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Digital-Tutors Releases Subsurface Scattering Training For Maya Artists

Autodesk authorized publisher Digital-Tutors has released MENTAL RAY WORKFLOWS IN MAYA: SUBSURFACE SCATTERING -- the fourth release in a series of training highlighting popular features such as caustics, global illumination, and final gather for aspiring artists using mental ray, the leading high-performance rendering engine developed by mental images.

Creature Headline News

Gnomon Introduces Creature Design Series With Terryl Whitlatch

This week The Gnomon Workshop introduces a new CREATURE DESIGN series by renowned concept artist and illustrator Terryl Whitlatch. Whitlatch has a background in vertebrate zoology and animal anatomy and has been able to transfer her scientific knowledge into science fiction, creating believable creatures of alien origin. She is most well known for contributions to the recent STAR WARS trilogy and her seven years of creature design for Lucasfilm, ILM and George Lucas' JAK Films. Her book, THE WILDLIFE OF STAR WARS received critical acclaim.

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Gnomon Workshop Releases New Sculpture DVD With John Brown

This week The Gnomon Workshop welcomes back instructor John Brown with the seventh and newest installment to his sculpture series. Exploring a specific theme as in his last DVD, SCULPTING THE FEMME FATALE, Brown delves into creating and sculpting a comic book style superhero.

Animation Headline News

Sony Pictures Imageworks Awards $50,000 In Scholarships

Sony Pictures Imageworks' second annual scholarship winners have been announced, presented this year to four students currently enrolled at academic institutions affiliated with IPAX, Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation’s Professional Academic Excellence program.

The IPAX scholarship top prize winner is Luis Rodrigo Huerta of Texas A&M. Through the IPAX scholarship fund, Huerta will receive tuition money towards his master’s degree at Texas A&M in visualization and the online character animation courses he is taking through Animation Mentor.

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Learn Conceptual Modeling For Auto Design With Release From Digital-Tutors

Autodesk publisher Digital-Tutors has released CREATING CONCEPT VEHICLES IN MAYA -- the newest release in a growing library of interactive training for aspiring artists using Maya, the award-winning 3D modeling, animation, effects, and rendering solution.

CREATING CONCEPT VEHICLES IN MAYA offers nearly seven hours of project-based training for new and experienced artists learning to design 3D vehicles from initial concept development to achieving the final renders and includes creative techniques to lighting, texturing, and rendering.

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Gnomon Workshop Releases New Photo Retouching DVD

This week, the Gnomon Workshop has released PHOTO RETOUCHING IN ADOBE PHOTOSHOP WITH MEGHAN FARRELL. In this DVD Farrell brings her experience as a professional Retoucher for countless internationally acclaimed magazines as well as fine art publishers as she shares her insights and tips for professional level photo retouching for commercial production.

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Digital-Tutors Releases The Artist's Guide To XSI 7

Digital-Tutors has released THE ARTIST'S GUIDE TO XSI 7. This marks the latest training DVD created in partnership between Digital-Tutors and SOFTIMAGE for the second consecutive year and bundled exclusively with SOFTIMAGE|XSI 7, the newest version of the complete 3D package for modeling, animating, rendering, and character development.

Animation Headline News

Animation FUNdamentals Is Now Live

Digicel Inc. and Larry Lauria's Toon Institute have partnered to present Animation FUNdamentals -- affordable online animation lessons for aspiring artists and animators.

The lessons are geared to meet the level of the participants.

Animator/director and instructor Lauria, said,"When Kent Braun and I brainstormed on this project -- our goal was to make animation lessons available to folks in junior high and high school. Then, as we developed our curriculum, we found that any age or ability could take these lessons."

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Artist-in-Residence Program: Berlin -- 3 Months 24/7

A new German-Israeli artist-in-residence program for young Israeli filmmakers is set to launch in 2009. The project "Berlin -- 3 Months 24/7" is the result of an initiative undertaken by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, and the scholarship will be awarded in cooperation with the German Federal Film Board (FFA) in the form of a stipend.

Kirsten Niehuus, managing director of the Medienboard, and Peter Dinges, CEO of the FFA, announced the project to the general public at the Jerusalem Film Festival last week.

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Luxology Offers New Rapid Prototyping With modo Tutorial Series

Luxology has made available MP3 PLAYER: RAPID VISUALIZATION AND PROTOTYPING, a new video album that demonstrates how modo 302's toolset can be used to complement and enhance the product design process.

Created by Luxology's Training Division Director, Andy Brown, this training series offers step-by-step instruction on rapidly giving form to design concepts using Subdivision surfaces in modo. The video album also covers the process of preparing a model for 3-D printing and creation of final presentation images.

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Digital-Tutors Releases Shader Pipeline With XSI And XNA

SOFTIMAGE training partner Digital-Tutors has released SHADER PIPELINE WITH XSI AND XNA -- the newest release in a growing library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using SOFTIMAGE|XSI, a complete 3-D package for modeling, rendering, and character animation, and XNA, Microsoft's industry-leading software, services, resources, and communities focused on enabling game developers to be successful on Microsoft gaming platforms.

