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Spot Headline News

Sway Goes Flying For California Utilities

Sway digital studio has completed work on "Flying," an energy conservation spot for California Utilities via Grey Worldwide. The 30-second spot, directed by Sway partners Michael Adamo and Mark Glaser, features colorful computer generated clothing flying through a scenic black and white, Ansel Adams-inspired, California landscape. Conceptualized by Grey senior art director Art Weeks, "Flying" was designed to promote a new series of high-efficiency washers. The spot opens with what appears to be a flock of birds flying over a California river valley.

Cartoon Headline News

Filmtecknarna Animates For Cartoon Network

Stockholm-based design and animation studio FilmTecknarna Animation has recently completed three spots for Cartoon Network. The studio has produced a number of spots for the Cartoon Network "Shorties" series, including WALLYGATOR, ATOM ANT and JABBERJAW. Directed by Jonas Odell (MY BEST FRIEND PLANK), Jonas Dahlbeck and Boris Nawratil (COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG) and Nick Hewitt (I´M NOT COMING IN), the 2-minute spots play out as music videos featuring Cartoon Network characters such as COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG and ED, EDD AND EDDY.

Animation Headline News

Renegade Gives Wile E. Coyote His Chance

Renegade Animation has revived Wile E. Coyote and several other classic Warner Bros. characters for a clever new promo for Cartoon Network featuring the hapless coyote facing a line-up of well-known animated birds, including his nemesis, Road Runner. Mixing live-action with animation, "Line-Up" finds Wile E. Coyote in a police station with a group of cops, and he's been given the chance to pick his tormentor out of a line up. He looks through the one-way glass as the perps -- Tweety, Foghorn Leghorn, Beaky Buzzard and Road Runner -- each step forward and say, "Beep Beep." But Wile E.

Studio Headline News

Tippett Studio Shows How Bill Paying Bites In Capital One Spot

The Tippett Studio has teamed with Complete Pandemonium director Steve "Spaz" Williams to create a man-eating mailbox for client Capitol One and its No-Hassle Credit Card. In "Beast," conceived by D'Arcy Advertising of New York, Tippett Studio visual effects artists created a "monster" blue mailbox that chews and spits out whole a hapless bill payer who isn't using the Capital One No-Hassle Credit Card. Under visual effects supervisors Frank Petzold and Joel Friesch, the Tippet team transformed an ordinary blue, four-legged mailbox into a monstrous, slime-dripping man-eater.

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7ate9 Produces Spots For Playhouse Disney's A-Z Promotional Campaign

The alphabet and 26 animals. These were the ingredients Atlanta, Georgia-based animation studio 7ate9 had to work with to create a series of 6 30-second promotional spots for Playhouse Disney's A-Z campaign. The campaign features Stanley, the star of the eponymous animated series about an imaginative boy who is wild about animals. "It's really a great show," said David Glasgal, coordinating producer at 7ate9. "It speaks to the imagination of young children and I really enjoy it myself.

Headline News

A52 Slugs One In For Adidas

Visual effects and design company A52 got a little slimy in their recent work for Gorgeous Enterprises and director Frank Budgen for 180/TBWA's new Adidas spot entitled "Slugs." The spot begins with a busy street scene somewhere in Mexico. To the tune of an upbeat mambo score, a pair of new Adidas a3 cushion running shoes jogs along, seemingly under their own power. The shoes continue their trek along the city streets, until they pass a little too close to a shopkeeper's broom, and one shoe gets swept into the street.

Spot Headline News

Curious Pictures Sets Up Remote Control Duel For Nickelodeon

Curious Pictures director Noble Jones combined live-action and special digital effects to produce MATRIX-inspired acrobatics and effects in a 45-second spot for Nickelodeon. "Remote-Trix" features a brother-sister duel over the remote control. As they each fight for control of the TV, the siblings tumble through the air, glide over furniture and walk across walls until they finally halt in mid-air, both gripping the remote in a CG-created freeze-time effect. The spot echoes both THE MATRIX and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON with its stylish, martial-arts inspired effects.

Headline News

The Syndicate Gives Mr. P Personality In Two Spots For Pringles

Pringles and Procter & Gamble wanted to liven up its advertising, so agency Grey/Worldwide commissioned visual effects company The Syndicate to bring the mustachioed brand icon, Mr. P., to life in two spots, one employing a mixture of 2D and 3D animation, the other an all-CG production. In "Where's Your Head At," the titular Basement Jaxx song is the score for three roaming teens who munch on Pringles while Mr. P. sings along to the chorus from his home on the Pringle's package.

