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Studio Headline News

Coming Soon To Your Bathroom Wall: The Studio Upstairs’ Kool Campaign

Brown & Williamsons KOOL cigarettes campaign has found a new outlet for display, thanks to a 30-second spot produced by The Studio Upstairs via agency BatesUSA. Entitled "Pulse," the spot is designed to be viewed on bathroom walls in nightclubs across the U.S. via a broadcast medium known as narrowcasting. Narrowcasting is a narrowly focused mix of media created for a specific viewer. The medium is viewed in a public place, usually at a relevant point of contact with the consumer.

Headline News

Head Gear Animation Scares Up Spots For Cartoon Network

Head Gear Animation recently completed some spooky stop-motion animation for Cartoon Networks October programming on-air promotions. To promote the network's "Scaretoon Scaretoon Fright Days," Courage the Cowardly Dog and his owner Eustace bury a television set in the backyard. The buried cel animation TV is transformed into a stop-motion zombie version of its formerly benign self. Courage quakes with fear as the TV rises from the grave sporting a promo for "Scaretoon Scaretoon Fright Days" programming.

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Rhinoceros Makes Raspberries Dance For Robitussin

Rhinoceros Visual Effects once again took up the challenge of creating feisty, photo-realistic fruit for Grey Advertising and client Robitussin. As a follow up to their previously completed spot for Robitussin Sunny Orange, Rhinoceros was asked to create a conga line of raspberries for Robitussin Sunny Raspberry. In the spot, the jazzy raspberries join a dancing line of Robitussin lozenges, all heading towards the Sunny Raspberry package. The challenge was to make the raspberries look as real as possible, while still allowing them to get their groove on.

Animation Headline News

Renegade Animation Keeps Dodge Trucks' Ram Tough

Renegade Animation provided the animation for a new spot for Dodge RAM trucks in which the automakers RAM logo sends a mischievous decal an unambiguous message to "piss off." Conceived by BBDO Detroit, the commercial centers on the familiar decal of a boy peeing that springs to life on the back window of a Dodge RAM. Mixing live action with animation, "Dont Mess" opens on a black Dodge RAM truck pulling into a desert gas station. When the driver gets out, the outline of a boy in a baseball hat appears on the back window and makes his way across the glass.

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Phoenix Creates A Live Wire For AT&T Broadband Spots

San Francisco-based Phoenix Effects & Design, a division of Phoenix Editorial, has completed two 30-second spots for AT&T Broadband Internet service via advertising agency Hoffman/Lewis, San Francisco, and is at work on a third, which will promote AT&T Broadband Cable Television service. All three of the entirely CG spots were directed by Matt Silverman and designed by Jason Ett of Phoenix Editorial. The spots fuse clean, minimalist graphics and a computer-generated cable zipping across a white background with upbeat surf-guitar music to create a lively image for the broadband service.

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Moo Studios Wrangles Popcorn For Pop Secret Campaign

In eight 15-second spots for General Mills' Pop Secret, by way of agency Campbell Mithun/Minneapolis, Moo Studios' director Shaun Sewter combined live-action and stop-frame photography of a mountain of popcorn with simple type treatments to create distinctive moods for the microwave popcorn's many flavors. All the popcorn action in the spot was stop-frame animated, as opposed to being created via CGI. In one spot, titled "Swarm," a swirling mound of popcorn diminishes in size as its pieces disperse, like bees leaving a hive.

Framestore Headline News

Framestore Animate Cow And Bear While Communicating Online

Framestore CFC has recently completed work on a new TV commercial titled "Cow and Bear," which features two animated plastic containers (a chocolate syrup-filled cow and a honey-filled bear) fighting over the pleasure of dispensing their contents on a plate of Kellogg's Eggo waffles. The 30-second spot represents the first time that the U.K.-based Framestore, best known for their work on the Discovery Channel's WALKING WITH DINOSAURS mini-series, has created photo-real character animation for a prominent U.S. client. Another first for Framestore was handling all post-production online.

Effects Headline News

Black Logic Blasts Off With Jimmy Neutron And Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon recently collaborated with New York-based visual effects company Black Logic to create a 60-second promo for Nickelodeon.coms Jimmy Neutron Gotta Blast Rocket Race campaign. In "How To Play," Black Logic recreated the Jimmy Neutron character and his rocket ship, as well as countless effects sequences and CGI backgrounds in order to produce the effects packed commercial.

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Happy Hour Entertainment Papers Simon Mall

Portland, Oregon's Happy Hour Entertainment recently completed CG work on a campaign of regional television commercials for Indianapolis-based shopping center Simon Mall. Teamed with advertising agency Publicis Mid-America, Happy Hour produced four 15-second spots to complement Simons current print campaign. Each spot begins with a paper gift certificate which then folds and transforms itself into a shirt, purse, nutcracker and rocking horse.

