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Category: Education and Training

Creature Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases Creature DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop has released three DVDs by character modeler Laurent Pierlot of Blur Studios. In more than seven hours of lecture, Pierlot shares his myriad techniques for creating compelling life-like creatures. Using 3ds Max, BodyPaint, Photoshop and ZBrush, Pierlot discusses his workflow for modeling, detailing, texturing and rendering an alien creature based on a Carlos Huante design. While Max plays a key role in the development of the creature, virtually all the methods utilized apply to any leading 3D application such as Maya or XSI.

Headline News

NVIDIA Announces Fellowship Award Recipients

NVIDIA Corp., a worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, announced the recipients of the prestigious NVIDIA Fellowship award for the 2006-2007 academic year. The students were selected by a review committee headed by NVIDIA chief scientist David Kirk. Each winner receives a $25,000 grant.

Online Headline News

Accredited Online Colleges Adds 3D Training Institute has just added 3D Training Institute to its database of online colleges and universities.

The 3D Training Institute teaches via the Internet with a live instructor online. Based on a students skill level, a teacher covers the 3D Project Based Course or the 3D Foundation Workshop. 3D animation classes are taught by some of the best in the industry who possess years of real world experience and/or are currently working in the 3D animation industry.

Artists Headline News

Digital-Tutors Releases UV Layout in XSI Training

Digital-Tutors released UV LAYOUT IN XSI, a comprehensive guide to learning the fundamentals of UV layout with in XSI and the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists. Containing more than three hours of project-based training, UV LAYOUT IN XSI provides artists with time-saving UV mapping techniques, creative workflow and a firm understanding of XSI's UV tools. A 30-day trial version of SOFTIMAGE|XSI Foundation is also included, allowing artists immediate access to explore the software.

Animation Headline News

New Animation Academy Opens in India

AFA Academy for animation training has opened in Coimbatore, India. This is the only institute in Tamilnadu and will be teaching basic drawing to 3D animation. The offered courses are 2D animation, 3D animation, multimedia and fine arts. They will be taught at an international level so that the students will be trained for international companies.

Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases Character DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop announced two DVDs by character modeler Ian Joyner. In more than 11 hours of lecture, he shares his myriad techniques for creating compelling life-like characters. Using 3ds Max, BodyPaint, Photoshop and ZBrush, he discusses his workflow for modeling, detailing, texturing and posing a male character outfitted with clothing and props. While Max plays a key role in the development of the character, virtually all the methods utilized apply to any leading 3D application such as Maya or XSI.

Design Headline News

Animator Chris Georgenes Instructs in Flash for DesignMentor Training

DesignMentor Training announces the addition of master illustrator/animator, Chris Georgenes, to its roster of Flash trainers. Georgenes teaches Flash Animation, the final class in DesignMentor's comprehensive Flash Design Portfolio-Builder Program, where students learn character animation and techniques used to enhance any Flash design project. By using basic frame-by-frame techniques and tweening, Georgenes teaches students to draw and animate simple characters, add motion, drama and expression.

Disney Headline News

Disney College Program Puts Students to Work

The Walt Disney Co. has launched the "Disney College Program" for 2006, reports The program offers college students the opportunity from any academic discipline to experience working for Disney in a wide variety of roles available in the company. The program gives students a chance to work in a corporate environment, where students perform their tasks in one of the four theme parks, two water parks, resorts in dining, retail or entertainment. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the guests and develop a solid foundation working with people.

Effects Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases First Maya Cloth Training DVD

The Gnomon Workshop has released its first Maya Cloth DVD. The need for realistic clothing and fabric has become commonplace in today's effects films and feature animation. CLOTH 101: FUNDAMENTALS covers the process of modeling and animating cloth garments. Mark E.A. de Sousa, Cloth and Hair supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, shares his production-tested techniques as he discusses how to control garment characteristics and demonstrates how to integrate dynamic fields.

Avid Headline News

Chapman University Equips New Film School with Avid Solutions

Avid Technology Inc. announced that Chapman University, which offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate liberal arts degrees, has made a significant investment in Avid solutions for its new state-of-the-art film and media arts center in southern California. The new $41million, 76,000-square-foot facility, Marion Knott Studios, will serve as the home of the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University.

Animation Headline News

Toonskool-KSOU Offer Animation Degree

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) signed an MOU with Toonskool Advanced Animation Academy Bangalore for a three-year degree program in animation, reports EFY TIMES. With the signing of this MOU, Toonskool becomes the first accredited institute in India to train students for a B.Sc. Degree to be awarded by KSOU in the field of Animation.

