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Artists Headline News

Gnomon Workshop: Live! Set for March 31-April 1

The Gnomon Workshop is presenting its fifth workshop weekend, March 31 and April 1, 10:00-7:00 pm, Sound Stage 15, next door to the Gnomon School of VFX, 1015 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, 90038.

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Face Robot Installed for Zemeckis Performance Course at USC

The USC School of Cinematic Arts has installed SOFTIMAGE|FACE ROBOT, its facial animation software, for use in a new performance capture graduate course for 12 students, co-instructed by Robert Zemeckis (THE PLOAR EXPRESS, MONSTER HOUSE, BEOWULF).

Effects Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases New Maya Training DVDS

The Gnomon Workshop offers two new Maya training DVDs: INTRODUCTION TO MAYA by Alex Alvarez gives new users a thorough walkthrough of Maya's user interface, architecture, object manipulation and scene management, and John Clark's UNDERWATER ENVIRONMENTS showcases his dynamic effects techniques for developing an animated effects shot. Clark is currently wave animation lead on Sony Pictures Animations SURFS UP.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Training for Shave and a Haircut for Maya

Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk Certified Publisher, announced the availability of INTRODUCTION TO SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT FOR MAYA, the newest release in an expanding library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using Shave and a Haircut, the cutting edge technology that has been used in feature films such as KING KONG, X-MEN 2 and UNDERWORLD 2.

Online Headline News

The Art Institute Online to Teach Courses in Second Life

The Art Institute Online, a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, has opened a student campus in Second Life, a virtual online community, to teach a new Business Communications course. The faculty realized students would be interested in learning in a virtual 3D environment, which would also serve for the course's development.

Animation Headline News

Bristol School of Animation Offers Three Month Animation Course

The University of the West of England's Bristol School of Animation presents its "Three Month Animation Professional Training Course" from June 25 -- Sept. 7, 2007. The deadline for applications is April 6. A second session will run from Oct. 1 -- Dec. 14, 2007, with a deadline for applications of July 6.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Maya Modeling & XSI 6 Training DVDs

Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk Certified Publisher, announced the availability of INTRODUCTION TO MODELING IN MAYA, the newest release in an expanding library of interactive video-based training for emerging digital artists learning Maya 8.5, the award-winning 3D modeling, animation, effects and rendering solution. INTRODUCTION TO MODELING IN MAYA provides more than five hours of project-based training and a proven approach to learning the processes of modeling using NURBS, Sub-Ds and Polygons to develop a customizable workflow for greater productivity.

Animation Headline News

Animatus Studio's Animation Workshop Puts Student Reel Online

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 12:00am

Animatus Studio's Animation Workshop has leapt into the online video with the launch of its winter 2007 student reel online. Featured on YouTube Flash players, the student films can be viewed at

The Animation Workshop's spring workshops begin Saturday, March 3, 2007.

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Carnegie Mellon's ETC Opens in Silicon Valley

ETC-Silicon Valley came into existence as 10 students and two ETC faculty members commenced ETC project work and classes at two distinct locations in Silicon Valley.

Electronic Arts, the world's largest gaming company and a long-time friend of the ETC, has provided the ETC with ample cubicle and meeting space on the third floor of one of the buildings at its Redwood City campus. The ETC students and faculty moved into their spacious surroundings, welcomed by many of the ETC alumni employed at Electronic Arts, and immediately commenced work on two ETC projects.

Animation Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Offers Character Animation & Fluid Dynamics DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop welcomes two new Emmy Award-winning artists to its training library with the release of new character animation and fluid dynamics DVD titles. Scott Easley, principal animator for Heavy Iron Studios, shares his techniques for developing a solid character animation pipeline using Maya. Wayne England, CG supervisor at Sway Studio, introduces Real Flow and his techniques for sculpting fluid dynamic simulations.

DVD Descriptions:


Film Headline News

LMU's TAG Program Gives Grads Career Boost

Loyola Marymount University's School of Film and Television is giving five exemplary recent graduates invaluable access to and opportunities for careers in the entertainment industry as part of the school's one-of-a-kind new Transition After Graduation, or "TAG," Program. Fully funded by Sony Pictures Ent., with the support of Steve Mosko, president, Sony Pictures Television, TAG is a unique one-year program in professional development designed to help graduates navigate the landscape of the entertainment business.

Animation Headline News

Qube! Supports Digital Media Education Programs

PipelineFX's Qube! render farm management system has gained continued market momentum, as seven universities from the U.S., China, the U.K. and Canada have adopted Qube! for render farm management for their digital media and animation education programs.

