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Category: Commercials

Headline News

Framestore Sounds Football in the Snow for BT

Framestore CFC recently completed digital effects work on a new three-spot campaign for BT, highlighting the company's Customer Care program. St. Luke's was the agency on SNOW, FOOTBALL and SOUNDS with Outsider films as the production company. SNOW and FOOTBALL were directed by Dom and Nic with Nick Gordon helming SOUNDS.

Headline News

MillTv goes for Gold with BBC’s First Olympians

MillTv recently completed the effects work on the BBC drama-documentary, THE FIRST OLYMPIANS, which looks at the equipment of early athletes and looks at the recently found remains of an early Olympic participant. MillTv was brought on board to digitally re-build the ancient site of Olympia, complete with games and crowds.

Headline News

Cuppa Coffee Promos Kids Next Door Season Three

Cuppa Coffee wrapped up two :30 promos for the launch of the third season of the Cartoon Network's CODENAME: KID'S NEXT DOOR. The spots, based on an original Cartoon Network concept, see the characters preparing for their third season by staking out their opposition from the interior of their school bus and submarine. To realize this vision, the creative team at Cuppa Coffee led by creative director Warren Brown came up with a 2-1/2D mixed media approach, adding dimension and lighting to the original 2D designs.

Headline News

Mill Creates Cloud Gods for Mercedes Spot

Mercedes' latest commercial, CLOUDS, a follow-up to last year's award-winning MOVEMENT, broke across the U.K. on June 22, 2004. The HD ad (created by CDD's Walter Campbell and directed by MJZ's Nicolai Fugslig) boasts The Mill's most demanding vfx job, resulting in the London-based studio applying new working practices across the 3D department as a result of the project.

Framestore Headline News

Framestore Creates Illusions for Audi A6

Framestore CFC has wrapped work on a new spot titled ILLUSIONS for the Audi A6. The spot features an Audi A6 traversing a cityscape that seems at first to be normal, but gradually warps and transformations of the streets and buildings that create impossible paths and spaces form.

Headline News

Pendulum Transforms Mecha-Inoki For Heiwa

Pendulum designed and created a complex 3D transforming robot for MECHA-INOKI, a :30 spot for Japanese pachinko manufacturer Heiwa Corp. The spot, for the Japanese market, focuses on the popular Japanese wrestling and film star, Antonio Inoki. The directors concept was to have Inoki interfere with the imminent clashing of two vast armies, and through an awe-inspiring display of robotic power, bring peace to the warring land.

Creative Headline News

Click 3x Provide Graphics Package for AICP Show

Click 3x has completed the graphics package for the 2004 AICP Show, The Art & Technique of the American Television Commercial. The studios creative team, headed by creative director/designer Susan Armstrong, created a 50-second opener for the show as well as more than two-dozen graphics introducing awards categories. Click 3xs show opener follows a young creative as he strolls through an urban landscape and finds inspiration in non-assuming features of the environment like the bricks of a crumbling wall and the plywood barrier of a construction site.

Headline News

Pendulum Gets Its Hands Dirty For DuPont

Pendulum Studios has wrapped production on two CG shots for production company, Oasis Films' :30 DuPont spot, TRUNK CREW. In the commercial, NASCARs Jeff Gordon is shown driving a brand new black Monte Carlo. After being coated in DuPonts Car Care product by a pit crew, which travels in Gordons trunk, the live-action car is doused with extremely muddy water by a passing truck. But, due to the protective coat, the car is able to shake itself completely clean in an almost dog-like manner.

Studios Headline News

Pendulum Studios Swings For Call of Duty Trailer

Pendulum Studios has completed a CG trailer for Activisions much anticipated game, CALL OF DUTY: FINEST HOUR, which is set to store this fall. The :60 trailer that premiered at the 2004 E3 conference depicts the heroic sacrifices, chaotic environments and extraordinary events that Allied soldiers experienced during World War II.

Effects Headline News

Nike Spot Attracts A52

Clio-winning Los Angeles visual effects and design company A52 detailed their visual effects and design work for RSA USA and award-winning director Jake Scott for Wieden+Kennedys new Nike spot, THE MAGNET. The :90 spot had its broadcast debut during the NBA Playoffs on May 19, 2004 and is also set to run nationwide in theaters before screenings of SPIDER-MAN 2.

Headline News

BBC Broadcast Devises Humorous Image for Sci Fi Channel

Capitalizing on the success of new programming such as TRIPPING THE RIFT, SCARE TACTICS and MAD, MAD HOUSE designed to attract younger demographics, Sci Fi Channel commissioned BBC Broadcast, the BBC's commercial creative agency, to develop concept and scripts for the network's new on-air branding campaign, set to launch June 7 nationwide.

