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Animation Blogspot Question

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Animation Blogspot Question

I have been looking at the "Animation Blogspot" and I have some questions.
If the number of blogs gets into the hundreds, how are we going to keep track of them. I have not seen any breakdown of the structure of the site other than the home page. There are more questions, me picking nits, but this one is a good one to start off with.

I have a suggestion so if this is already done sorry. I would like to see a link button to Animationblog here at the forums.

Hi, Wontobe.

We welcome all your questions.

The Animation Blogspot is a convenient, centralized destination for the animation blogging community. Bloggers and blog posts will be able to be found through a simple search query -- whether you're looking for a particular person, or bloggers in a certain geographic location, or posts related to certain subjects.

Another way to find blogs is through the Communities section (located in the right column of the homepage). Bloggers can categorize themselves into which communities best represent the theme of their blogging. Right now, these are the communities currently set up for the Animation Blogspot, but we will be expanding and reworking these communities as more bloggers sign up and give us their input/feedback.

Lastly, every blogger benefits from free publicity across the Animation Blogspot and across the entire Animation World Network. You can learn more about promoting your blog here.

As the Animation Blogspot grows, you will not be lost among the masses. In fact, that's the exact point of the Animation Blogspot -- to extend the visibility and reach of animation bloggers to AWN's audience in over 150 countries, and to connect the animation community in ways that have not been possible before now. Whether you're an independent artist, or affiliated with a studio, school or other organization, the voice and work of the animation community no longer needs to be scattered among other blogging systems. On the Animation Blogspot, you will get the kind of exposure you simply can't get elsewhere.

As the community grows, we will set up new categorization and navigation that will help bloggers to be found -- such as a section promoting newly registered users, or an alphabetical listing of all current users, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion. I spoke with Dan, our publisher. It's being considered.

Putting up a button is a system hack, though a small one

I haven't wanted to do any "hacks" to the underlying forum system because it makes updating difficult. Within another week or so, there is a maintenance update to the system we will be doing. I'll check out how easy it will be to hook up such a button in the nav.

Dan Sarto is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Network.