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PVI, Fox Sports And Ford Debut Animated Virtual Advertising

Princeton Video Image, Inc. (PVI) and FOX Sports presented the first dynamic animated virtual advertisements on a live national U.S. broadcast. The ads debuted during the FOX NFL pre-game show on Sunday, September 22, 2002. Using the same technology as PVI's well-known Virtual First Down Line, which appears on NFL and college football broadcasts allowing viewers at home to see a "virtual chalk line" on the field, the three 10-second ads featured Ford F-250 Super Duty trucks rolling on to Ford Field in Detroit and interacting with the field and the stadium in different ways.

Black Headline News

Black Logic Spaces Out For Oreo Cookie Barz

The CGI and visual effects team of Black Logic recently collaborated with agency Foote Cone and Belding to create CGI and visual effects for a new commercial introducing Nabiscos new Oreo Cookie Barz. The spot, entitled "UFO," was directed by Greg Kohs and edited by Jerry Fried. Mixing live-action with animation, the spot features documentary-style news interviews of various teenagers describing what seems to be a UFO sighting. As the last teen reveals that she is talking about a new cookie bar, a silver UFO created in CGI by Black Logic, appears behind her and flies out of frame.

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Uli Meyer Takes A Bite Out Of Cookie Crisp Cereal

Uli Meyer Studios has completed the first commercial for the international launch of Cookie Crisp cereal for client Cereal Partners and agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Studio founder Uli Meyer designed the mascot for the cereal, a wolf named Chip, as well as creating the original artwork for the packaging and directing the commercial. The 30-second spot follows the hapless and hungry Chip as he tries various ways to steal Cookie Crisp cereal from two children. The spot mixes both 2D and 3D animation.

Spot Headline News

Sway Goes Flying For California Utilities

Sway digital studio has completed work on "Flying," an energy conservation spot for California Utilities via Grey Worldwide. The 30-second spot, directed by Sway partners Michael Adamo and Mark Glaser, features colorful computer generated clothing flying through a scenic black and white, Ansel Adams-inspired, California landscape. Conceptualized by Grey senior art director Art Weeks, "Flying" was designed to promote a new series of high-efficiency washers. The spot opens with what appears to be a flock of birds flying over a California river valley.

Cartoon Headline News

Filmtecknarna Animates For Cartoon Network

Stockholm-based design and animation studio FilmTecknarna Animation has recently completed three spots for Cartoon Network. The studio has produced a number of spots for the Cartoon Network "Shorties" series, including WALLYGATOR, ATOM ANT and JABBERJAW. Directed by Jonas Odell (MY BEST FRIEND PLANK), Jonas Dahlbeck and Boris Nawratil (COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG) and Nick Hewitt (I´M NOT COMING IN), the 2-minute spots play out as music videos featuring Cartoon Network characters such as COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG and ED, EDD AND EDDY.

Animation Headline News

Renegade Gives Wile E. Coyote His Chance

Renegade Animation has revived Wile E. Coyote and several other classic Warner Bros. characters for a clever new promo for Cartoon Network featuring the hapless coyote facing a line-up of well-known animated birds, including his nemesis, Road Runner. Mixing live-action with animation, "Line-Up" finds Wile E. Coyote in a police station with a group of cops, and he's been given the chance to pick his tormentor out of a line up. He looks through the one-way glass as the perps -- Tweety, Foghorn Leghorn, Beaky Buzzard and Road Runner -- each step forward and say, "Beep Beep." But Wile E.

Studio Headline News

Tippett Studio Shows How Bill Paying Bites In Capital One Spot

The Tippett Studio has teamed with Complete Pandemonium director Steve "Spaz" Williams to create a man-eating mailbox for client Capitol One and its No-Hassle Credit Card. In "Beast," conceived by D'Arcy Advertising of New York, Tippett Studio visual effects artists created a "monster" blue mailbox that chews and spits out whole a hapless bill payer who isn't using the Capital One No-Hassle Credit Card. Under visual effects supervisors Frank Petzold and Joel Friesch, the Tippet team transformed an ordinary blue, four-legged mailbox into a monstrous, slime-dripping man-eater.

Headline News

7ate9 Produces Spots For Playhouse Disney's A-Z Promotional Campaign

The alphabet and 26 animals. These were the ingredients Atlanta, Georgia-based animation studio 7ate9 had to work with to create a series of 6 30-second promotional spots for Playhouse Disney's A-Z campaign. The campaign features Stanley, the star of the eponymous animated series about an imaginative boy who is wild about animals. "It's really a great show," said David Glasgal, coordinating producer at 7ate9. "It speaks to the imagination of young children and I really enjoy it myself.

