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Image Metrics Partners With Social Video Provider Qlipso

Image Metrics Inc. (OTCBB: IMGX), a leading provider of facial animation technology, today announced a partnership with social video company Qlipso to integrate Image Metrics' recently launched real-time avatar creation platform PortableYou and its other animation technologies with Qlipso's upcoming platform to further enhance social interaction via online videos and other media channels.

Animation Headline News

Animation Art of Blue Sky Studios Exhibit Opens

A prehistoric squirrel scampers across an icy landscape, desperately clinging to his beloved acorn; a creative, young robot leaves his small town, with dreams of making it as a successful inventor; a rare, blue macaw travels to the exotic land of Rio de Janeiro in search of true love and adventure--in movies an intriguing story is essential, but how do these memorable characters and scenes become so animated?


SUPER 8 (2011) (***1/2)

J.J. Abrams sets out to make an ode to the 1970s-80s films of Stephen Spielberg. He does so without making overt references to the creator of E.T. and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, but captures the feel and style. With its young protagonists, patient pacing in developing its characters and the crafty camera work, the film is like discovering a missing Spielberg production that somehow got lost in 1984 and is now being released with "special edition" visual effects.