Stop-motion Headline News

Cuppa Coffee Makes A Big Splash With Ritz Scuba

When J. Walter Thompson Toronto approached Cuppa Coffee Studios to develop a mixed media look for the launch of Ritz's new line of crackers "Mini Ritz SCUBA," Cuppa Coffee combined multiple mediums ranging from live-action actors, stop-motion puppets, 3D particle animation, digital post effects and embellishments, water displacement and watercolor illustrations.

Headline News

Ring of Fire Goes Pac-Man for Saturn Spot

Ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners recently commissioned the talents of digital effects studio a href="">Ring of Fire for a dynamic (and nostalgic) spot for client Saturn. Drawing inspiration from the classic arcade game PAC-MAN, the high-energy spot features the Saturn VUE in a Pac-Man-like world and the tagline, "People First."

Headline News

Entity FX and Moving Pixels Assure a Goodyear

For Goodyear's latest spot, ASSURANCE, Entity FX teamed up with Moving Pixels to create a visually stunning display of tidal waves, avalanches, rock storms and other CG environments. The spot features a driver who successfully navigates his car through a mysterious network of channeled roads with rock wall sides while dodging a rushing flash flood, a snow avalanche and a rockslide. The camera pulls back at the end to reveal that the channels and rock walls are actually the high tech treads of the new tire.

Headline News

Click 3x Helps with Road Runner High Speed Online Campaign

Click 3x helped Washington D.C. agency RTC Relationship Marketing craft a dynamic vision of the world of broadband for a new, national ad campaign for Road Runner High Speed Online. The studio provided on-set visual effects supervision as well as computer animation, digital matte painting, compositing and graphics design services for the three :30 spots, which promote the company's new user interface as "a totally new online experience."

Spot Headline News

KromA Doubles the Pleasure for Coors Light Spot

In creating visual effects for a new Coors Light spot, KromA conjured up the unique visions of a man bent on doubling his pleasure.

Conceived by Chicago agency Foote, Cone & Belding and directed by HSI's Joseph Kahn, the spot centers on a man who gets a new pair of glasses not to see better just to see more. The glasses cause the man to experience double vision so that when he goes to the beach he sees twice the number of beautiful women. The spot is set to the Jan & Dean tune "Surf City," which includes the refrain "two girls for every boy."

Work Headline News

rhinofx Shows off New ATI Graphics Technology with Doublecross

When ATI Technologies launched the latest generation of its Radeon graphics technology in April, the company wanted a visual demonstration piece that would show off the card's realtime rendering and graphics capabilities.

Studio Headline News

Blur Studio Brings Metal Arms' Tiny Hero to TV Spot

Blur Studio brings the tiny robot hero of Vivendi Universal's new game METAL ARMS: GLITCH IN THE SYSTEM to life in a new TV spot. The commerical was conceived by L.A. agency Kovel/Fuller. Titled COLONEL ALLOY, the spot is a mix of original computer animation produced by Blur and stock game play. The CG portion introduces Glitch, the gun-toting hero of the game, who arms himself in a subterranean fortress, then sets off to send his nemesis, the aptly-named General Corrosive, "back to the scrap heap."

Effects Headline News

A52 Floods New York City for Clean Slate Spot

Clio-winning Los Angeles visual effects and design company A52 detailed the vfx and design work for Anonymous Content and director Andrew Douglas for Venables, Bell and Partners' :60 Barclays Global Investors/iShares spot, CLEAN SLATE, which debuted on national cable in March.

Animation Headline News

Happy Trails Wraps on New Cinemark Front Row Joe Short

Happy Trails Animation has completed a new theatrical policy trailer for Cinemark Theater. Featuring Cinemarks established Front Row Joe characters, the 75-second short was produced along with Smithgroup Communications. The promo was directed by Andy Collen. "Late for Showtime" will be distributed to theaters in South and Central America and the Southwestern U.S.

Work Headline News

Rhinofx Customizes Chicken in New Burger King Spot

The longstanding Burger King slogan "Have It Your Way" saw a new twist at the hands of New York visual effects studio rhinofx and advertising agency UniWorld Group, New York. Designed to appeal to the urban market, the new spot titled CHICKEN WITH STYLE, builds and customizes a 3D chicken model by giving it car-like attributes and personifying it with sunglasses, a twisted baseball cap and a little bling, bling thrown in. Offbeat and humorous, the message of "your sandwich done your way" comes shining through.