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Artbeats Reveals New Training DVD at GVExpo 2007

Artbeats announced its new training DVD at the 10th annual Government Video & Technology Expo (GVExpo). Featuring expert instruction from Steve Holmes, creative director of Energi Design, the new training DVD demonstrates how to combine Artbeats' clips with 3D motion tracked text and playful animation techniques to create a truly memorable advertisement. Artbeats will also give away free royalty-free footage valued at $900 during GVExpo. For more information please visit Artbeats during the show at booth #920.

Studios Headline News

BOXX & Escape Studios Partner on First Official RenderMan Learning Tool

BOXX Technologies is helping Escape Studios to develop Pixar's RenderMan Certified Courseware, the first official learning tool for Pixar Animation Studio's Academy Award-winning RenderMan software.

Escape Studios selected BOXX Technologies' workstations and render farms to provide the rendering power for this new courseware.

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Pokemon Game Helps Teach Science

A new in-school program uses basic characters and themes from Nintendo's popular POKEMON DIAMOND and POKEMON PEARL videogames for Nintendo DS to teach elementary and middle school students about science. Nintendo of America, Inc., The National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) and Nortel LearniT have teamed up to make it fun for students to learn the sciences using imagery they already know.

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NVIDIA Quadro Powers Vegan Zombie Short at Dave School

TOFU, THE VEGAN ZOMBIE, an animated student short made at The Dave School (Digital Animation & Visual Effects) at Universal Studios, Florida, was aided by NVIDIA Quadro graphics boards to accelerate the production process. Modeling and rendering for TOFU was done with LightWave 3D and compositing was done with Digital Fusion, both OpenGL applications that make heavy use of the NVIDIA graphics boards.

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NVIDIA Quadro Powers Iowa State University's C6 Virtual Reality Project

Iowa State University's C6, the country's first six-sided virtual reality room, is redesigned to take cyber battles to new extremes with advanced visual computing incorporating NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics processing units (GPUs).

Alley Headline News

Luxology Launches The Alley Tutorials

Luxology has released THE ALLEY, six new tutorials that explain how to harness modo's modeling, painting and baking tools to produce efficient, high-quality 3D assets found in a gritty urban back alley. Featuring more than three hours of instruction by Luxology's Andy Brown, the training videos offer expert guidance on using modo's modern toolset to produce realistic, lightweight 3D objects and lush scenes that can be used in game, film and video production. THE ALLEY videos can be purchased individually or in two separate albums that contain three videos each.

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Digital-Tutors Announces New Rendering in ZBrush 3.1 Training

Digital-Tutors released MATERIALS AND RENDERING IN ZBRUSH 3.1, the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush 3.1, the award-winning integrated modeling, texturing and illustration environment developed by Pixologic.

Animation Headline News

Alfred State Adds Digital Media & Animation Degree

Alfred State College announced the launch of a new Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Media and Animation this fall. The degree is an extension of their rapidly growing associates program. The program will equip graduates with a skill set necessary to excel in today's computer art and animation fields. Students enrolled in the degree program will have access to new Mac and PC labs with state-of-the-art digital equipment in addition to accomplished, hands-on faculty.

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Digital-Tutors Offers Creating Cartoon Characters in Maya Training

Digital-Tutors has released CREATING CARTOON CHARACTERS IN MAYA, the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using Maya. CREATING CARTOON CHARACTERS IN MAYA provides seven hours of project-based training and guides artists through a production workflow to creating 3D cartoon characters, look development and time-saving techniques for modeling, UV layout, texturing and shader assembly.

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Digital-Tutors Announces New Introduction to Lighting in Maya Training

Digital-Tutors is now offering INTRODUCTION TO LIGHTING IN MAYA, which provides three hours of practical scenarios demonstrating several creative practices and time-saving workflows to lighting.

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Gnomon Workshop Adds Three New DVDs

The Gnomon Workshop announced three new additions to its 3D and 2D libraries. Zack Petroc (SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW) returns with Volume 2 of his ART DIRECTION AND DIGITAL SCULPTING series, utilizing ZBrush 3. Meanwhile, new instructors Henry Goecke (POSEIDON) and Jeremy Vickery (RATATOUILLE, WALL-E) offer the basics of modeling surfaces in StudioTools and light and color theory from a practical perspective as applied to 2D and 3D image creation, respectively.

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Studio Arts to Offer Tra-Digital Animation Training with Toon Boom in Fall 2007

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, September 12, 2007 at 12:00am

Studio Arts has announced it will be offering a full suite of training classes using Toon Boom Animation's Digital Pro and Storyboard Pro software. The intent of the beginning-to-advanced training courses is to provide 2D animators and other artists a thorough grounding in Toon Boom's "paperless" animation system. Toon Boom courses are due to start Oct. 6, 2007 and, along with CSATTF and ETP funding, there will be "scholarship seats" for each class that are fully-funded by Studio Arts.

