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Category: Commercials

Mill Headline News

The Mill Helps VCCP Show Off Hyundai’s Range of Cars

With the help of The Mill, VCCP developed a strong, simple strategy to show off Hyundais broad range of cars: a car first, a badge second. The campaign comprises seven executions, each showcasing a different car and a different brand message. The cars zip around abstract black-and-white landscapes until it is revealed, through large scale camera zoom-outs, that the cars are in fact tackling terrain provided by giant type spelling out brand messages.

Headline News

Whodoo EFX Switches to ‘Ultra Chan’ Spot

After completing the vfx for THE STEPFORD WIVES, Whodoo EFX took on a series of commercial projects, which began airing this fall, including the new "Ultra Chan" spot featuring international action star Jackie Chan via ad agency Campbell Mithun for Hefty. The new spot, which includes Chan taking on a force of ninjas utilizing Hefty Ultra-Flex bags to fight back, broke last week.

Brickyard Headline News

Brickyard VFX Goes Extra Mile for Hummer

In a flurry of recent work, artist-owned-and-operated effects company Brickyard VFX has designed end graphics and eleventh-hour visual effects enhancements for TOBOGGAN, a holiday-themed commercial promoting the Hummer 2. The company was initially tapped by Boston advertising agency Modernista! to design the ads animated end-tag graphics exclusively, but also stepped up to the plate with frame-by-frame color correction and other effect tweaks when last-minute creative changes needed to be done in a pinch.

Game Headline News

Ring of Fire Brings Back Newlywed Game For New NFL Network

In a campaign for the new NFL Network, ad agency Triple Double commissioned the digital effects talent of Ring of Fire. The four spots are a tribute to THE NEWLYWED GAME where the contestants, NFL players and coaches, play for the ultimate prize.

Spot Headline News

R!OT Resurrects McQueen as Bullitt for Mustang Ad

FilmCore editor Nicholas Wayman-Harris helped to bring Steve McQueen back to cinematic life for an ingenious FIELD OF DREAMS-inspired commercial for the Ford Mustang. Wayman-Harris edited theatrical and television versions of a spot in which images of the late actor drawn from the 1968 film BULLITT are used to make it appear as though he is behind the wheel of the 2005 version of the classic sports car.

Animation Headline News

Guru Takes Teletoon On a Promo Detour

guru animation studio just completed a six-spot broadcast promo campaign for Canadas TELETOON network. Produced in collaboration with branding outfit Fishdog, Toronto, with DJ/turntablist Kid Koala providing sound design and music, guru handled the spots from concept through animation, to promote the networks primetime young adult-oriented programming block, The Detour.

Headline News

Zoic Helps Lightening Strike Twice for Cadillac

With the help of Zoic Studios, lightning strikes twice in a new :30 spot for Cadillac. In the commercial, a beautiful CTS sedan hugs the road while the sky above rumbles and flashes with a seething storm. Suddenly, electricity rages down from above, striking the ground and surrounding the new STS.

Mari Headline News

Passion Pictures Does Anime Style Campaign for 3 Mobile

Passion Pictures directors Pete Candeland and Dan Sumich recently produced two :20 animated commercials for the U.K.s newest mobile network, 3 with an anime style, using characters created by Japanese designer, Mari Chan.

The commercials show how 3 enables customers to watch moving images on their 3G mobile phones. This content includes music videos, news and sports coverage, and personal video messages (mini movies) that customers make and send themselves.

Effects Headline News

Syndicate Creates VFX Metropolis for BT Networking Spot

The Syndicate brought all of its visual effects acumen to bear on BT-ICT NETWORKING, a 60-second spot for BT, the British telecom giant, from St. Luke's, London. H.S.I.'s Joseph Kahn, working through London-based production company, Exposure Films, directed the commercial, which is a metaphor for the agility of BT-networked businesses.

Friends Headline News

First Ever Japanese Interstitials to Air on Nick Jr.

ShoPro Entertainment recently did a deal with Nick Jr. to air 60 episodes of the Japanese phenomenon, DEKO BOKO FRIENDS. The series of unique 30-second interstitials will run in Nick Jr., Nickelodeons preschool programming block, as well as on Noggin, Nickelodeons commercial-free educational network for preschoolers, and Nicktoons, Nickelodeons 24-hour cartoon channel.

Headline News

Ring of Fire & Lost Planet Editor Collaborate on U.S. Air Force Campaign

Ad agency GSD&M recently turned to Ring of Fire and Lost Planet editor Paul Martinez for a dynamic campaign for the U.S. Air Force. The four spots target driven youth with appropriately compelling symbols.

Mill Headline News

The Mill Dances with Jellyfish

What happens when two Asian techno cowboys ride through a futuristic desert? They find a giant jellyfish, nestling between tree trunks naturally. The first spot from Hutchinson 3s new campaign about sharing goes from the bizarre to the surreal as two outlaws drag their jellyfish back to town, feed it an illegal-looking substance and gaze wondrously as it comes to life. Soon the cowboys and jellyfish are dancing in tandem, cutting some slick moves.