Headline News

Digital-Tutors Releases Walk Cycle Animation Training for Maya

Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk Authorized Publisher, announced the availability of INTRODUCTION TO MAYA ANIMATION: WALK CYCLE, a comprehensive guide to creating convincing walk cycle animations in Maya and the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists. Artists will easily learn proper body mechanics, adding personality to characters, and creating walk cycles with less time and more creativity in Maya with more than 2.5 hours of project-based training, an ideal learning resource for artists learning character animation.

Media Headline News

Image Infotainment to Launch Three-Year Digital Media Course

Image College of Arts, Animation and Technology (ICAT), a division of Chennai-based Image Infotainment Limited, will launch a three-year full-time program in digital media, which includes animation, visual effects, game design or game development, reports THE BUSINSS STANDARD.

Philip Thomas, manager (admissions) of ICAT, said that the digital media industry across the world was in need of more fusion artists, those who combine artistic and technical skills.

Effects Headline News

Sony Pictures Imageworks Awards $50,000 in IPAX Grants

Sony Pictures Imageworks president Tim Sarnoff announced the presentation of scholarships to six students currently enrolled at academic institutions affiliated with the Imageworks Professional Academic Excellence (IPAX) program.

Headline News

fxphd Opens Professional Online Training School

fxphd, the formal training arm of a long time valued industry source for news and visual effects tips has been launched. Unlike fxguide, fxphd is a formal structured course that builds week to week into a complete understanding of the subject at hand. Students are able to discuss with course leaders each week and have their work reviewed and accessed.

Headline News

Gnomon Announces Summer Session

Registration for summer term 2006 at Gnomon School of Visual Effects (June 26-Sept. 10) began May 22. There are two new classes for summer: Visual Math for Artists, taught by Saty Raghavachary, is visual intro to mathematical topics that are useful in CG production, and is meant for a non-programmer/non-technical audience. In Vehicles and Hardware Design for Film and Games, students learn the basic design principles necessary to work as conceptual artists in the science fiction genre. This five-week class is taught by Hugo Martin.

Studio Headline News

Studio B Awards Scholarships To Young Animators

Studio B Prods., one of Canadas leading animation studios, is opening up their doors to scholarship winners. The winners were chosen by their portfolios from their respective first and third year animation programs. Three $2,000 scholarships and the opportunity to work with Studio B during a four-week paid internship program were awarded to:

* Capilano Colleges Lauren Airriess from Salt Lake City, Utah working in the Design & Storyboard Department on GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE and RICKY SPROCKET SHOWBIZ BOY.

Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases Two 3ds Max Training DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop now offers two new DVDs by CG supervisor Tim Jones. The creation of digital environments for the highest caliber game cinematics and short films has been Jones area of expertise at Blur Studios. In these DVDs, he shares his techniques for modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing highly realistic digital sets in 3ds Max.


Headline News

Digital-Tutors Releases ‘SyFlex in Maya’ Training

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of USING SYFLEX IN MAYA, a comprehensive guide to the learning the fundamentals of SyFlex and creating realistic simulations using the fast and powerful technology developed by Syflex Llc. Containing more than four hours of project-based training, USING SYFLEX IN MAYA provides artists a unique approach to learning the capabilities of SyFlex. A limited time offer is also included with the training DVD, allowing artists to save 10% on a license of SyFlex through June 10, courtesy of Syflex Llc.

Digital Headline News

Animation Training Starts In Primary Schools in Ireland

Philip Flynn, chief executive of the Digital Hub Development Agency, said that Irish and international animation companies should take advantage of Irelands highly skilled workforce that has experience in producing digital animation from primary school, reports THE IRISH EXAMINER.

Flynn made his comments at the debut of the Liberties Claymation Festival in the Digital Hub in Dublin. The festival, which is running over three days, will feature more than 30 animation films produced and directed by children 8-16-from schools based in the Liberties.

Film Headline News

Korean Film Council Launches Filmmakers Development Lab with University of Hawai

In a major initiative to nurture and encourage emerging Korean-American filmmakers, the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) announced the launch of its inaugural KOFIC Filmmakers Development Lab.

Animation Headline News

Next-Gen Animation Artists Creating European Network

The Halle, Germany-based European Animation Masterclass (EAM) initiated a European network of animation film artists and animation schools. Last week, the EAM brought together 25 of the next-generation animation film producers from 11 countries with internationally acclaimed trainers from Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany and the U.S.