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i3DTutorials Releases Introduction To Dynamics In SOFTIMAGE|XSI

i3DTutorials has released their latest training product, INTRODUCTION TO DYNAMICS IN SOFTIMAGE|XSI. This latest offering from the growing i3DTutorials library of SOFTIMAGE|XSI training products, takes users through the entire process of simulations with rigid bodies, soft bodies, constraints, and more.

Learn in detail the inner workings of dynamic simulations and get first hand training in the art of using dynamics in SOFTIMAGE|XSI to achieve life like simulations that would otherwise be too difficult and time consuming using traditional animation methods.

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Israel Film Fest Establishes $15,000 Scholarship

The Israel Film Festival has inaugurated an annual scholarship fund that will donate money raised from its yearly Gala Awards Dinner to support scholarships for Israeli film students to study cinema in six major film schools in Israel.

This year's just concluded Festival, which showcased new films and an unprecedented Retrospective in celebration of Israel's 60th anniversary, along with a sold-out Gala Awards Dinner, was its most successful in its 23 year history. More than 16,000 moviegoers attended the Festival from June 11-26 in Los Angeles.

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Free Webinar On Demo Reels With Pixar's Baena

Following his passion to help aspiring animators find success in their careers, Carlos Baena, Pixar animator and Animation Mentor co-founder, discusses "Demo Reel Dos and Don'ts" in a free one-hour webinar on July 9. Animators will learn how to make their demo reels stand out and how to avoid common mistakes, plus have a chance to ask Baena a few questions.

Participants can sign up for the webinar by going to

Technology Headline News

Academy's Tech Council Selects Students For 2008 Internship Program

The Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has selected three students to participate in a summer internship program designed to provide real-world experience to students interested in careers in motion picture computer graphics and animation technology.

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The Gnomon Workshop Goes Downloadable

All Gnomon Workshop DVDs are now available as full-length digital downloads.

New DVDs and downloadable releases:


DVDs are still available to purchase through

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i3DTutorials Releases Introduction To Rendering In 3dsMax 2009

i3DTutorials, an Autodesk authorized publisher, announces their latest training product for 3dsMax 2009, INTRODUCTION TO RENDERING IN 3DSMAX 2009.

This latest offering from the growing i3DTutorials library of 3dsMax training products, introduces newcomers to rendering and lighting with Autodesk’s award winning computer animation software. INTRODUCTION TO RENDERING IN 3DSMAX 2009 teaches a new generation of 3dsMax artists how to take advantage of powerful rendering and lighting features.

Animation Headline News

ILM's Shawn Kelly Launches Animation Tips & Tricks Blog

Keeping with his mission to help eager animators around the world learn and become experts in the art of character animation, Shawn Kelly, a senior animator at Industrial Light & Magic and co-founder of, has launched the blog ANIMATION TIPS & TRICKS.

Disney Headline News

NASA And Disney Invite Kids To Explore Space With WALL-E

An animated robot and his spacefaring companion are leading a campaign by NASA and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures to promote interest among schoolchildren in science and technology.

NASA and Disney have signed a Space Act Agreement for a series of educational and public outreach activities related to Disney-Pixar's new movie, WALL-E, opening in theaters nationwide on June 27.

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Luxology Expands Training Offerings With Two New modo Tutorials

Luxology has released two additional modo 302 video albums created by their Training Division. The albums, entitled CONCEPT CAR and CARTOON KID, are provided in HD resolution and provide step-by-step instruction on how to efficiently use modo software to model, paint and render.

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Digital-Tutors Releases ZSphere Modeling In ZBrush

ZSPHERE MODELING IN ZBRUSH from Digital-Tutors is the latest release in a library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using ZBrush 3.1, the integrated modeling, texturing, and illustration environment developed by Pixologic.

Developed for artists utilizing ZSpheres, a method to creating, building, and sculpting characters, ZSPHERE MODELING IN ZBRUSH provides four hours of project-based training for artists learning a time-saving workflow to modeling with ZSpheres and building complex organic models using production-applicable tools and techniques.

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Academy Grants $500,000 To Film And Cultural Organizations

The Academy Foundation's Institutional Grants Program has awarded a total of $500,000 to 58 film-related nonprofit organizations -- including universities, museums and career development programs -- throughout the United States and in Canada.

Since its establishment in 1968, the foundation, which is the educational wing of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, has distributed more than 573 institutional grants.

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Curious Artists Teach Parsons Students Mo-Cap

Sixteen advanced Communication Design and Technology students from Parsons The New School for Design recently concluded a one semester motion capture course taught by Curious Pictures mo-cap artists Cory Alderman and Michele Matt.

Alderman and Matt, in collaboration with Anezka Sebek, Parsons' Associate Professor and Director of the school's MFA program in Design and Technology, created a 15-week course that instructed students in motion capture acquisition and animation.