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Luma Pictures Bring Destroyer, Bifrost To Earth in Thor

Visual effects juggernaut, Luma Pictures hammered the pixilated iron leading up to the release of Marvel Entertainment's epic film, "Thor," where they were tasked with bringing an essential antagonist in the film to life: the mighty Destroyer, an enchanted suit of armor created by and imbued with the powers of the gods.

Headline News

Two More Join Relativity's Snow White

Relativity Media has closed deals with Tony Award-winning actor Nathan Lane and British breakout actor Robert Emms in its upcoming yet-to-be titled Snow White feature directed by Tarsem Singh (Immortals, The Cell).


THOR (2011) (***)

Thor always seemed like he should be a DC comics character instead of a Marvel character. Now only the true geek might understand what I mean. DC characters, outside of Batman, were all all-powerful god-like heroes. Marvel’s characters were more human and thus flawed. With hammer in hand, Thor is virtually unstoppable. The battles of gods are less compelling than the struggles of humans. So I was delighted that Kenneth Branagh’s feature adaptation of the character brings humanity to both the drama of the gods and humans.