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Animation Headline News

Studio Arts to Offer Tra-Digital Animation Training with Toon Boom in Fall 2007

By Rick DeMott | Wednesday, September 12, 2007 at 12:00am

Studio Arts has announced it will be offering a full suite of training classes using Toon Boom Animation's Digital Pro and Storyboard Pro software. The intent of the beginning-to-advanced training courses is to provide 2D animators and other artists a thorough grounding in Toon Boom's "paperless" animation system. Toon Boom courses are due to start Oct. 6, 2007 and, along with CSATTF and ETP funding, there will be "scholarship seats" for each class that are fully-funded by Studio Arts.

Animation Headline News

Earthlight Launches All-Live Remote Animation Training

Earthlight Pictures has launched a major innovation in animation training with a groundbreaking live-video classroom that closely approximates the real thing. The unique TelAnimate system came online earlier this year after two years of development in Santa Barbara, Boise, and at Earthlight's current base of operations in Portland.

Digital Headline News

Digital-Tutors Offers Creating Digital Humans Series for Maya

By Rick DeMott | Thursday, September 6, 2007 at 12:00am

Digital-Tutors introduced the CREATING DIGITAL HUMANS SERIES, a four-part collection of training and the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using Autodesk Maya. The series provides more than 20 hours of project-based training and guides artists through the technical and artistic processes of creating digital humans for use in film and games.

Headline News

Digital-Tutors Offers New Texture Painting with ZBrush 3 Training

Digital-Tutors announced the availability of TEXTURING WITH ZBRUSH 3, the latest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush 3, the award-winning integrated modeling, texturing and illustration environment developed by Pixologic. Digital-Tutors has developed a series of training solutions to teach new and experienced artists the powerful capabilities available in ZBrush 3. TEXTURING WITH ZBRUSH 3 provides nearly four hours of project-based training and delivers an array of texturing techniques for use in film, games and illustration.

Online Headline News

Caligari Announces Thursday Night Live! Discussions Online

Caligari Corp., the producer of award-winning 3D modeling, rendering and animation software, announced Thursday Night Live!, a weekly online discussion hosted by Caligari. These informal meetings are open to all members of the 3D community worldwide to encourage an atmosphere of camaraderie, foster collaboration and spark discussion on any 3D topic. In addition, Caligari CEO Roman Ormandy will join these sessions to provide his insights on the future of 3D technology. The next Thursday Night Live! session will take place on Aug. 16, 2007 at 5:00 pm PT.

Animation Headline News

Autodesk Introduces New Animation Academy Curriculum for High Schools

Autodesk Inc. has released the 2008 version of its Animation Academy for Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya software products. The team-based curriculum teaches students sophisticated 3D visualization and animation skills with the same technology that is used by professionals in the media and entertainment industry.

Animation Academy for 3ds Max is available to Windows operating system users. Animation Academy for Maya is available to secondary schools teaching on the Mac and Windows platforms.

Animation Headline News

Savannah College of Art & Design Enrolls Goldman as Artist in Residence

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) announced today at SIGGRAPH 2007 that legendary animator Gary Goldman, known for such animated classics as THE SECRET OF N.I.M.H. and ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, and the videogames DRAGON'S LAIR and SPACE ACE, will join the college as an artist in residence in Savannah, Georgia.

Goldman will teach traditional 2D animation to graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Film and Digital Media, as well as give a campus-wide lecture on animation during the college's 10-week winter quarter in January 2008.

College Headline News

Mt. San Jacinto College Animates High School Students

This fall, Mt. San Jacinto College plans to hold animation and video classes for high school students were they could earn college credits, reports THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE. In May, the community college was awarded a Strengthening Career Technical Education Programs grant worth $250,000. The grant will pay for training high school teachers, grow industry partnerships and launch an animation and video festival.

Animation Headline News

Farquhar Joins CSUN 3D Computer Animation Faculty

Mark Farquhar joins Calif. State Univ. Northridge (CSUN) as full-time faculty of 3D Computer Animation in the Art Dept.

The 17-year vet has been a 3D CG character animator on films: SURF'S UP, OPEN SEASON, BEOWULF, MONSTER HOUSE, CHICKEN LITTLE, SHARK TALE, SINBAD LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS, TOY STORY 2, OSMOSIS JONES, IRON GIANT, MARVIN THE MARTIAN 3RD DIMENSION and MARS ATTACKS. He has done animation development to feature production for studios, such as DreamWorks, Disney Feature Animation, Sony Imageworks, Pixar Animation and Warner Bros.

Animation Headline News

Wyatt Joins University College Falmouth To Launch Digital Animation Degree

Award-winning animation director Andy Wyatt joins University College Falmouth to head up the school's new BA degree in Digital Animation.

His appointment is part of a multi-million pound expansion of the Media Centre at University College Falmouth's Tremough Campus, which includes a new animation studio students will be attending in September 2007.

Working Headline News

Sphere VFX Releases New Fusion Training DVD

Sphere VFX has released its new training DVD, EYEON FUSION 5.1: IN-DEPTH 3D.

The four-hour-and-12-minute DVD covers:* Introduction to 3D* Using primitives* Importing geometry* Adding baked animation data to imported geometry* Deforming geometry* Adding textures to 3D geometry* Working with Camera in Fusion* Adding baked animation data to Camera's* Understanding and working with Projectors in Fusion* Working with Lights* Miscellaneous Nodes

Online Headline News

Accredited Online Colleges Adds New Online Schools has just added three new online colleges and universities to its database, offering online degrees in everything from 3D animation to nursing in this diverse mix. maintains up-to-date info. on the latest online degree programs from respected higher institutions of learning from all over the U.S.