Framestore Headline News

Framestore Helps Dinos Go Wild In Volvic Spot

By Guest (not verified) | Tuesday, August 6, 2002 at 12:00am

Framestore CFC, best known for their dino-myte creations for the BBC mini-series WALKING WITH DINOSAURS, was recently called upon to complete another prehistoric project, although this time not on such a large scale. In "Jog," the latest spot for Volvic water, conceived by agency WCRS and directed by Who? for Great Guns, a bored caveman chucks a rock at a sleeping Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a chase begins. The dinosaur pursues the caveman, who artfully dodges the jaws of the enraged beast until the T-Rex finally collapses face first in a river, exhausted.

Headline News

Charlex Makes Taxis Dance For Cingular

By Guest (not verified) | Friday, July 26, 2002 at 12:00am

In the new commercial forCingular, a throng of fully animated, amazingly real taxis move to ajazzy, horn-honking track with plenty of New York City attitude, withhelp from digital production house Charlex. The spot, titled "TaxiDance," was conceived by agency BBDO New York/Atlanta for CingularWireless New York. According to Charlex executive creative directorAlex Weil, "Taxi Dance" is Charlex's most technically involved 3D jobto date. "The Busby Berkeley-like choreography of taxicabs raises the

Alien Headline News

Ubik's Alien Takes Two Bites Out Of Maxibon

Italy's Ubik VFX Studio recently completed animation and visual effects for the new Maxibon Motta commercial, directed by Dario Piana and produced by FilmMaster and the Red Cell Agency. The spot opens with a live-action scene on a sunny and crowded beach on a hot summer's day. A space ship appears and a friendly alien with two mouths appears, which he uses to eat a Maxibon ice cream sandwich, before returning to outer space. The model artists and animators at Ubik VFX developed the concept, design and model of the alien and spaceship.

Spot Headline News

Cheetos Comes Alive At 2nz

Indian animation company 2nz recently created a "Jungle Safari" for Cheetos. Produced by Raj Kaushal of Fuel Productions through Hindustan Thomson Associates (the Indian affiliate of J. Walter Thomson worldwide), this 20-second live-action/animation spot opens on two kids sitting in the jungle enjoying a pack of Cheetos. They begin assembling 3D animals using the promotional "buildables" that are given free as part of Cheetos' latest promo offer. The plastic koala the boy is building comes to life via animation, and the kids are soon surrounded by the animals they have created.

Studio Headline News

Blur Studio Animates Scooby For Videogame Spot

Scooby-Doo scares up some spooks on the small screen in a new 15-second television spot produced by Blur Studio. Conceived by advertising agency G&M Plumbing, the spot promotes the release of the new PlayStation 2 video game SCOOBY-DOO: NIGHT OF 100 FRIGHTS. Like the game, the commercial is modeled after the SCOOBY-DOO television series rather than the recent feature film adaptation, although both transform the cel animated pooch into the world of 3D. The spot opens on a gabled mansion, shrouded in fog, its windows glowing with an eerie amber light.

Headline News

The Mill Lets Lava Flow For Guinness

London-based visual effectsfacility The Mill recently completed visual effects work for thelatest Guinness commercial "Lava" by way of agency AMV. DirectorRupert Sanders shot the spot on location in Poland. In thecommercial, a small village is hit by an exploding volcano and lavaflows through the streets. People are fleeing their homes but thelocal bar is in jeopardy, so the townsmen head off to save it. Theymanage to stop the flow of hot lava but must walk across it to get

Studios Headline News

Celluloid Studios Makes Everybody Uno

Celluloid Studios recentlycompleted three different animated spots for the card game UNO, byway of agency FCB/Chicago and client Mattel Games. The threecommercials (30-, 20- and 15-seconds), titled "Everybody UNO," willair worldwide. New York illustrator Kirsten Ulve provided the retrocharacter design for the spots, which was animated in a minimaliststyle to complement the design. "You can do just about anything withanimation, but sometimes there's a tendency to do too much,"

Headline News

Dogmatic And Coolbirth Investigate Can Caper For Pepsi

NewYork-based production company Dogmatic has created a 60-secondanimated and live-action commercial for Pepsi, now airing in morethan 3,000 movie theaters nationwide. Featuring live-action footageof Britney Spears behind-the-scenes in production of the Pepsicommercial "Now and Then," the new spot, titled "Can Caper," framesthe live-action footage with an animated story where a basictelevision turns into a curvaceous femme fatale and a mysteriousmasked man is revealed to be a can of Pepsi. The animation was done

