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100 to Draw (a week) Gallery

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100 to Draw (a week) Gallery

Hi all,

I thought I'll show off some sketches I've completed for my self imposed creative challenge. Basically, my goal is to draw 100 sketches per week until graduation. If you like to view more sketches and see my progress, please go to

Enjoy the sketches:

Overall, nice, but I would say pay attention to the nose and structure of the face. It can get a little tricky, but your noses seem too small, sort of just floating on her face, sometimes a little crooked. Your first drawing has a great expression, but there's something off about the nose & the eyebrows.

In the second drawing, her facial features are turned slightly towards her right, but her actual head is facing the viewer straight on. I definitely think drawing for 100 days, you'll solve that problem in pretty directly, it just takes observation/practice. :)

Good project to keep busy, I really should've thought to do it before I graduated.

Thanks for the critic! Yeah, ever since I've started this project. I've notice I have a problem with getting the nose right on my figures.

Are you speed sketching? If you are, how long are you taking to do a sketch?

I'm not speed sketching. I'm just trying to improve my drawing skills by sketching everyday. Honestly, it depends on what I'm drawing. I never really timed myself, but I would say the most I would spend is maybe 20 minutes. I would try to tell myself after 20-25 minutes I need to move on, because I have other to sketch (and I have to go to work, school, ect). Despite the fact I really want to perfect the current one.