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Is this it?
If so, hello,
If not, fuck off.

I know, right? :rolleyes:


just replying to get access to forums :)


K then. Newish here animator in training

again what the deal?


I'm a newbie animator and wish to connect with as many animators as possible! :) I've been religiously animating since the past 3-4 months or so,and can make pretty decent 2d flash animations.

Hi, my name is Natalia Caballero and I will do whatever it takes to be in the animation industry. I am about to graduate with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts with a minor in Communications/Animation in May 2013. I am looking for an animation internship in Summer 2013 which I hope can lead to a long-term career. If anyone knows any information for a residency internship program please let me know :)

Thank you!
Natalia Caballero


Hey everyone I am scott and I love animation Woooohooooo!

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Hello everyone, I am an animator and wanted to connect with others in the field.


hey friend i just join awn forum


Hi there,

I am Chandrasekar From India,

i am Lighting and Compositing artist looking for Projects,

and Am opening a Studio shortly,

i have a good experience in VFX and Architectural designings,

Green and Blue screen and Live action footages and 2D animation Projects looking..


I'm new here... obviously. Just getting out there in the cyber world of the like-minded to see where it takes me. Oh, and I like animation. There. I said it.


Hello All

I am not an animator but I am looking for some animators to provide me with some content for my new website. So I am looking forward to speaking with a few of you about providing either some simple animation or simple cartoon style drawings. Thank you and I look foward to meeting with some of you.


just seeking to get my thoughts out throught cartoon animation :eek:

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Glad to be here!!


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Hi. Name's Aaron & I'm a film editor & I'm helping a friend of mine organize an animation festival.

Hi Guys,I like to be an animator and find out its Business

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Easy Grants and Loan System


Grants and Loan System


i would also like to be an animator one day, but I have no money for college. What should I do?

Vicky from Cyprus

Hello to everyone!

Im here to present you the IMF 2013!

For more info please follow the link here. HERE


viscacha 3d 2d animation

i wanted to post an animation that combines 3d and 2d to get some feedback from animators, thank you

Hello y'all

Looking for Animators to work on percentage basis

Marvin Bowen.

I am a new children author, Author of "Adventures of the Fluffytail Mouse".
I am currently looking to make some short cartoon shows with two of my books. One of which who will be published by the end of this year.
Please see Adventures o the Fluffytail Mouse on or Barnes and Noble .

If anyone have interests please contact me Marvin Bowen at

These short films will be average length 9-10- minutes long.

Glad to Be Here

AWN seems to be a great resource for animation with many talented and experienced members.  I've been in a different field for several years, but I hope to contribute to the animation industry in some way very soon.  Feel free to contact me any time.  Thanks,




My name is Deborah. I currently work at TurboSquid as a manager of the CheckMate Inspection team. Previous to this I worked in South Korea at Digital eMation as a 3D Artist. I worked on Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Scooby Doo.


Hello, my name is Sara and I am new here!


Hola from west of the Pecos.

Hello, folks.

Hello, folks.

Thought I already had my account all set up here, but apparently not. Problem fixed now.

There was a purge a year ago.

There was a purge a year ago. Glade you are back.



Hope this works!

Hi All

Hi All,




Hello! I'm Dataman, an artist

Hello! I'm Dataman, an artist, writer, animator, anime fan, voice actor and a Youtuber. I look forward to be in this community! ^_^

Hey all, looking for

Hey all, looking for animators and I am getting into the realm myself (slowly). Found the forum and hope to contribute to the community!

Hi. I decided to register to

Hi. I decided to register to that forum, because i have some questions about which animation program do you recommend.