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Annoying Bird

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Annoying Bird

Criticism is always welcome.

Simple and nice, your soft

Simple and nice, your soft colors work for me. You should try to remove the floated feel to the bird that was flying by using ease-in, ease-out approch. You have a littel bit of ease-in just before landing on the branch but the rest of the movement are too perfectly smooth, in its landing.

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for your comment!
I try for sure to avoid the floating feel in objects in my next animations.

I felt like the quality of

I felt like the quality of the animation was good. Kind of like a children's book come to life. The concept of the animation was kind of predicable. Annoying bird + annoyed bird = sudden burst of aggression. However, if this is supposed to be some sort of jab at the recent influx of bird themed products (Angry birds, Flappy Bird, ect.) then I understand where you are coming from. I may be thinking to much into this though.