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Earthlight Launches All-Live Remote Animation Training

Earthlight Pictures has launched a major innovation in animation training with a groundbreaking live-video classroom that closely approximates the real thing. The unique TelAnimate system came online earlier this year after two years of development in Santa Barbara, Boise, and at Earthlight's current base of operations in Portland.

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Digital-Tutors Offers Creating Digital Humans Series for Maya

By Rick DeMott | Thursday, September 6, 2007 at 12:00am

Digital-Tutors introduced the CREATING DIGITAL HUMANS SERIES, a four-part collection of training and the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using Autodesk Maya. The series provides more than 20 hours of project-based training and guides artists through the technical and artistic processes of creating digital humans for use in film and games.

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Digital-Tutors Offers New Texture Painting with ZBrush 3 Training

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of TEXTURING WITH ZBRUSH 3, the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush 3, the award-winning integrated modeling, texturing and illustration environment developed by Pixologic. Digital-Tutors has developed a series of training solutions to teach new and experienced artists the powerful capabilities available in ZBrush 3. TEXTURING WITH ZBRUSH 3 provides nearly four hours of project-based training and delivers an array of texturing techniques for use in film, games and illustration.

Online Headline News

Caligari Announces Thursday Night Live! Discussions Online

Caligari Corp., the producer of award-winning 3D modeling, rendering and animation software, announced Thursday Night Live!, a weekly online discussion hosted by Caligari. These informal meetings are open to all members of the 3D community worldwide to encourage an atmosphere of camaraderie, foster collaboration and spark discussion on any 3D topic. In addition, Caligari CEO Roman Ormandy will join these sessions to provide his insights on the future of 3D technology. The next Thursday Night Live! session will take place on Aug. 16, 2007 at 5:00 pm PT.

Animation Headline News

Autodesk Introduces New Animation Academy Curriculum for High Schools

Autodesk Inc. has released the 2008 version of its Animation Academy for Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya software products. The team-based curriculum teaches students sophisticated 3D visualization and animation skills with the same technology that is used by professionals in the media and entertainment industry.

Animation Academy for 3ds Max is available to Windows operating system users. Animation Academy for Maya is available to secondary schools teaching on the Mac and Windows platforms.

Animation Headline News

Savannah College of Art & Design Enrolls Goldman as Artist in Residence

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) announced today at SIGGRAPH 2007 that legendary animator Gary Goldman, known for such animated classics as THE SECRET OF N.I.M.H. and ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, and the videogames DRAGON'S LAIR and SPACE ACE, will join the college as an artist in residence in Savannah, Georgia.

Goldman will teach traditional 2D animation to graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Film and Digital Media, as well as give a campus-wide lecture on animation during the college's 10-week winter quarter in January 2008.

College Headline News

Mt. San Jacinto College Animates High School Students

This fall, Mt. San Jacinto College plans to hold animation and video classes for high school students were they could earn college credits, reports THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE. In May, the community college was awarded a Strengthening Career Technical Education Programs grant worth $250,000. The grant will pay for training high school teachers, grow industry partnerships and launch an animation and video festival.

Animation Headline News

Farquhar Joins CSUN 3D Computer Animation Faculty

Mark Farquhar joins Calif. State Univ. Northridge (CSUN) as full-time faculty of 3D Computer Animation in the Art Dept.

The 17-year vet has been a 3D CG character animator on films: SURF'S UP, OPEN SEASON, BEOWULF, MONSTER HOUSE, CHICKEN LITTLE, SHARK TALE, SINBAD LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS, TOY STORY 2, OSMOSIS JONES, IRON GIANT, MARVIN THE MARTIAN 3RD DIMENSION and MARS ATTACKS. He has done animation development to feature production for studios, such as DreamWorks, Disney Feature Animation, Sony Imageworks, Pixar Animation and Warner Bros.

Animation Headline News

Wyatt Joins University College Falmouth To Launch Digital Animation Degree

Award-winning animation director Andy Wyatt joins University College Falmouth to head up the school's new BA degree in Digital Animation.

His appointment is part of a multi-million pound expansion of the Media Centre at University College Falmouth's Tremough Campus, which includes a new animation studio students will be attending in September 2007.

Working Headline News

Sphere VFX Releases New Fusion Training DVD

Sphere VFX has released its new training DVD, EYEON FUSION 5.1: IN-DEPTH 3D.

The four-hour-and-12-minute DVD covers:* Introduction to 3D* Using primitives* Importing geometry* Adding baked animation data to imported geometry* Deforming geometry* Adding textures to 3D geometry* Working with Camera in Fusion* Adding baked animation data to Camera's* Understanding and working with Projectors in Fusion* Working with Lights* Miscellaneous Nodes

Online Headline News

Accredited Online Colleges Adds New Online Schools has just added three new online colleges and universities to its database, offering online degrees in everything from 3D animation to nursing in this diverse mix. maintains up-to-date info. on the latest online degree programs from respected higher institutions of learning from all over the U.S.

Students searching to expand their knowledge and skills or to change the direction of their careers can find degree programs, training, and certification through