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Category: Education and Training

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CG Academy Releases New MAXScript Fundamentals DVD

CG Academy has just released a second 3ds max training DVD in its MAXScript Fundamentals 2 series. Borislav Bobo Petrov continues his exploration of the wonderful world of MAXScript. In this DVD Petrov applies MAXScript to many real-world tasks where doing things by hand would be slow and laborious, bringing to bear the power of MAXScript on the masses of objects, lights and materials found in a typical 3dsmax scene.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Fundamentals of Photoshop: 3D Texturing

Digital-Tutors has announced the much anticipated FUNDAMENTALS OF PHOTOSHOP: 3D TEXTURING training kit the latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for digital artists of all expertise levels. In more than three hours of training methods, users have the opportunity to bring their 3D models to life and add incredible realism.

Visual Headline News

Desktop Images Announces Visual FX Training Series

Desktop Images announced the availability of the Visual FX Series, 3D EFFECTS COMPOSTING and SET EXTENSIONS, a step-by-step instructional DVD set for mastering the essential skills of seamlessly integrating computer generated 3D elements with live-action footage.

Painting Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases New Digital Painting DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop, in conjunction with Design Studio Press, has released two new training DVDs by renowned matte painter and concept designer Christian Lorenz Scheurer. Utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Lorenz Scheurer shares his techniques for executing high-concept painting, including architecture, vehicles and characters.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Fundamentals of Flash Training Kit

Digital-Tutors announced the worldwide availability of FUNDAMENTALS OF FLASH: ACTION SCRIPTING training kit, the latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for digital artists and programmers. In two hours of invaluable training methods, users will easily learn how to integrate Flash into their workflow.

Technology Headline News

Ex’pression Adds New Technology For Gaming & Animation Students

Expression College for Digital Arts announced that it is teaming up with Spatial View Inc. (SVI) to open a new dimension in visual arts and gaming. SVI is donating its new technology: polarized, lenticular, computer screens and the software that displays movies, animations and images in 3D without the need for glasses to Expression College for use in its academic environment.

April Headline News

Registration Open for Spring Term at Gnomon School

Registration for the spring term at the Gnomon School, which runs April 4 through June 12, is in full swing. You can register online at, in person, via mail or by fax. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can also call 323/466-6663 to make an appointment.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Fundamentals of Maya: UV Layout

Digital-Tutors released the FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: UV LAYOUT training kit, the latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for digital artists of all expertise levels. In more than three hours of leading edge training methods, users will redefine their existing skills and learn powerful and progressive UV mapping techniques.

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DAVE School Expands Curriculum with Graduate-Level Maya Program

Alias announced that The DAVE School (The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School) has added a graduate level Maya software training course to its curriculum. The course, which focuses on art creation, is offered free to all graduates of The DAVE School.

Design Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases Eight New DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop adds to its digital and analog collections this month with eight new titles covering visual storytelling, character design, environment creation and industrial design. Joining the Digital library, the Gnomon Workshop welcomes art director Aaron Sims with his new two-DVD collection on Creature Design. These titles reveal the artist's use of Adobe Photoshop, XSI, DeepPaint3D and ZBrush. Sims, an art director at Stan Winston studios, worked for years designing creature effects make-up with Rick Baker before perfecting his digital skills.

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Tisch Offers High Schoolers Summer Toon Program

New York Universitys Tisch School of the Arts offers a four-week intensive immersion into the world of animation. Traditional, hand-drawn animation and high-tech programs will be offered. The course will run from July 11-Aug. 5, 2005. Deadline for applications is March 11.

Entertainment Headline News

Electronic Arts Endows Faculty Chair At USC School Of Cinema-Television

Bing Gordon, cco/evp and early employee of Electronic Arts the worlds leading videogame publisher, was named the first holder of the Electronic Arts endowed faculty chair at the USC School of Cinema-Television, a rotating position that will be held for one to two years by leading figures in interactive entertainment that will join the Schools faculty as visiting professors.

Game Headline News

The Art Institute of California - San Francisco Offers Scholarships for Animator

High school seniors interested in education to enter the animation or videogame development industries are invited to apply for scholarships from The Art institute of California - San Francisco ( The scholarships, ranging between $5,000 and $25,000, may be applied toward tuition in the schools bachelors degree programs in Media Arts & Animation, Game Art & Design, Visual & Game Programming.

