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Category: Commercials

International Headline News

Viewpoint Creates 2 Promotional Packages For Discovery

Boston-based ViewPoint Studios has completed two on-air promotional packages for Discovery Communications. The first promotional package was for Animal Planet International's "Whale of a Week," which features a line-up of shows revolving around whales. Molly McCarthy, associate producer of international on-air promotion for Discovery Networks International, said, "Our goal was to create a promo that would travel across all regions of the world and portray the beauty and mystery of whales, while maintaining the international on-air look of the Animal Planet network.

Spot Headline News

FrameStore Animates Vodafone Spot

FrameStore has wrapped on a completely 3D spot for Vodafone. The commercial was directed by Mic Graves through Studio AKA for BMP DDB. The spot features two girls on a night out thinking very different thoughts about what they are looking for in a man. Their thoughts are conveyed in comical thought bubbles as they hang out in a nightclub. But their dreams of Mr. Right are burst when his Vodaphone rings playing the song YMCA.

Headline News

Pre·Duk'shen & Digital Domain Pump Gators Into Lubriderm Ad

Hollywood-based pre·duk'shen has completed a new 30-second spot for Lubriderm. The commercial, directed by Eric Heimbold, features an alligator swimming in a spa. Conceived by ad agency J. Walter Thompson, New York, the commercial employs the reptilian character to make the point that Lubriderm will "leave you with firmer, healthier looking skin." "Workout" opens in a trendy health spa with a line of women lifting weights. Straddling the end mat is an alligator pumping a dumbbell. The beast is later treated to a Swedish massage and then hits the treadmill.

Headline News

Spontaneous Combustion Creates Cinemax Summer Image Campaign

Spontaneous Combustion conceptualized, designed and conformed a 1 minute 20 second summer image promo, entitled "Max Blockbuster Summer," for HBO/Cinemax. Spontaneous design director Dana Yee said, "Our original intent was to incorporate a mosaic wall which would come to life and showcase a number of films. But during our brainstorming sessions, the focus shifted to graphics with more motion. We studied [fish schools] synchronized movements, how they seem to glitter and leave ripples in their underwater path and applied these characteristics to our test animations.

Spot Headline News

Curious Pictures Signs Spy Groove Directors For Mercedes Spot

Curious Pictures has announced the signing of MTV's SPY GROOVE directors Elliot M. Bour and Saul Andrew Blinkoff and the completion of their first ever fully animated Mercedes spot. Produced for ad agency Merkley Newman Harty, the spot features the quintessential icons of Wall Street, the bear and the bull. The two stone animals come to life and put on their boxing gloves, taking turns wrestling and punching each other.

Headline News

Click 3x Creates One-Of-A-Kind Open For One Show

New Yorks Click 3x recently designed and produced a 2-minute video opening for One Show Interactive, a leading awards competition for interactive media design. The video, which kicked off the awards ceremony held recently in New York, features a journey inside the events prized Gold Pencil Award to reveal the creativity within. Conceived by Click 3x creative directors Christine Lin, Eve Lim and Michael Wiehart, the piece opens with a field of animated graphics representing software code and a gold-toned loading bar.

Animation Headline News

Wrigley’s Unveils New TV Campaign For Winterfresh Gum

Wrigleys Winterfresh chewing gum is getting a new TV campaign that features six spots directed by six different directors showcasing several distinct animation styles. Wrigley and BBDO Chicago developed the creative strategy and led the execution of the creative campaign. San Francisco-based animation studio Wild Brain provided the animation. All spots were scheduled for full rotation as of June 25, 2001. Wrigley has become a champion of breakthrough creative, says Jim Hyman, senior vice president, creative director at BBDO Chicago.

Show Headline News

Yu + Co Creates Show Package For Sundance Channel

Hollywoods yU + co has designed and produced a graphics package for ANATOMY OF A SCENE, a new original series on the Sundance Channel. The package includes the shows main title sequence. ANATOMY OF A SCENE offers a fascinating view of the filmmaking process by going behind the scenes of a current film to show how a critical scene was made. Sundance Channel intended the main title to reflect this concept. yU + cos solution was to take a finished scene and deconstruct it.

Cartoon Headline News

Hungary’s Cartoon Webworks Goes TV

Budapest, Hungarys Cartoon Webworks recently completed three commercials for TEAM Hungary, a Young & Rubicam subsidiary. These are the first three in a series of twelve animated spots that will begin airing this month on Viva+, Hungarys music television channel. The commercials are among the first TV ads in Europe produced entirely in Macromedia Flash.