Headline News

Rhinoceros Brushes Up On Small Details For Colgate

This spotwill make you want to reach for the floss. New York-based RhinocerosVisual Effects & Design recently created a 15-second spot titled"Evolution" for client Colgate via agency Young & Rubicam. The spotpresents a CG portrayal of the new Active Angle toothbrush in action.Although the concept was straightforward, CG director David Barosinexplained that he and his team had to negotiate some pretty complexdetails. Because the toothbrush has a translucent quality, the light

Brand Headline News

R!OT And Brand New School Are Wild For Heinz

R!OT artists have teamed with creatives from the design boutique Brand New School to create two spots for a new line of Heinz EZ Squirt flavored ketchup. Conceived by Leo Burnett, Chicago, each of the spots is chock full of sight gags, nonsequiturs and silliness. "Squirrel" opens with a man in a Viking outfit carrying a princess across a cheesy set as a leprechaun tosses gold dust in the air. What follows are quick cuts of a pork chop, a squirrel, a flock of geese and a man covered in mustard.

Headline News

Guru Animates Four-Spot Snak Attack

Guru animation studio just completed four 3D animated commercials for the Nabisco Planet Snak campaign. While the original spots in the three-year campaign had been hand drawn by guru sister studio Chuck Gamage Animation, agency FCB Toronto and their client Nabisco were looking to enrich the visuals, so they turned to guru's animators and rendering artists. To capture the look pioneered in the pilot commercial, guru used more cinematic camera work, atmospheric lighting and "animated" performances to help distinguish the campaign.

Super Headline News

Super 78 Creates Flashy Characters For Cousins

For a new campaign for submarine sandwich company Cousins, agency BVK/McDonald went to Hollywood-based production company Super 78 to create animated characters that could dance around Cousins' submarine sandwiches. "We had seven commercials to produce and, of course, limited resources," explained BVK/McDonald art director Scott Krahn. "Super 78 proposed the idea of using Flash animation for broadcast instead of 3D to stay consistent with the retro feel of the characters and to minimize costs.

Studio Headline News

Blur Uses Spidey Sense For Toy Biz

Blur Studio has created computer animation showing Spider-Man pursuing his nemesis the Green Goblin in a wild chase through New York City for a new commercial for Toy Biz. Conceived by New York agency Berenter Greenhouse & Webster, the commercial promotes a new Spider-Man Web Shooter toy and mixes live action sequences with computer animation. The opening shot reveals Spider-Man swinging by a strand of web between the high-rises of a cityscape.

Headline News

Plympton Goes To The Net With Three Spots For Wilson Sporting Goods

Animation production house Acme Filmworks and director Bill Plympton have hit a grand slam with three spots for Wilson Sporting Goods by way of ad agency Euro RSCG McConnaughty Tatham of Chicago. The three spots revolve around tennis players mistreated by opponents using a Wilson Triad tennis racket. Their experience on the court becomes so traumatizing that the athletes seek psychological help. "The agency had these psychological Freudian subconscious drawings," said director Bill Plympton. "The concept was to not make the drawings realistic.

Spot Headline News

SimEx Is Batty For Froot Loops

Do bats and toucans get along in the wild? Apparently so in a new spot SimEx Digital Studios created for Kelloggs Froot Loops cereal. SimEx provided live-action production, 2D and 3D animation, compositing and editing for the 30-second spot "Batty," which features FruitLoops spokesbird Toucan Sam encountering a cave full of hungry Froot Loops loving bats. Under the direction of SimEx director Jean Perramon, John Howley, Jae Kim and Tom Sito were responsible for creating cel animation with assistant animator Brett Newton and assistant director Ingin Kim.

Animation Headline News

Topix Gets Pumped Up For Purex

Toronto-based animation and effects company Topix has recently completed the 3D animation for "Pump You Up" a new commercial for Scott Paper by way of agency Enterprise Creative Selling. In the spot, a procession of animated pillows enter a bathroom to get "pumped up" and transformed into softer and thicker versions of themselves to introduce a new line of Purex Ultra toilet tissue. Once they are soft and fluffy, the pillows enter the Purex packaging, only to be surprised by Mom as she enters the bathroom.

Effects Headline News

Skittles Rain For R!OT

Santa Monica-based creative studio house R!OT provided digital visual effects and post-production services for a new national advertising spot for Mint Skittles from Mars. Conceived by DArcy, St. Louis, the commercial employs a fantasy scenario aimed at promoting the new product to adults. R!OTs involvement included pre-production visual effects design, on-set visual effects supervision, film transfer, color correction, visual effects production and compositing. "Sirens" opens on a man hiking through a forest.