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Category: Education and Training

Headline News

Digital-Tutors Unveils Industry's First mental ray Nodes Reference Library

Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk Authorized Publisher and a provider of mental ray training, has announced the release of MENTAL RAY NODES ONLINE REFERENCE LIBRARY, a non-linear approach to learning each mental ray node available in Maya.

Lucas Headline News

USC to Dedicate New School of Cinematic Arts Home

In honor of its 80th birthday on Sunday, USC will publicly unveil its new $175 million home on campus, the School of Cinematic Arts. George Lucas, the school's most famous film alum, donated $75 million for the new facilities through his Lucasfilm Foundation, and another $100 million for the school's endowment. He will be on hand with Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Cinematic Arts Dean Elizabeth Daley. Other donors include Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox and Disney.

Games Headline News

Escape Studios Offers New Classroom-based Games Course

Learn how to create artwork required to land a job in the games industry with Escape's new classroom-based Games Course. Taught by Simon Fenton, former lead artist at Sony Computer Entertainment London, Escape's games course will teach students how to take art direction and create realistic models and environments for games. Using leading technology such as Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush, CrazyBump and the renowned Unreal engine, this comprehensive 12 week course will equip students with the necessary skills, and a demo reel, for pursuing a job in game development.

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Bang Zoom! Beginner's Level Voice Acting Workshop

Bang Zoom! will be holding a beginner's level Voice Acting Workshop on Saturday, March 28, 2009 in San Francisco. This is a unique opportunity to take the same course that is typically only offered at our studios in Los Angeles. They are limited to only 15 spots in this class, so act quickly to secure your spot.

Work Headline News

Univ. of Westminster Launches Masters in Digital Compositing, VFX

The University of Westminster in London has enhanced its portfolio of courses within animation, games and interactive media with a one-year Masters of Science degree in Digital Compositing and Visual Effects starting October 2009.

Graduates from the course will be exposed to the theoretical, technical, practical and professional competences enabling them to follow a variety of careers within film, television, animation, advertising and gaming.

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Sesame Street in Nigeria to Reach 30,000 Children

Nigeria possesses the third largest number of HIV-positive adults in the world; and over 1.8 million children are orphaned by AIDS. In a groundbreaking effort to provide resources about HIV and AIDS to Nigerian children and caregivers, Sesame Workshop has partnered with The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Presidents Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to bring a unique SESAME STREET project to Nigeria.

Animations Headline News

Craft Animations Adds USC to Academic Partner Program

Craft Animations, leading developer of professional real-time 3D animation technology, has announced its new Academic Partner Program, which offers leading colleges, universities and 3D animation schools subsidized access to Craft Director Tools. The company has additionally announced the University Of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts as the latest adopter of this new program, which helps to further establish the growing network of students who are skilled in new era animation technologies.

Effects Headline News

Digital-Tutors Unveils Stereoscopic Training Titles for Maya and After Effects A

Digital-Tutors has released STEREOSCOPIC 3D IN MAYA and STEREOSCOPIC 3D IN AFTER EFFECTS, the latest additions in a library of interactive training for new and experienced digital artists learning stereoscopic 3D in Autodesk's Maya.

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cmiVFX Launches New Video: Houdini Introduction To Particle Animation

cmiVFX | cmiStudios launches another Houdini Software Training Video for its customer base. Particle animation training has always been limited by selection. cmiVFX is proud to offer the most robust particle training for a large majority of animation packages. The INTRODUCTION TO PARTICLE ANIMATION VIDEO is geared towards training entry level individuals or those migrating from other animation packages. Video is about four hours in length.

This video is available today at the cmiVFX store:

Creating Particles

Design Headline News

Hollywood's Feng Zhu to Launch New School of Entertainment Design in Singapore

Hollywood-based concept designer Feng Zhu will launch a new school in Singapore -- FZD School of Entertainment Design -- come April 2009.

Headline News

VooDooDog Educates on Environmental Matters with Saudi Aramco

VooDooDog, the London based creative studio, have been commissioned by Saudi Aramco to create 2x5 minute animated films to educate 6-9 year-old children and their parents in environmental matters.

The two classically animated films tell stories on how children can take the lead within their family unit in recycling and litter prevention.

This is the first time Saudi Aramco have commissioned such films under their program by their Environment Protection Department and will be screened in Saudi Arabian schools and will also stream on the Internet.

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Escape Studios Announces Camera Tracking for VFX Course

Learn the art of mixing computer-generated objects into real-life footage with "Camera Tracking for VFX," a new online course from Escape Studios that delves deeply into the professional camera tracking techniques required by aspiring 3D artists. Taught by the world-renowned staff at Escape Studios, "Camera Tracking for VFX" covers background, workflows and best practices in a flexible online format that includes 12 hours of video content.