Headline News

Mixin Pixls Creates Smoking Effects For Arizona Dept. Of Health Services

Santa Monica-based Mixin Pixls recently contributed CG effects and post-production finishing services to Cognito Films and the Riester-Robb Agency/Phoenix, for a new anti-smoking PSA commissioned by the Arizona Department of Health Services. The spot began airing in April 2001. In Smoke Ring, a magic smoke ring pulls two lovers to a new world that is burnt and scarred by the toxicity of smoking.

Awards Headline News

REZN8 Does Own Stunts For Awards Telecast

By Dan Sarto | Monday, June 25, 2001 at 12:00am

Hollywoods REZN8, a leading digital design company, has produced the graphics and animation package for the first annual World Stunt Awards telecast. Working with the Taurus World Stunt Awards Foundation, REZN8 was responsible for the design, production and animation of the computer-generated opening sequence and transition segments for the event. The opening sequence for the telecast began with a shimmering star that releases the Taurus and returns it to Earth cast as a gleaming golden statuette.

Headline News

Potato Chip Plummets To Death In Western Images Spot

By Dan Sarto | Monday, June 25, 2001 at 12:00am

Western Images has finished work on the animation and effects for Melon-choly, a commercial spot for Quaker Oats Crispy Minis snack food. In the spot, designed to promote healthy snacks, a desperate potato chip attempts to eliminate his competition, but ends up meeting its own demise instead. The rogue chip attempts to push bags of Crispy Minis off a kitchen counter, but isnt strong enough to finish the job. It backs up to enable a running attack, but as it is about to make contact, the bags are moved, and in Wile E.

Headline News

Spontaneous Combustion Squirts Out Spots For Tropicana

Spontaneous Combustion has created the visual effects for both a 15-second and 30-second spot for Tropicana Pure Premium Grovestand. The spots feature a woman pealing an orange that bursts forth with gallons of juice. Spontaneous Combustion's director of visual effects/senior inferno* artist David A. Elkins said, "Our client wanted the footage to look wetter and juicier to convey just how tasty the product is. In keeping with Tropicana's packaging, we created a clean white background for the shots that were lensed against blue screen.

Headline News

TOPIX Hits Theaters With Famous Players Spots

TOPIX has just wrapped on two 15-second in-theater vignettes for Famous Players, Canada's top grossing and fastest growing theatrical exhibitor. "Feature Presentation" and "Coming Attractions," in both English and French, showcase the Famous Players theaters and their high-tech sound capabilities. The spots were created by agency Encore Strategic Marketing of Toronto. TOPIX designer/art director Mark Cutler describes the vignettes as a "millennium lava lamp, a visual stimuli that is non-specific but ties in with the music, maintaining the same fascination one has with the lamp.

Headline News

Loop Filmworks Delivers Godfather Spots For Bravo

Loop Filmworks' director, David Chartier, recently wrapped up a promotional package for Bravo Network's special screening of the GODFATHER Saga. Loop Filmworks incorporated story-board style illustrations and sound bites from Bravo's INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO to illustrate some of the behind-the scenes stories told by director Francis Ford Coppola and stars Robert DeNiro, James Caan and Al Pacino. The spots have a stylized rotoscope animation look and were designed to look like archived film footage from the 1970s.

Headline News

Click 3x Creates Visuals For New Dos Equis Campaign

Click 3x provided visual effects design and production services for a new national campaign for Dos Equis beer. Ad agency McCann-Erickson conceived the three 30-second spots where the product's familiar double "X" logo manifests itself in some rather unexpected places. "Ceiling Fan" opens on a young couple as they hustle into their beachfront cottage and flop on the bed. Soon the ceiling fan prompts the woman to run to the kitchen for beer. "Cocktail Dresses" has two guys hanging out at an event at an art museum.

Effects Headline News

Edgeworx Drives In Effects For GMC Envoy

Edgeworx recently completed work on a pair of spots for GMC's new SUV, the GMC Envoy. Edgeworx teamed with ad agency Lowe Lintas and Partners and designer Todd St. John of Hunter Gatherer in creating the design and animation of the commercials. "Comforts of Home" and "Relax" feature some of the GMC Engineers responsible for making the Envoy comfortable and safe. The graphic design frames key elements of the spot by placing them in a graphic timeline. Graphics for both spots were created using the Adobe suite of After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Headline News

Viewpoint Runs With Cyber Animal Spot

ViewPoint Studios and Las Vegas-based The Merica Agency recently teamed up to create a 3D spot for Cox Communications entitled "Desktop Animal." "The idea started with a direct mail piece to sell Direct Internet Access for Cox Communications," said Scott Robertson, creative director from The Merica Agency. The spot features various herds of animals that look like a computer mouse. "We knew and understood the client's concerns," said Mike Leone, lead animator for ViewPoint Studios.

