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Column: Career Coach

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“So… How Do You See Yourself in Our Studio?” What We Are Teaching — And Neglecting to Teach — Our Animation Students

Raquel Benez looks at office politics, the crucial topic to landing a job at a studio and whether schools are preparing students for the dog-eat-dog real world.

Animation ANIMATIONWorld

Don’t Give Your Right Name! — Part 1

Fats Waller once said that, and another blues man sang, It Must Be Jelly, Cause Jam Dont Shake Like That! There really was a man named Jam Jam Handy and he ran a 500-person studio in the then gloomy city of Detroit. It was an amazing adventure working there, in that most amazing, little-known but heavyweight studio. I directed my first film there, nearly had my tender career nipped, and discovered John Lee Hooker. 1949-51.