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Hi folks

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Hi folks

I've dropped in and read these forums for years, but this is my first time posting.

After years of hard work by myself and a massive volunteer team, my animated short pilot Siobhan was finally finished in December. Siobhan is an adult animated series concept with innovative character designs that synthesize the best elements of North American and Japanese animation styles into cult classic material.

Evil Clown Animation is a small multimedia studio that has provided animation sub-contract work to Canadian studios since 1999. Evil Clown is now producing its own content starting with the animated TV pilot Siobhan. Evil Clown is looking for a co-producer, distributor or broadcaster to develop a partnership to create an animated series. Broadcast quality DVDs of Siobhan are available to any producers and distributors that might be interested in partnering on a TV series, videogame, comic or merchandising. Siobhan and Evil Clown Animation clothing is available through

Siobhan DVDs are on their way out to animation and film festival selection committees around the world this year and into the next, but I wanted to give everyone the chance to see Siobhan and tell me what you think. You can view the Siobhan short pilot at these different websites:


Google video:

Yahoo Video:




Siobhan is recommended for ages 16+

Please do feel free to leave comments or critiques. I encourage you to rate the film positively and pass it on to any friends or colleagues that may be interested. For more information on Siobhan or Evil Clown Animation, please visit


Mike Dobson

Evil Clown Animation
Mastery of our Craft - Strength of our Imagination.

Great work! Animation flows very well.


Thanks for dropping in

Hey, welcome to the forums.


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hi there

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greatings from Mexico.

Lookie Lookie

You seem pretty self confident,
and a positive attitude is usually a great thing,
But that's an awful lot of credits over a really long period of time for such a short piece of limited animation.