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Hi! I thought I could start a thread about my works here :D

so what do you guys think? :)

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Nice work! The cliff would chomp you to bits if you stood in its mouth, right? :D

The cliff was supposed to be shaped like a swallow head at first. But I got it wrong that day, things got out of hand. Still i continued making it.. :P

Another image post. Sorry if it's kinda blurry, I don't have a scanner :(

they are beautiful. you have great hands

Some more

I'll add some more today, this was from a few weeks back. Made some quick sketches in the office. LOL

Good thing I wasn't scolded. Heheh :D

As long as you make them look good, they would love it.

Thanks Wontobe. i will try my best :)

Another post!

I have been working on backgrounds a few months back and here's one I managed to work on. Colors are not mine, only the line work. :)

Really nice work! Love the lil pink guy with the Fro!

There once was a caveman that painted the animals on the cave wall that his tribe would go out kill that day for food. One day The cave man had a thought, (modern Man was Born) He fanceyd himself a true artist so for fun he painted some fierce sabertooth tigers on the cave wall. He stood back and admired his talents...........the next day the survivors from the hunting party killed the caveman artist...............damn critics.