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Digital-Tutors Announces Fundamentals of Maya Training Kit

Digital-Tutors offers the worldwide availability of FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: POLYGON AND SUB-D MODELING training kit, the latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for digital artists. In more than 3.5 hours and two discs of leading edge training methods, FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: POLYGON AND SUB-D MODELING, guides users though the fundamentals of modeling an original concept monster in Maya.

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Pixar’s Kahrs to Speak at Gnomon School on Feb. 24

Pixar animator John Kahrs, who worked on THE INCREDIBLES from model testing through completion, will discuss his work at Gnomon School of Visual Effects Feb. 24 at 7:00 pm.

Kahrs refined facial articulation for Mirage and Violet, and animated Bob and Syndrome, while working on Helen, Dash and Violet as well. He reveals the thought process he undertakes when trying to give each character life from the inside out...and the ways he brings detail and subtlety (or not) to each action.

Company Headline News

Wao Corp. Plans to Open Anime School in 2006

Wao Corp., an Osaka-based cram school managing company, has announced that in 2006 it will launch a school to teach students how to produce animated films and operate animation production companies, reports YOMIURI newspaper. The school will be the first of its kind in Japan and is being established in the Suginami Ward, Tokyo ward where nearly 70 animation production companies are located.

Game Headline News

Art Institute of Atlanta Introduces Visual & Game Programming

The Art Institute of Atlanta is introducing a new bachelor of arts degree in visual & game programming. The visual & game programming program teaches students the essential skills to effectively solve technical problems while playing the indispensable role of bridging the gap between the creative artist and technical programmer.

"Visual & game programming is part art and part computer science, with plenty of room for creative individuals who want to delve deeper into the technical principles of games," says Janet S. Day, president of The Art Institute of Atlanta.

Avid Headline News

Los Angeles Film School Invests in Avid Xpress Studio

Avid Technology Inc. announced that the Los Angeles Film School has equipped its media labs with 21 Avid Xpress Studio systems. The school is the latest in a growing number of education institutions to install the all-in-one production system, which seamlessly integrates video editing, audio production, 3D animation, compositing and titling and DVD authoring software with professional video and audio production hardware -- all on a single computer.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Modified Street Racer Add-On

Digital-Tutors is now offering Modified Street Racer, the latest release in a collection of modifications and add-ons for existing training kits for digital artists. MODIFIED STREET RACER, the first high performance add-on for MAYA INTERMEDIATE: PHOTOREALISTIC CAR MODELING, takes car modification to another level. In more than 2.5 hours of comprehensive training, users can take existing car models from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Writers University Announces Industry-Expert Online Courses

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 12:00am

Writers Store Llc. announced its first slate of courses from, a new online learning center featuring a select team of established film and writing industry experts. The Writers University faculty is comprised of entertainment industry educators and authors from various fields of creative writing who provide specialized Web-based courses developed from years of real-world experience. Instructors include authors and educators Karl Iglesias, Michael Halperin, Noah Lukeman (also a literary agent) and Kathie Fong Yoneda (a popular story analyst).

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Westwood College Adds 2 New Campus in Atlanta

Fueled by strong growth of the states economy and the need for trained workers in many industries, Westwood College has opened two new campuses in the Atlanta area, adding to its system of campuses across the nation. To celebrate the opening, the community is invited to a grand opening event Jan. 26 at the Midtown Campus.

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Digital-Tutors Offers Principles of Photoshop CS

Digital-Tutors has released PRINCIPLES OF PHOTOSHOP CS, the latest in a series of training resources for digital artists. In more than three hours of comprehensive training methods, PRINCIPLES OF PHOTOSHOP CS gives new users a wide understanding of the program and the technical and artistic direction to get started with Photoshop CS.

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Gnomon Approved to Give Student Visas

Gnomon School of Visual Effects has been approved by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS) to enroll non-immigrant M-1 students and to issue I-20s. Eligible foreign students may now receive visas to attend Gnomons High-End Computer Graphics Certificate Program or Maya Fast Track Program.

This is such an important step for us, said Kristin Bierschbach, Gnomons director of administration. Because of the quality of our programs and instructors, students from all over the world want to come to Gnomon. Now they can.