Students searching to expand their knowledge and skills or to change the direction of their careers can find degree programs, training, and certification through

Headline News

Luxology Announces New Educational Site License for modo

Luxology is offering a new educational site license program that allows schools and training institutions to implement modo's award-winning modeling, painting and rendering software throughout a learning facility. Available for a set annual subscription fee of $4,500, the flexible site license program guarantees that schools always have the latest version of modo, and lets educational organizations deploy an unlimited number of modo licenses across both Macs and PCs.

Animation Headline News

Toonz Animation Academy Opens In Mumbai

At a ceremony in Mumbai presided over by Harshvardhan Patil, Minister of State for women and child development, Government of Maharashtra, Toonz opened the Toonz Animation Academy. The state-of-the-art training facility was cutting-edge infrastructure, industry standard workstations, an international staff and a wide-ranging global curriculum. Toonz Animation Academy plans to bring veteran animation professionals to conduct classes.

Studio Headline News

Studio Arts Offers 'Tra-Digital' & Advanced ZBrush Classes This Summer

Studio Arts will start its latest round of classes for summer 2007 quarter commencing Monday, July 9. 2007.

Of special interest are several specially-designed 2D "tradigital" animation classes in Flash for TV, Bauhaus Mirage and Adobe AfterEffects. Beginning in fall, Studio Arts will round its 2D computer animation curriculum with its new series of Toon Boom 2D courses.

Technology Headline News

Academy Sci-Tech Council Starts Up Internship Program

The Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has launched a new summer internship program designed to provide real-world experience to the selected students interested in careers in computer graphics and animation technology. The Sci-Tech Council will provide a stipend of $4,000 to each student.

Pixar Animation Studios, Rhythm & Hues Studios and Sony Pictures Imageworks will each provide an eight-week internship to give students hands-on opportunities in animation, production management, software programming and visual effects.

Toon Headline News

Toon Boom & FableVision Partner on Learning Tools

Emmy award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. announced its partnership with FableVision, the award-winning educational media and interactive developer and publisher, to jointly develop educational solutions for K-12 and consumer markets.

"Toon Boom is fully committed to the educational market and our close collaboration with FableVision reinforces our intention to develop easy-to-use, educative and fun applications for students and schools," stated Joan Vogelesang, president/ceo at Toon Boom.

Headline News

Gnomon Workshop Releases Meats Meier's Intro to ZBrush 3

The Gnomon Workshop announced Meats Meier's highly anticipated follow-up to his ZBrush series, INTRODUCTION TO ZBRUSH 3. This DVD, with six full hours of instruction, brings both advanced and new users through the latest Z3 experience.

Headline News

Purdue 3D Sim Shows Why Trade Center Fell

A two-year Purdue University study has created a 3D simulation of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, supporting the U.S. government's findings into why the towers fell, reports THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. According to the study, the planes "stripped away crucial fireproofing material," which led to the towers crumbling due to its own weight. The study was funded partly by the National Science Foundation.

Artists Headline News

Gnomonology Launches to Empower Digital Artists

With the increasing prevalence of online video and high-speed net access, Gnomon Workshop has created Gnomonology ( as a resource for its professional instructors and students from around the world. Delivering high-quality tutorials and assets for a variety of tools and applications, Gnomonology strives to provide convenient, affordable and educational content. The idea is to empower digital artists with professional techniques that have been developed through the years of experience Gnomon instructors bring to the site.

Online Headline News

Gnomon Online Expands

Gnomon Online, the web-based division of Gnomon School of Visual Effects, has announced a new and expanded version of its previously released online training portal. Several new features have been added to Gnomon Online to extend it's usability, enhance the user's personal experience and take online training to a whole new level for students.

Artists Headline News

Digital-Tutors Releases The Artist's Guide to MEL

Autodesk Authorized Publisher Digital-Tutors announced the release of THE ARTIST'S GUIDE TO MEL. This is part of Digital-Tutors expanding library of resources to train digital artists in the use of Maya 8.5. Maya 8.5 is the award-winning 3D program used in animation, effects, modeling and rendering for both feature films and videogames. THE ARTIST'S GUIDE TO MEL contains 4 hours of project-based training, focusing on how to incorporate greater automation in workflow along with flexibility.

Animation Headline News

Arena Animation Announces AAASP 2007

Arena Animation, one of India's largest animation and multimedia training institutions, announced the launch of the brand new version of its 2 1/2 year high-end animation-training course, the Arena Animation Academy Specialist Program 2007 (AAASP 2007).

The course is modeled around the needs of the industry with each semester having an integrated project to give the students an exposure to the practical application of tools and software.

Animation Headline News

Ramaprasad to Head Toonz Animation Academy

Toonz Animation Academy has appointed S. Ramaprasad as exec director, reports INDIANTELEVISION.COM.

Toonz Animation is launching an Animation Academy in Mumbai in June, which will be followed by animation academies in Nagpur, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. Ramaprasad will spearhead the operations in all these academies

Ramaprasad has spent 20 years as a senior management professional. Most recently, he was president/ceo of Maini Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Previously he was gm of Aptech, overseeing its operations in Karnataka and Goa.