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Character design, seeking critique

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Character design, seeking critique

Hello fine people of AWN!

I would like to share some character designs with you today. I am brand new to the forum, and what I look forward the most is to get some good solid critique.

I am doing this being inspired from the work of Tony Siruno, Ben Ballistreri and Gordon Hammond. But two eyes are often not enough to push a piece, so I am open to any suggestions, specially concerning shape choice  and technical flaws, such as tangents.

These pieces are personal works, not for any project in particular, but I am in the habit of treating them like production sheets, minus the turn around in these cases.


Without knowing what your

Without knowing what your goal was, all of these pieces look great. Love the griffin.

You have such a nice, clean

You have such a nice, clean style! They all look great to me.

Very clean well done . are

Very clean well done . are these for anything particular? I enjoy the crispness of yur designs.