Animation Headline News

Animation Mentor Holds First Graduation Ceremony

Students from four continents gathered Jan. 13 at San Francisco's Fort Mason Center to partake in online animation school Animation Mentor's first-ever graduation ceremony. Many flew for more than a day to meet their fellow graduates and mentors, all of whom are working studio animators, in the physical world for the first time.

Design Headline News

AI of LA Adds Sustainable Packaging to Graphic Design Classes

"Sustainable Packaging" will become a major theme taught in Graphic Design classes at The Art Institute of California -- Los Angeles during the Winter Quarter 2007 starting Jan. 8, 2007, in Santa Monica, California.

Instructor Suzannah Mathur, who has a master's degree in Sustainable Product Design, will teach a class specifically on sustainable packaging to help make designers more knowledgeable about the choices they have. Mathur explains, "Packaging accounts for most of waste. [The content of a package] will break before its package does."

Headline News Launches Its Pre-Registration Site

TD-Academy, an online school for technical directors, has launched its registration site. Students can pre-register now at and save 10% on tuition costs. Actual classes will start in the first quarter of 2007.

Animation Headline News

Animation Mentor Names Lori Arnold to Head Career Services

Animation Mentor, the online character animation school, has brought aboard management and production vet Lori Arnold as director of career services. Arnold will tap her solid experience supervising artists and working on 20 feature films to oversee the school's job placement program and enhance its already strong ties with the studios.

Motion Headline News

UCLA Extension Offers Two New Animation Courses

UCLA Extension is offering two new courses in animation. "Make It, Move It" is for designers and artists who want to make their art move. UCLA Extension is also offering a new online course that deconstructs 3D opening title sequences, on screens and graphic sequences.

Starting by storyboarding their animation, "Make It, Move It" students design and create a character, animal or object using mixed media and collage.

Digital Headline News

UCLA Extension Offers New Course in Advanced Digital Painting

This new master course presented by UCLA Extension, Advanced Digital Painting, is for students who want to expand their digital painting and drawing capabilities.

Using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Painter and working with instructors Chana Messer, Andrew Behla and Scot Drake, students improve their ability to use trace, lasso, pen and gradient mesh tools, custom brushes, layer masks, layer effects, adjustment layers, interface and palettes, brushes and movers.

Online Headline News

Gnomon Registration Begins

By Rick DeMott | Thursday, December 21, 2006 at 12:00am

Registration for the Gnomon School Winter Term 2007 (Jan. 8 through March 18) has begun. You can register online at, in person, via mail or by fax. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. If you would like to have a tour or get some advice on which courses to take, call 323-466-6663 to make an appointment with Michael "Santi" Santiago.

Animation Headline News

SAE Institute Launches in Kuwait

On Dec. 6, 2006, Professor Dr. Rasha al-Sabah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, performed the official inauguration ceremony of the SAE Institute Kuwait with a formal ribbon cutting ritual at the Institute in Shuwaikh.

Color Headline News

The Gnomon Workshop Releases Six DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop offers four exceptional talents to its library of educational DVDs. Wendy Froud, an acclaimed artist who has worked on such films as LABYRINTH and THE DARK CRYSTAL, shares her techniques for sculpting a faery doll. David Krentz, a multitalented creature designer, discusses dinosaur anatomy and sketching. J.P. Targete, an award-winning book cover illustrator, demonstrates his entire process of developing a digital painting. Stephen Platt, a comicbook artist and concept designer, explains the art of comicbook penciling.

Digital Headline News

Spencer Nilsen New President/Creative Director for Ex'pression College

Spencer Nilsen is the new president/creative director for Expression College for Digital Arts, an accredited college that prepares students for careers in entertainment production and technology. Nilsen has been part of the Expression family since the school was founded in 1999 and has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of music, games, film, television and education.

Games Headline News

Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy Graduates First 12

The first 12 graduates of the University of Central Florida's new graduate videogame development program received their master's degrees during a ceremony Dec. 11, 2006, at the UCF Arena.

The Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy graduates enrolled in summer 2005, when UCF first offered the program. They spent 16 months preparing to become producers, artists and programmers in the videogame industry.

FIEA's current fall enrollment is 63, including 17 students who are scheduled to graduate in the spring.

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Digital-Tutors Announces RealFlow4 Training

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of INTRODUCTION TO REALFLOW4 -- a comprehensive guide to the creating realistic fluid and dynamic simulations with RealFlow4. Containing nearly four hours of project-based training, INTRODUCTION TO REALFLOW4 includes a trial version of RealFlow4. In addition, Next Limit is providing all INTRODUCTION TO REALFLOW4 customers with a promotional offer to save 15% on an educational license of RealFlow4.