scholarships Drive

The Vancouver Film School (VFS) has launched the largest scholarship competition in the history of the institution. Open to residents of Canada and the United States, the VFS 2000 Scholarship Competition will award 12 scholarships, for a total value of more than US$174,000. Established in 1987, VFS focuses on portfolio development and production-based education. "We are basically a production house that teaches; our students learn by doing," said director of registration Daniel Craig.

Headline News CGI Degree At The Art Institute Of LA

The Art Institute of Los Angeles has received approval from the Accrediting

Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) to offer

Bachelor of Science degrees in computer animation, graphic design and

on-line media and marketing. Established in 1997 as a branch of The Art

Institute of Pittsburgh, the Los Angeles arm received state approval to

offer baccalaureate-level programs in September, 1999. With more than 850

students enrolled, The Art Institute of Los Angeles also offers Associate

Headline News ORAD Arrives At Seneca

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada has become the

first institution to bring ORAD video technology into the classroom.

Originally designed for the Israeli military's virtual reality training,

ORAD places real-time people into a virtual set. The ORAD system removes

the bluescreen behind a person and replaces it with a computer-generated

environment. Located at the Seneca York campus, students in the television

broadcasting, 3D arts and advertising programs will have the opportunity to

Headline News Sheridan College upgrades to VIDEO LUNCHBOX

Ontario, Canada-based Sheridan College, one of the leading animation programs in North America, is expanding its facilities with the latest animation equipment including new computers, software, cameras and pencil test systems. For pencil tests, Sheridan has purchased six Video LunchBoxes. Created two years ago by Oregon-based Animation Toolworks, the Video LunchBox captures still images from a video camera and plays back this sequence of images at the same rate as film images or television video.

Headline News CDIS sponsors Environment.Com

British Columbia-based CDIS, a media arts college, is sponsoringEnvironment.Com: Generating Community Stewardship and Sustainability forOur Environment Through New Media. The event takes place October 24, 1999,11 am - 4 pm at CDIS which is located at 3264 Beta Ave. in Burnaby, BritishColumbia, Canada. CDIS's sponsorship includes the use of its 20,000 sq. ft.campus in Burnaby, complete with high-speed Internet connections, and thepresentation of free seminars on New Media technologies. For more

Headline News Experienced animators offer seminar for animators

On October 29 and 30 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Wayne Gilbert, Kyle Clark,and Mike Ford, who work as animators for feature film projects atIndustrial Light + Magic, will be giving seminars on classical and computeranimation principles. The three animators have started their owncorporation, Animation Foundation and Anamie, providing consulting,training and seminars for corporate and academic clients. This event iscoordinated by The Florida Center for Electronic Communication, The Fort

Headline News Don't miss this animation workshop!

Denmark-based The Animation Workshop is running a short intensive week oflectures concentrating on storyboarding November 8-12, 1999, with JohnRamirez and Dan Jippes. Prices and details will be available upon requestbeginning October 1. For more information Tel. (45) 86672007; Fax (45)86675007; or e-mail Also visit

Headline News Learn to write for TV Animation

Craig Miller and Marv Wolfman, who created and produced POCKET DRAGON ADVENTURES, are offering THINKING VISUALLY: HOW TO WRITE FOR TV ANIMATION, a single session class at The Learning Annex in Los Angeles. Topics to be covered include what's required to break in; what extra things you need to think of when writing animation; writing the premise, outline, and script; writing with your intended viewers in mind; working with story editors; and humor and action, how far can you go. Handouts will include a sample story premise, outline, and script.

Headline News USC joins the Army

The United States Army will give the University of Southern California $45million over the next five years to establish a research center to developadvanced military simulations. The center will use film students and videogame designers to create realistic training simulations using virtualreality technology and artificial intelligence. This effort is part of theArmy's plan to create higher quality training using more realistic war-typeexercises.