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Category: Education and Training

Headline News

Alias Offers New Maya/MotionBuilder Learning Tools

Alias now offers two new Learning Tools: PIPELINE TECHNIQUES|MAYA AND ALIAS MOTIONBUILDER and MAYA TECHNIQUES|MAYA FLUID EFFECTS examine areas of Maya relatively unexplored by Learning Tool authors prior to now. Both tools further complete a full range of Learning Tools that offer 3D professionals, students and enthusiasts a collection of books and DVDs for self-paced learning.

Animation Headline News

Algonquin College Teaches Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Animation announced that Algonquin College has chosen Toon Boom Harmony as part of its three-year Animation program. Algonquins program provides students with training in both traditional and digital animation. Following a first year of studies, students have the option of pursuing either traditional or digital animation. They learn the skills necessary to work effectively as animators in a variety of settings. Graduates acquire the skills necessary to work independently, collaboratively and in studio settings.

Digital Headline News

Planet Digital Announces New Maya Course Offerings

Planet Digital Education expands its line of prestigious 3D modeling and animation courses to include Maya training. As one of only 22 Certified Autodesk Media and Ent.Training Centers in the U.S., Planet Digital's schedule is primarily populated with Autodesk's staple courses taught by Maya experts.

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Ex’pression College Awarded National Accreditation

Expression College for Digital Arts announced that it has been awarded National Accreditation by the ACCSCT (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology). Accreditation is a means of assisting private career schools and colleges to become stronger and better institutions by setting standards of educational quality. Accreditation supports the efforts of institutions to achieve maximum educational effectiveness for students, employers and the public.

Animation Headline News

University of Kent Launches a New Degree in Computer Animation

From September 2005, the Department of Electronics at the University of Kent will complement its BSc in Multimedia Technology and Design with an MSc in Computer Animation. This MSc, which is a direct collaboration between the Department of Electronics and Mike Eames, head of animation at Framestore CFC, will equip students to become highly skilled professionals in the animation and visual effects industry.

Effects Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases 4 DVDs On Maya Fluids & Paint Effects

The Gnomon Workshop has released animator David Schonevelds three-DVD series on Maya Fluids. The series gives the artist a detailed perspective on the principles of fluid dynamics, the controls needed to implement dynamics from within the application and the numerous methods the artist can use to create dynamic, non-dynamic and texture-based effects.

Animation Headline News

Skillset Launches U.K. Animation Courses Accreditation Scheme

The first ever animation courses in the U.K. to receive the British animation industrys official seal of approval were today (April 26, 2005) announced by Skillset. Skillset devised the pilot accreditation scheme in consultation with the industry and education providers.

The successful courses are BA Hons Animation Production at the Arts Institute, Bournemouth; BA Hons Computer Animation and Visualization at Bournemouth University; and HND in Art & Design (Computer Animation)/BA Hons Animation at the Glamorgan Centre for Art & Design.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Fundamentals of Maya: Mastering Render Nodes

Digital-Tutors announced the worldwide availability of FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: MASTERING RENDER NODES training kit, the newest release in a library of industry leading training resources for emerging digital artists. Digital-Tutors offers more than 2.5 hours of comprehensive and enjoyable training, giving users giving users in-depth knowledge of Maya's Render Nodes and ultimate control over the appearance of rendered objects.

Textures Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases Texture Libraries & Adobe Photoshop Training

Artist Jeremy Engleman returns to the Gnomon Workshop with a series of texture resource DVDs. This series features hundreds of original brick, metal and wood textures as 24-bit, seamlessly tileable uncompressed tiffs. Also included are the corresponding bump and specular maps, textures with alpha masks, and more.

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Escape Studios & Post Houses Team Up

CG training facility Escape Studios has joined forces with some of the U.K.'s biggest post-production facilities to develop a course that will provide the houses with new talent. Cinesite, Double Negative, Framestore CFC, Glassworks, the Mill and The Moving Picture Company (MPC) have been working closely with Escape to develop an intensive seven-month program called the VFX | Production Grade. The course comprises five months of full-time training along with a two-month work placement.

