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Woodbury University?

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Woodbury University?


I'm currently finishing up my sophomore year at NYU tisch, but I really want to transfer to an animation school in California. After all, location location location... But it's a sticky situation because I worry that it might be too late for me to transfer.

It's most important for me to be in a school with a curriculum that focuses on animation and professors who are passionate about helping students reach their full potential.

Does anybody attend or know anything about the animation program at Woodbury University?

What are the facilities like?

Is there anything I be aware of?

And lastly, what are some other good animation schools in the area?

Thank you!

As I know that Woodbury University has a long history,and the school is related to some famous animation studio or company,such as Disney,Dreamwork and Warner.This will help you to get good training opportunities.

San Jose State ? They have a connection with Dreamworks's and quite a few Dreamworks animators are or have been lecturing there.