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Need for a community, call for help!

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Need for a community, call for help!

Hello everyone! 

I'm Max and I've been into animation for a while but too late to actually take lessons (I did graduate from a study called Communication & Multimedia Design, which is not much like it but it triggered my interest in film and animation).

I am a very lucky man because I am offered a job as an animator in a small company here in the Netherlands. It is my chance to learn and work at the same time: it is completely awesome.

What would be even more awesome? To learn and make stuff within a community.

There is a lot of stuff I want to learn. I actually have a list of the stuff I want to learn. I'm an enthousiast, but like most people I need my structure. Above all things, I need feedback.

I'm just throwing this out here. I bet there are more passionate beginners who can't afford another school or just want to learn this stuff so bad they are willing to learn after work until the pencils break or your fingers are bleeding all over the keyboard...

If there is anyone out there who wants to team up with me? Toss some ideas around, because why the heck not? I'm certainly up for the challenge!

If you want to check out what I have been up to so far you can check out my tumblr page (username is maxpeterse).

Looking forward to your responses!

Animation Mentor has a number

Animation Mentor has a number of free tutorials.