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CG Academy Releases New MAXScript Fundamentals DVD

CG Academy has just released a second 3ds max training DVD in its MAXScript Fundamentals 2 series. Borislav Bobo Petrov continues his exploration of the wonderful world of MAXScript. In this DVD Petrov applies MAXScript to many real-world tasks where doing things by hand would be slow and laborious, bringing to bear the power of MAXScript on the masses of objects, lights and materials found in a typical 3dsmax scene.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Fundamentals of Photoshop: 3D Texturing

Digital-Tutors has announced the much anticipated FUNDAMENTALS OF PHOTOSHOP: 3D TEXTURING training kit the latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for digital artists of all expertise levels. In more than three hours of training methods, users have the opportunity to bring their 3D models to life and add incredible realism.

Visual Headline News

Desktop Images Announces Visual FX Training Series

Desktop Images announced the availability of the Visual FX Series, 3D EFFECTS COMPOSTING and SET EXTENSIONS, a step-by-step instructional DVD set for mastering the essential skills of seamlessly integrating computer generated 3D elements with live-action footage.

Painting Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases New Digital Painting DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop, in conjunction with Design Studio Press, has released two new training DVDs by renowned matte painter and concept designer Christian Lorenz Scheurer. Utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Lorenz Scheurer shares his techniques for executing high-concept painting, including architecture, vehicles and characters.

Technology Headline News

Ex’pression Adds New Technology For Gaming & Animation Students

Expression College for Digital Arts announced that it is teaming up with Spatial View Inc. (SVI) to open a new dimension in visual arts and gaming. SVI is donating its new technology: polarized, lenticular, computer screens and the software that displays movies, animations and images in 3D without the need for glasses to Expression College for use in its academic environment.

Headline News

Digital-Tutors Releases Fundamentals of Flash Training Kit

Digital-Tutors announced the worldwide availability of FUNDAMENTALS OF FLASH: ACTION SCRIPTING training kit, the latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for digital artists and programmers. In two hours of invaluable training methods, users will easily learn how to integrate Flash into their workflow.

April Headline News

Registration Open for Spring Term at Gnomon School

Registration for the spring term at the Gnomon School, which runs April 4 through June 12, is in full swing. You can register online at, in person, via mail or by fax. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can also call 323/466-6663 to make an appointment.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Fundamentals of Maya: UV Layout

Digital-Tutors released the FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: UV LAYOUT training kit, the latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for digital artists of all expertise levels. In more than three hours of leading edge training methods, users will redefine their existing skills and learn powerful and progressive UV mapping techniques.

Headline News

DAVE School Expands Curriculum with Graduate-Level Maya Program

Alias announced that The DAVE School (The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School) has added a graduate level Maya software training course to its curriculum. The course, which focuses on art creation, is offered free to all graduates of The DAVE School.

Design Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases Eight New DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop adds to its digital and analog collections this month with eight new titles covering visual storytelling, character design, environment creation and industrial design. Joining the Digital library, the Gnomon Workshop welcomes art director Aaron Sims with his new two-DVD collection on Creature Design. These titles reveal the artist's use of Adobe Photoshop, XSI, DeepPaint3D and ZBrush. Sims, an art director at Stan Winston studios, worked for years designing creature effects make-up with Rick Baker before perfecting his digital skills.

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Tisch Offers High Schoolers Summer Toon Program

New York Universitys Tisch School of the Arts offers a four-week intensive immersion into the world of animation. Traditional, hand-drawn animation and high-tech programs will be offered. The course will run from July 11-Aug. 5, 2005. Deadline for applications is March 11.

Entertainment Headline News

Electronic Arts Endows Faculty Chair At USC School Of Cinema-Television

Bing Gordon, cco/evp and early employee of Electronic Arts the worlds leading videogame publisher, was named the first holder of the Electronic Arts endowed faculty chair at the USC School of Cinema-Television, a rotating position that will be held for one to two years by leading figures in interactive entertainment that will join the Schools faculty as visiting professors.

Game Headline News

The Art Institute of California - San Francisco Offers Scholarships for Animator

High school seniors interested in education to enter the animation or videogame development industries are invited to apply for scholarships from The Art institute of California - San Francisco ( The scholarships, ranging between $5,000 and $25,000, may be applied toward tuition in the schools bachelors degree programs in Media Arts & Animation, Game Art & Design, Visual & Game Programming.

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Digital-Tutors Announces Fundamentals of Maya Training Kit

Digital-Tutors offers the worldwide availability of FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: POLYGON AND SUB-D MODELING training kit, the latest release in a library of industry leading training resources for digital artists. In more than 3.5 hours and two discs of leading edge training methods, FUNDAMENTALS OF MAYA: POLYGON AND SUB-D MODELING, guides users though the fundamentals of modeling an original concept monster in Maya.