Films Headline News

Area 51 Films & R!Ot Team On Michelob Light Campaign

Director John Adams of Area 51 Films and effects house R!OT have teamed on two new spots for Michelob Light. The ads were conceived by the Chicago creative services and marketing agency Leapnet. The first spot features a young man who makes a wrong turn on the path to romance. The second, more technically challenging spot, features a bottle of beer as a skyscraper. Adams worked with Leapnet's creative team and visual effects artists from R!OT in designing the final scene. The image is an entirely artificial creation composed of 3D elements and a detailed digital matte painting.

Framestore Headline News

Framestore Wraps On 3 Game Boy Advance Spots

FrameStore has wrapped on three new commercials to launch Nintendos latest Game Boy handset, Game Boy Advance. All three commercials were written and produced by agency Leo Burnett of Chicago, and directed by the Vienna-based directing duo, Rad-ish (Moritz and Christophe). FrameStore's SFX artists created three, highly stylized, virtual worlds, which each allude to one of the three new games developed to accompany the new handset. As synthetic snow was banned on the location of "Church," FrameStore created falling and settling snow for the interior shots.

Headline News

Quiet Man Takes GE's Artica On A World Tour

By Dan Sarto | Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 12:00am

Quiet Man has wrapped a new spot for General Electric's "Artica" refrigerator. The 30-second spot entitled "Artica" shows the new refrigerator in a field, a wine cellar and finally in a kitchen in various locations around the globe. "It was one of those jobs with a tight schedule," said lead visual effects artist Colin Stackpole. "But, it was surprisingly unproblematic, considering the conditions. First, we had to find stock footage over which to composite the refrigerator. By using locked off footage I wouldn't have to worry about changing angles or lighting as everything remains static.

Effects Headline News

R!OT Provides Effects For Bee Gee's New Video

By Dan Sarto | Tuesday, June 12, 2001 at 12:00am

Santa Monica-based R!OT provided visual effects for "This is Where I Came In," the first music video from the Bee Gees CD set of the same name. The video opens with a barrage of single frame images ending in a rec room inside a 60s VW van. The various members of the group pop into and float through the frame at all angles. Henry artist Lisa Tomei created all of the visual effects and finished the video on a Quantel Henry platform.

Focus Headline News

Filmcore's Chubak Turns Heads With 4-Spot Campaign For Ford

FilmCore's Charlie Chubak has wrapped four new spots for the Ford Dealers of Southern California and agency Dailey & Associates. "Head Turner" follows two guys swiveling their heads a full 180-degrees to see a red Ford Mustang. "Out of Focus" follows a blurred human form as it gets out of bed and leaves the house. Only when the character turns the ignition of its Ford Focus does the man come into focus. "Weekends" mixes shots of Ford SUVs with poppy graphics, while "Truck Size" featured no visual enhancement.

Headline News

TOPIX Creates Fabuloso Effects For Colgate-Palmolive

TOPIX has recently completed the online and CGI for a 30-second spot promoting Colgate-Palmolive's household cleaner, Fabuloso. Featuring a Carmen Miranda look-alike, "Conga" was developed through ad agency Young & Rubicam (Mexico City, Mexico), and debuted in Mexico and Uruguay in May, with a debut in Panama, Ecuador and Columbia set for June and July. After cleaning her dishes with Fabuloso, a Brazilian bombshell and two trumpet players jump from the clean plates, inspiring Mom, son and the family dog to dance a conga line around the kitchen.

Spot Headline News

Loose Moose Springs Cheese Trapeze For Kraft

London-based Loose Moose, producers of the award-winning stop-motion Pepsi-Lipton BRISK tea campaign, has expanded into 2D CGI by joining with the directing duo of Neville Astley and Mark Baker. The team's first spot for Loose Moose was a spot entitled "Cheese Trapeze" for the Kraft Cheese Singles campaign "Working with CelAction 2D software, we have been able to bring a contemporary look to the Kraft Cheese Singles spot using bright colors, highly stylized characters and animation with flavors of Japanimation," Astley said.