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Category: CG

Headline News GenArts & The Foundry Collaborate to Enhance Nuke

GenArts Inc. has expanded its visual effects software portfolio (Sapphire, Monsters, Raptors and wondertouch) by acquiring The Foundry's Tinder and Tinderbox plug-ins, and will also collaborate closely to expand the capabilities of the Nuke platform.

Blogs Company Profile: 'Studio ANIMAL Co., ltd.'

StudioANIMAL is an animation production studio that delivers high quality entertainment that can be enjoyed by anyone. People at StudioANIMAL are working hard to provide better animation and game as well as become a leader in the digital entertainment industry. StudioAnimal aims to become a world-leading animation company...

Headline News Disney Wants to Shorten Alice DVD Window

In the latest battle between studios and theaters in the theater-to-DVD windows war, Walt Disney has requested a shortening of a month for the home entertainment release of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, reports VARIETY.