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A52 Slugs One In For Adidas

Visual effects and design company A52 got a little slimy in their recent work for Gorgeous Enterprises and director Frank Budgen for 180/TBWA's new Adidas spot entitled "Slugs." The spot begins with a busy street scene somewhere in Mexico. To the tune of an upbeat mambo score, a pair of new Adidas a3 cushion running shoes jogs along, seemingly under their own power. The shoes continue their trek along the city streets, until they pass a little too close to a shopkeeper's broom, and one shoe gets swept into the street.

Spot Headline News

Curious Pictures Sets Up Remote Control Duel For Nickelodeon

Curious Pictures director Noble Jones combined live-action and special digital effects to produce MATRIX-inspired acrobatics and effects in a 45-second spot for Nickelodeon. "Remote-Trix" features a brother-sister duel over the remote control. As they each fight for control of the TV, the siblings tumble through the air, glide over furniture and walk across walls until they finally halt in mid-air, both gripping the remote in a CG-created freeze-time effect. The spot echoes both THE MATRIX and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON with its stylish, martial-arts inspired effects.

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The Syndicate Gives Mr. P Personality In Two Spots For Pringles

Pringles and Procter & Gamble wanted to liven up its advertising, so agency Grey/Worldwide commissioned visual effects company The Syndicate to bring the mustachioed brand icon, Mr. P., to life in two spots, one employing a mixture of 2D and 3D animation, the other an all-CG production. In "Where's Your Head At," the titular Basement Jaxx song is the score for three roaming teens who munch on Pringles while Mr. P. sings along to the chorus from his home on the Pringle's package.

Framestore Headline News

Framestore Helps Dinos Go Wild In Volvic Spot

By Guest (not verified) | Tuesday, August 6, 2002 at 12:00am

Framestore CFC, best known for their dino-myte creations for the BBC mini-series WALKING WITH DINOSAURS, was recently called upon to complete another prehistoric project, although this time not on such a large scale. In "Jog," the latest spot for Volvic water, conceived by agency WCRS and directed by Who? for Great Guns, a bored caveman chucks a rock at a sleeping Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a chase begins. The dinosaur pursues the caveman, who artfully dodges the jaws of the enraged beast until the T-Rex finally collapses face first in a river, exhausted.

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Charlex Makes Taxis Dance For Cingular

By Guest (not verified) | Friday, July 26, 2002 at 12:00am

In the new commercial forCingular, a throng of fully animated, amazingly real taxis move to ajazzy, horn-honking track with plenty of New York City attitude, withhelp from digital production house Charlex. The spot, titled "TaxiDance," was conceived by agency BBDO New York/Atlanta for CingularWireless New York. According to Charlex executive creative directorAlex Weil, "Taxi Dance" is Charlex's most technically involved 3D jobto date. "The Busby Berkeley-like choreography of taxicabs raises the

Alien Headline News

Ubik's Alien Takes Two Bites Out Of Maxibon

Italy's Ubik VFX Studio recently completed animation and visual effects for the new Maxibon Motta commercial, directed by Dario Piana and produced by FilmMaster and the Red Cell Agency. The spot opens with a live-action scene on a sunny and crowded beach on a hot summer's day. A space ship appears and a friendly alien with two mouths appears, which he uses to eat a Maxibon ice cream sandwich, before returning to outer space. The model artists and animators at Ubik VFX developed the concept, design and model of the alien and spaceship.

Spot Headline News

Cheetos Comes Alive At 2nz

Indian animation company 2nz recently created a "Jungle Safari" for Cheetos. Produced by Raj Kaushal of Fuel Productions through Hindustan Thomson Associates (the Indian affiliate of J. Walter Thomson worldwide), this 20-second live-action/animation spot opens on two kids sitting in the jungle enjoying a pack of Cheetos. They begin assembling 3D animals using the promotional "buildables" that are given free as part of Cheetos' latest promo offer. The plastic koala the boy is building comes to life via animation, and the kids are soon surrounded by the animals they have created.

Studio Headline News

Blur Studio Animates Scooby For Videogame Spot

Scooby-Doo scares up some spooks on the small screen in a new 15-second television spot produced by Blur Studio. Conceived by advertising agency G&M Plumbing, the spot promotes the release of the new PlayStation 2 video game SCOOBY-DOO: NIGHT OF 100 FRIGHTS. Like the game, the commercial is modeled after the SCOOBY-DOO television series rather than the recent feature film adaptation, although both transform the cel animated pooch into the world of 3D. The spot opens on a gabled mansion, shrouded in fog, its windows glowing with an eerie amber light.