Headline News

Radium Adds Comedic Flair to New Kyocera Campaign

Radium recently contributed their creativity and expertise to a clever campaign for Kyocera Wireless. Via ad agency Vitro Robertson, the three energetic spots showcase Kyoceras multi-faceted yet easy-to-use cell phones.

Kyocera boasts all the advanced features of leading cell phone models such as text messaging, speakerphone, camera and video. The vibrant effects and composite work, as well as the edit completed by Radium added to the comedic storyline of the spots.

Design Headline News

Flying Machine & PURE to Launch SKY Cinema Classics

New York-based visual communications and effects studio PURE and design studio Flying Machine joined forces to launch a new 24-hour channel for European satellite broadcaster SKY Italia, SKY Cinema Classics. The focus will be on Italian and American classic films from the 30s through the 80s. SKY Cinema Classics launched on Sept. 3.

Festival Headline News

Cuppa Coffee Keeps The ‘Planet In Focus’ With Festival Trailer

For the past two years Cuppa Coffee has donated its services to produce the trailer for the Planet in Focus 2004 International Environmental Film and Video Festival. Planet in Focus is an incorporated not-for-profit organization founded in 1999 by festival director Mark Haslam. The festivals honorary patron is the renowned scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, Dr. David Suzuki.

Headline News

Rushes Runs Maze for New Sheba Spot

Rushes was called upon by AMVBBDO to illustrate the search for "Sheba," the ultimate luxury food for cats. Produced by Lindsay Hughes and directed by Graham Fink, MAZE is a fantasy quest through a beautiful world, with a cat leading its owner to its favorite food.

Framestore Headline News

Framestore Rounds Up Ants Again for Post Office Ad

TWINS is the latest ant-based spot that Framestore CFC has animated for the Publicis Post Office campaign. The 40-second spot was directed by Simon and Jon for Blink Prods. and debuted on U.K. TV on Sept. 1, 2004. This is the fifth spot in this ongoing series of humorous animations.

Textures Headline News

King Camera Puts Dudok de Wit’s United Airlines Spot Into HD

By Rick DeMott | Thursday, September 9, 2004 at 12:00am

King Camera was responsible for the animation effects and HD output of Michael Dudok de Wits 60-second United Airlines spot, A LIFE, which was produced by Acme Filmworks for the agency Fallon/Worldwide of Minneapolis.

The men from King Camera were experienced, professional, perfectionists and they understood the animators mind. I wanted to rely on their skills totally and I could. Wonderful. And on top of that we got on really well, said Dudok de Wit.

Effects Headline News

Zoic Studios Helps Transform New Brand for LACMA

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), has recently transformed its brand identity to reflect the spirited environment offered at this unique art institution. A new commercial advertising campaign, created with the pro-bono contribution of leading vfx house Zoic Studios (BUFFY, FIREFLY, CSI: MIAMI) with music by Groove Addicts, is at the forefront of this presentation. The campaign is the first for LACMA and will air on Los Angeles cable stations, on the Sunset Blvd. jumbotron and in local theaters.

Spot Headline News

Digital Domain Helps 2005 Corvette Fly in New Spot

The 2005 model Corvette marks only the sixth redesign of the classic American sports car in 51 years. Confident its latest model wont disappoint, Chevrolet and advertising agency partner Campbell-Ewald, Detroit, planned a major launch by teaming up director Guy Ritchie (SNATCH) of Anonymous Content with Venice, California-based visual effects studio Digital Domain ( The result is an epic :60 spot designed to reflect the significance of such a major automobile launch.

Studio Headline News

Blur Studio Creates Graphics for Teen Choice Awards

Blur Studio took on a pool party-theme for the graphics package for THE 2004 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS -- the sixth straight year that it has supplied creative for the popular Fox television special. Blur's design team combined watercolor textures with sleek architectural style drawings resulting in an modern aesthetic that evokes a relaxed California lifestyle.

Brickyard Headline News

Brickyard Creates VFX for Olympic-Bound VW Spots

Brickyard VFX has created a series of commercials for Volkswagen that are airing during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The spots, completed via agency client Arnold Worldwide, production company Anonymous Content and director Malcolm Venville, promote VW's Touareg and Phaeton automobiles, respectively, with ads titled PICTURE and WARP SPEED.

Animation Headline News

J. J. Sedelmaier Teams with Spike Lee on State Farm Spot

J. J. Sedelmaier Prods. has finished the animation for Spike Lees advertising agency Spike DDB on the new State Farm Insurance spot, BORROW. The commercial opens on a guy in his apartment watching TV. His buddies come in and ask if they can use his car. Hes about to say yes when his mind turns begins to imagine the cartoon hijinks of Terry & Phil.

We were looking for a cross between a STARSKY & HUTCH and DUKES OF HAZZARD cartoon show -- a certain stiffness and dumbness, explains J. J. Sedelmaier.

Headline News

Trollbäck Animates For Sony Products

Ad agency Young & Rubicam, New York, and Sony have teamed up with Trollbäck & Company to brand some of Sonys newest products, including the Wega HD Television, DVD Handycam camcorder, thin-bodied T1 Cyber-Shot Digital Camera and Network Walkman. The series of end tags, featuring animated illustrations of the various Sony products and the tagline Like No Other, recently began airing not only in conjunction with TV spots, but independently from them.