College Headline News

Ringling College Adds Business BA

Ringling College of Art and Design has launched a new BA program -- Business of Art & Design.

The new BA course, The Business of Art & Design, aims to help graduates understand business, and how better to run businesses if they strike out on their own. The program contains echoes of Harvard Business School. To the knowledge of the college, there is no comparable course among other art and design schools.

Ringling's major courses grew from six to 14 in the past three years and the school boasts an 85 percent graduation rate.

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Digital-Tutors Adds New mental ray and 3ds Max Educational Solutions

Digital-Tutors has announced INTRODUCTION TO MENTAL RAY IN MAYA 2009 and MOTORCYCLE MODELING TECHNIQUES IN 3DS MAX, the latest additions to a collection of training for media and entertainment and developed for new and experienced artists using mental ray, a high-performance rendering engine developed by mental images that generates photorealistic images, and 3ds Max, the customizable and scalable modeling, animation, and rendering solutions for games, film, and television.

Disney Headline News

Disney Honors Randy Pausch With Memorial Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon

The Walt Disney Company has announced the creation of the Disney Memorial Pausch Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University in recognition of the passion and energy Dr. Randy Pausch brought to his work at both Carnegie Mellon and Walt Disney Imagineering. Pausch is best known for his life-affirming "Last Lecture," which he delivered to his students and colleagues a few weeks after learning he had just months to live.

Entertainment Headline News

Entertainment Technology Courses at SMC

The Entertainment Technology program at Santa Monica College offers a number of exciting courses in animation, vfx, visual development, game design and motion graphics.

Enrollment is open to anyone, and classes begin at $24 per unit. Their state-of-the-art campus, the Academy of Entertainment and Technology, is located at 1660 Stewart St., Santa Monica. The spring semester begins Tuesday, February 17, so enroll now.

For a complete list of our spring courses, see

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NTU Named Asia's First CUDA Center of Excellence

NVIDIA Corporation and National Taiwan University (NTU), one of the world's leading research universities, announced that NTU has been named as Asia's first CUDA Center of Excellence. NTU earned this title by formally adopting NVIDIA GPU Computing solutions across its research facilities and integrating a class to teach parallel computing based on the CUDA architecture into its educational curriculum.

Artists Headline News

Digital-Tutors Unveils Motorcycle, Automotive Training for Maya and XSI Artists

Digital-Tutors has released MOTORCYCLE MODELING TECHNIQUES IN MAYA and AUTOMOTIVE MODELING IN XSI -- the newest releases in the largest library of interactive training for emerging digital artists using Maya, the integrated 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering solution for artists in film, television, game development, and design industries, and XSI, the complete 3D package for modeling, rendering, and character animation newly acquired by Autodesk in 2008.

Headline News

Digital-Tutors Starts 2009 Building Upon Rapid Adoption of Training

Digital-Tutors, makers of award-winning video-based training for emerging digital artists, announced the continued support of their training solutions by studios and schools around the world and the largest number of training titles released by Digital-Tutors in a single year. With 67 training titles released in 2008 and a library of over 150, Digital-Tutors is now among the largest training resources for Autodesk applications including Maya, 3ds Max, Mudbox, and Softimage.

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i3DTutorials Releases Second Volume in mental ray Series

i3DTutorials has released their latest training product for SOFTIMAGE|XSI, RENDERING WITH SOFTIMAGE|XSI V.II: MENTAL RAY.

This latest offering from the growing library teaches artists advanced production techniques for using the industry standard mental ray renderer to create imagery of exquisite and stunning detail. Emphasizing production proven techniques, users are taken through a series of demanding production scenes that mimic the complex scenarios and challenges commonly found when producing renders for production.

Animation Headline News

Animation Instructor Receives Annual Sabbatical Award

For the second year in a row, The Art Institute of California - Orange County has awarded a member of its faculty a quarter-long sabbatical to pursue a passion, add to their body of knowledge and bring the information back to the school. Media Arts & Animation instructor Brian Smith was named the Spring 2009 recipient.

His proposal was titled "The Urban Commuter, An Environmentally Safe Automobile for the Active Family and Its Implications for Teaching in the Area of Industrial Design."

Artists Headline News

Digital-Tutors Releases Introduction to Fluids for Houdini Artists

Houdini training partner Digital-Tutors has released INTRODUCTION TO FLUIDS IN HOUDINI, the latest release for emerging digital artists learning Houdini. INTRODUCTION TO FLUIDS IN HOUDINI offers three and half hours of practical projects for effects artists and provides production-applicable techniques and general workflows to particle-based and volume-based simulations to create realistic fire, smoke, and liquid effects with Houdini.